The Technology Helping to Keep the Gaming Industry Secure

Online Gaming

We all deserve a little break in life. Time to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, forget about the world, and immerse yourself in something that’s fun. For many people, this now involves online gaming. The world of online gaming is huge and comes in many shapes and forms including online casinos through to the latest blockbuster video game release from PlayStation or Xbox. And every day, more are emerging. 

Big Business

With all the different online casinos and online gaming sites in operation, and the amount of money that gets invested in them, the stakes are enormous, which is why it’s so imperative to have such stringent checks when it comes to age verification. Can you imagine what would happen if a minor were to place a bet on an online lottery and won the jackpot? Not only would this be a legal nightmare, but it would also be immoral. The same applies to online games with age restrictions not suitable for all players. 

A Step in the Right Direction

Thankfully financial leaders recognised this and is why legal age requirements were introduced for online gaming. And thanks to companies like IDnow, producing top quality Age and Identity Verification Solutions for Online Gaming, everyone’s a winner.

As mentioned before, the online gaming industry is huge and those involved make a good amount of money from offering a good service to their customers. But, with online ID checks getting more stringent than ever before, it’s important to keep your customer’s expectations in mind by offering them a sign-up that’s as smooth as possible for the customer but still protects your business by covering all the legal requirements.

Invest Now and Save in the Future

IDnow is one such age verification program that’s designed for those offering online gaming services. And it’s such an easy platform to use, offering customers a super seamless sign-up. It can be scaled up or down to suit businesses of all sizes and is very easy to integrate. For companies wanting to verify KYC (Know Your Customer) documents and minimum age requirements, IDnow’s Autoldent comes in very useful. With this AI-powered program, everything is done automatically. Results are obtained fast and the customer journey is uncompromising. If for any reason, this automated process fails, and a 100% positive verification could not be made.

These robust programs are an example of the type of technology now offering peace of mind for both the company and the end-user when it comes to online gaming. 

Gaming companies can not only relish the fact that they can offer their customers this new and safe way of verifying their age and identity but it will ultimately save time and money in the furture in having to do manual checks to ensure the same level of protection. And for end-users, they get a seamless customer journey, meaning they can focus on just having fun while online gaming. Win-win.

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