The Ergonomics of Using a Triple Monitor Setup with Your Laptop

The Ergonomics of Using a Triple Monitor Setup with Your Laptop

In 2021, $4.7 billion in workers’ compensation claims were paid for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions caused by awkward postures. Most of these claims used to be more in the realm of physical labor jobs. Today, an increasing number of people are seeking workers’ compensation for sedentary roles, and it’s usually related to improper ergonomics.

Sitting at a desk all day is taxing in its own way. When you’re not sitting correctly, that can lead to all manner of issues. And now that many people are working from home, few can afford the money or space for an ideal setup for total ergonomic support. Then there’s the group that loves working from the couch, bed, etc. – it’s all bad news for our bodies unless we make a change. Fortunately, the Mobile Pixels Trio laptop screen extender is here to help.

extender is here to help

Ergonomics In a Nutshell

Before we dive into the benefits that come from adding more monitors to your workspace, let’s make sure everyone understands what we mean by “ergonomics.” Many of you have probably heard the word. Some might even know all about it. For those who don’t, it’s really a simple concept.

Bodies are a marvel of nature’s engineering. They are designed to be positioned comfortably in many ways. When the right positioning is achieved, the muscles and joints can relax and maintain their stamina. This keeps them healthy and reduces the risk of injury.

When the body’s positioning is unnatural, such as hunched staring at a smartphone screen, the muscles and joints have to strain themselves to hold the position. This can lead to stress injuries, unnecessary wear and tear, and a host of musculoskeletal diseases and conditions.

The good news is that when it comes to ergonomics, small changes add up to big relief. Read on to learn how something as simple as changing your screen setup can save a lot of stress and strain on your body.

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Laptop Screen Setup

Using a laptop screen extender is the most affordable and flexible way to add more screens to your workspace. If you’ve got a home or work office where you can set up multiple monitors, that’s a great option for fixed use. With a screen extender, you’ll have an ergonomic, productive workspace that can go anywhere.

That can lead to several benefits.

Reduced Head and Neck Strain

Using an ergonomic laptop screen setup can offer relief for your head and neck in several ways. Your posture is more correct, which means there’s less strain on your neck. You also won’t have to support your neck with a monitor at the wrong height or lean forward to see everything on a single, small laptop screen.

Headaches will also be less frequent because your head and eyes won’t be straining as much while you’re working on your laptop.

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Reduced Eye Strain

As mentioned, having an ergonomic laptop screen setup can also reduce eye strain. You won’t have to lean in, deal with glare, or strain to view the right area of the screen. Your eyes will be centered where they should and you won’t be too close to the screen, which can also cause issues with eye strain and overall eye health.

Fatigue from staring at a computer screen is real, and it starts with your eyes. If you ever feel your eyes burning or they are difficult to keep open after a long day of work, that’s a sign that something needs to change.

Increased Back Support

A single laptop monitor can make hunching a default pose. When you use a laptop screen extender to create a three-fold workspace, you naturally sit more properly. You’ll find yourself sitting back to be able to survey the landscape and positioning yourself in a way that’s easy to move around.

This means your back will not be hunching, twisting, or even shifting as much as it used to. Sometimes, a simple wrong move can lead to serious back issues, so this is a big win for your workspace.

Final Thoughts

In addition to ergonomics, a triple monitor setup comes with several other perks for work, school, and even personal use. Check out the Trio laptop screen extender and see how it can help you work more productively and with better posture. Your body will thank you!

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