The Importance of Dark Web Monitoring

dark web monitoring

If your company is successfully in the running and working towards even better results, you’ll easily find yourself in a contagious optimism that rules out any negative events from happening. It’s a great feeling, but an important one, as you might be less attentive, meaning it’s easier for hackers to find access into your data, for example by using the dark web. You, of course, don’t want this to happen. In this blog we’ll tell you how to prevent this from happening, by introducing you to dark web monitoring!

What is the dark web?

Often, when people need something, they’ll go to the internet and find what they’re looking for by using a search engine, often Google. To do this, you have your own unique IP-address, which traces all the steps you take from start to finish. This might sound weird, but it’s actually exactly what makes the internet a safe space: when someone does something dangerous online, it will be registered to their IP-address.

The dark web is very similar to internet, as both are a network that can be used to find things. The difference can be found in this IP-address, as this doesn’t exist on the dark web. This allows users to search for anything they want, but also to give access to anything possible. Of course, this doesn’t automatically mean something illegal, but reality shows that this is often the case. As no one can trace what you’re doing, it’s possible to find pretty much anything on the dark web.

How does dark web monitoring work?

These illegal things vary from very light illegal stuff to the worst thing imaginable. This means a theft like identity theft, or cyber-attacks can also be planned using the dark web. By using dark web monitoring, you’re constantly aware of the things that happen in the dark web, relevant to you and your company. If a big group of hackers plans their way into your website, you’ll be the first to know about it, meaning you can protect you and your data from this event.


Unlike many other things that happen on the dark web, dark web monitoring is completely legal and safe, if done correctly. It’s smart to invest in a second party that knows what they’re doing in the dark web, such as Onsist. These specialists know all about cyber security, meaning they don’t only make sure you’re safe on the internet, but on the dark web as well. Take a look at their website and work safely in the future!

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