The Easiest Things to Do If You Need Quick Cash for An Urgent Expense

Cash for An Urgent Expense

When you have to raise money urgently, there are several factors to consider. You need to first look at how much you need and how easy it is for you to raise it. If you have people around you who can support you, then you can go to them. 

If you have no one who can give you the cash, you need to find creative ways to raise it. You also have to remember that you aren’t alone in this; there are almost six out of every ten people globally who face financial hardship per year. Below are some of the easiest things to do to raise cash for that urgent expense. 

1. Take Odd Jobs

When you’re out of work and need to raise some money, you need to take up every job that you can do. If you have marketable skills, the better you’ll be when it comes to working odd jobs. Start by selling your skills in your neighborhood. 

For example, the easiest way to raise cash is pet-sitting. This, you can do for anyone around you, from your neighbors to even your friends and family. You can also offer do-walking services if you’re that into animals. 

These are odd jobs that will get you at least $15 per hour as a pet sitter and around the same amount per hour to walk dogs. If you aren’t into animals, you can mow lawns, drive neighbors to appointments or even wash people’s cars. 

There are also options like Uber and Lyft that you can join if you like spending hours in cars. As a driver, you can make as much as $19 an hour in some States. 

2. Sell Off Some of Your Assets

You may have some valuable jewelry or furniture that you can liquidate to make some cash too. These are some of the things you need to look at when you are looking to raise cash. You may also opt to sell some of your expensive electronics too – things like PS consoles, laptops, cameras, TVs, and so on. 

Before you sell off the likes of cameras and laptops or tablets, you need to ensure that you can’t make money off them. For example, you can become a photographer if that was a hobby. Turn it into something profitable and enjoyable too. 

Have that garage sale too, and sell some of the things you no longer use in the house. They can be saleable assets too. 

3. Get a Payday Loan

Another way you can raise money for that urgent expense is by taking up a loan. To be specific, you can look up some of the online pay day loan available in your area. These are the loans you take up and are deducted from your paycheck when it comes. 

There are several things to take into account when you take up such a loan. The first is that these loans are pretty expensive as they have actual interest rates. You also need to factor in that they have processing fees, among other fees. 

The good thing about them is they are unsecured, and you don’t need to put up any collateral to get them. They are more of a quick fix situation until you get your next paycheck; you can’t get these types of loans unless you have a job – that pays. 

4. Borrow Around

Borrow Around

As stated above, you can always ask for money from your friends and family when you’re stuck financially. But that may depend on if they have cash to spare. In this case, though, you won’t be asking as a favor; this will be a soft loan. 

At times, if it’s something like a medical emergency, it will be a favor. But you need to look at this money as a loan first before taking it as a favor. There’s a catch to this route, and it needs to be the last on your list. 

When you borrow money from a friend or a relative, you need to pay it fast as a loan. If you don’t, this will strain your relationship, and you may lose that person as a friend. If you must, you need to have a clear contract stating when you should pay. 

The contract can be in installments if it’s a tremendous amount of money you borrow. 


There are some great ways you can raise cash when you are in urgent need. Here are some of the few that need to be at the top of your mind. They are quick fixes, and you can get the money to solve your problem. 

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