The Financial Upside of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Financial Upside

It’s been roughly 18 months since the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm. The pandemic caused a global recession from which many countries are yet to recover. Even leading economies like the USA, UK, Europe, and China have struggled amidst the pandemic and its consequences. Emerging markets are still feeling the aftermath of the pandemic, and recovery has been slow.

However, the pandemic resulted in a new way of working and living. Many individuals found themselves needing to work from home, and although it was a struggle at first, it seems to have brought about opportunities for both corporations and individuals. 

Furthermore, businesses that primarily operate online have flourished. Large tech companies’ revenue increased exponentially during the pandemic due to the demand for their products and services. 

The positive side-effects of the pandemic

One of the companies that made massive profits during the pandemic was Apple. Its market cap reached record highs in 2020, and its stock value reached $2 trillion in August 2020.

However, Apple was not the only company that flourished last year. There were 50 other S&P 500 companies that outperformed Apple in terms of share growth. Nvidia Corp. shares increased by 108.43% from December 2019 to August 2020. Amazon and PayPal shares each grew more than 79% during the same period.

The demand for technology and software increased, which led to the growth of tech companies. In addition, the e-commerce industry also skyrocketed since most people preferred ordering essentials online rather than visiting a store. 

Companies that offered essential goods and services like Home Depot also saw a dramatic increase in share growth, of over 30%. 

Increase in Share Growth

How did individuals benefit

The economic boost not only favored blue-chip companies, but some individuals started businesses from home by offering services that were much needed during the pandemic. Individuals who had extra funds opted to trade stocks to earn an additional income.

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Bottom Line 

Although the pandemic created financial havoc globally, we cannot deny that it transformed the financial industry. It also forced individuals to think outside the box and discover ways to supplement their income, whether by starting a business or investing in the stock market. The Axia brand offers attractive benefits, and individuals can still take advantage of the current economic conditions to pursue a trading career by joining Axia.

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