The Best Online Casino Bonuses Japan has to Offer

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It’s a tough old world out there in the online casino game and just being a solid product won’t always get you the players you need. To really make the grade, and the money, online casinos need to find a way to distinguish themselves from the pack, to stand out from the crowd. And the best way to gain players’ attention these days is by coughing up some cool, hard cash.

Many sites in Japan will now offer a generous kick back to sway you to their side, and it’s great news for players looking to make the most of their money. We’ve found some great online casino bonuses from quality sites, just read here, or join us for a break down of what you can expect from casinos, sports betting and more.

Popular Online Casino Bonuses in Japan

Deposit Bonus

Often referred to as a match-up, it’s a great way to have your deposit increased without breaking the bank. Many good casinos will offer this bonus to new customers as a way to entice them on board and it’s a great way to see what a new site offers. Basically speaking, you will receive a top-up from the site when you make a deposit, so could easily find yourself playing with 30 – 40% more than what you invested.

Think of it as a reward for choosing them over all others and use it freely. It’s there to keep you interested for longer but can have you winning some decent coin.

No-deposit Bonus

A little rarer than the above, so if you do find one, grab it with both hands. This will mean that you don’t even need to invest your own, hard-earned cash to give the site an extensive test drive. You may need to register a profile, but in Japan, it’s quick and easy and you can hold registrations with multiple sites, no problem.

You could easily find yourself with a free JPY3,500 – JPY4,500 to play at your hearts content, all for just giving them a go. It’s common practice while the online casino game is still in the early stages, so make the most of it.

Cash Back 

For those of us whom aren’t quite as lucky on any particular week, you may just find a percentage of your losses back in your pocket come the weekend. Cash Back is becoming popular and could see a good 20 – 30% of your investment returned to you.

Again, it’s all good and just another way the casinos look to stand out from the crowd and garner new players.

Sport Betting Bonuses

As online gambling becomes more and more popular Japan-wide, sports betting has also kicked off in a big way. And earning a little extra from your deposit can also be on the table come the first turn. Many top sites will reward your custom with a little extra when you bet, in much the same way as an online casino.

It’s not uncommon to find that your JPY1000 deposit will actually net you a cool JPY3000 in wagers as sports betting sites fight for your attention. Look out for the generous welcome offers from leading sites, and again, don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deals. There’s no reason you can’t sign-up to multiple sites and enjoy all the spoils they have to offer.

Other Bonuses

In this exciting time of online gambling in Japan, many sites are starting to look outside the box to grab the most attention. And as companies like Amazon and Uber Eats have become an engrained way of life herein Japan, you may just find some of their discounts or vouchers coming your way, courtesy of your online casino bonus.

Keep an eye out on social media for further ways to have your money working for you and remember that when it comes to online gambling, you’re in control. So make sure your money is working hard for you, as you worked hard for your money to begin with.

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