The Different Types Of Locksmiths – Is It A Good Career Choice?


We often hear of professional locksmiths, but many of us fall into the trap of believing all locksmiths are the same, but this is far from the truth. Although it is common to find locksmiths that do a little bit of everything, these professionals are categorized based on the type of services they offer.

Below, we review the different types of locksmiths before concluding whether it will be a wise move to pursue a locksmithing career.

Types Of Locksmiths

Emergency Locksmiths

We set things off with emergency locksmiths, but who are they? If you find yourself with a locked door that has refused to open by midnight, which locksmith do you call to bail you out at such an odd time? You call an emergency locksmith. Emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, and 365 days a year. They never go on holiday or close business for the day. Their hotlines are always active, and they respond to calls as long as the caller is within their area of operation.

This type of locksmith offers lifesaving services that others do not. They also have work vans that contain all their tools. Once you give them a call at any time of the day, they will request your house address or immediate location and drive to your home immediately.

Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith may or may not be an emergency locksmith, but this type of locksmith operates in and around residential areas. They specialize in home services to homeowners with issues with their locks and house keys. They are also skilled at working safe locks as well. Residential locksmith repair locks, cut new keys, re-key locks, and provide any other locksmith services a home may have. Their stock in trade is to ensure that homes are safe and not vulnerable to burglars.

Commercial Locksmith

Business owners who operate small, medium, and large-scale businesses require the services of commercial locksmiths. These are skilled in handling advanced locks commonly used in buildings that house high-valued assets. Commercial locksmiths work with key and keyless systems. Furthermore, they ensure that the security systems in commercial properties are not compromised.

If your business has been a target of burglars in recent times or there is a rise in burglaries in your location, you need the expertise of a skilled commercial locksmiths. When you hire them, they will first do a security analysis of your business area to identify the weakness. Then they will recommend security measures and install advanced locks and systems to secure your property.

Industrial Locksmith

An Industrial locksmith is a professional who works with large companies that own production plants, facilities, factories, warehouses, or any property that houses expensive and sensitive materials and equipment. Such properties require maximum security assets beyond what ordinary locks and keys can offer. Industrial locksmiths are often hired on a retainer to ensure that these businesses are secure at all times. They are also useful in manufacturing and warehouse facilities. They install security systems, master key systems, frames, and doors among anti-burglary assets.

Automotive Locksmith

An Automotive Locksmith is to cars and trucks what a residential locksmith is to houses. Also called auto locksmiths provide quick solutions to any security issue affecting a car, bus, truck, and even bike. Automotive locksmiths handle common issues like a jammed lock and broken or lost key. They can repair your car lock or cut new keys. If your key breaks inside the lock, you can call for their help to remove the broken piece and run quick maintenance on the lock.

Just type “automotive locksmith near me” into Google and you see that it’s still a viable career option judging by how many different vendors you can actually find for any random city.

Safe Locksmith

Last but not least of, the type of locksmith we want to look at is a safe locksmith. For many home and business owners, their safe is one of their most prized possessions because that is where they keep precious items. In the event that they can’t gain access into the safe either because they’ve lost the keys or forgotten the combination, what do they do about it? They hire a specialist called a safe locksmith to handle opening it. Safe locksmiths are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the engineering behind safes. They can help you install a new safe, service an existing one, or repair the locks, among other services.

Is Locksmithing A Good Career Choice?

Chasing a career as a locksmith is a good career choice because the demand for professional locksmiths will always be there as long as people continue to use locks and security systems. Furthermore, there is room for career growth as many businesses continue to invest in their security systems. The average income of a locksmith just starting is $35,000-$45,000 per annum or more in bigger cities, and as you work your way up, you can earn even more money.

However, you will need to first get the required training at a trade school before serving as an apprentice with a master locksmith. After that, you may choose to branch off and start your own business or work with an establishment to gain more experience.

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