The Main Advantages Of Living Near The Beach


Australia is a large country surrounded by sea. In fact, it has 34,000km of coastline which means there are plenty of opportunities to live near the beach. Of course, beachside property tends to be more expensive than other locations. With the average price of property now exceeding half a million dollars living by the beach maybe just a dream for most people. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t live near the beach or enter the home lottery for a chance to win a stunning beachside property.

While the cost can be off-putting, there are several great advantages of living near the beach.

Mental Health

Mental health is important to ensure a high-quality life. There are many things you can do to help your mental health but one of the easiest is to live by the beach. You’ll find there are plenty of activities on throughout the year and there is certain to be something that you enjoy. 

This will allow you to connect with others and make social connections. Research has shown this is invaluable to maintaining mental health, especially as you age. 

Lower Stress Levels

The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore is mesmerizing and relaxing. If you live near the beach you can sit on the shoreline and enjoy the waves at any time. It will help you to escape from the stresses of daily life and relax.

This will lower your stress levels which is great for your health. 


If you live by the beach then you will find it is easier to exercise regularly./ Whether you enjoy running across the beach, a little sailing, or even surfing, the sea provides an array of physical activities that will help you to stay physically fit.

As regular exercise helps to reduce the likelihood of age-related diseases, living by the beach is a big plus for your long-term health.

This is especially beneficial if you’re into surfing or a similar water-based activity. You can practice whenever you want. 

For individuals seeking to incorporate a diverse range of water-based exercises into their fitness routine, Splash Sports offers a wide selection of activities and equipment tailored to enhance physical health and enjoyment of the coastal environment.

Working On A Tan

While you need to take precautions when sunbathing, at least living near the beach allows you to relax on the sand and top up your tan whenever you want. In theory, it’s possible to top up your tan in the city. But, the beach is more inviting and has a better atmosphere. 


If you’ve managed to purchase a property near the beach then you’ve made a good investment. It is highly likely that it will go up in value as beach properties are always in demand. That’s good news if you ever feel like selling. 

Of course, if you live near the beach, you may experience more extreme weather. Extra high tides and rain can cause flooding. You are more likely to see tsunamis and even hurricanes and your property is less likely to be protected from the elements. It’s important to be aware of this but it doesn’t generally detract from the value and advantages of living near a beach. 

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