The Best Cities to Start a Business in Great Britain


The United Kingdom (UK), a.k.a. Great Britain, is one of the world’s biggest economies, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of over $3 trillion. It contains various cities with booming economies that present great opportunities for entrepreneurs. This article will examine the best cities to start a business in the UK. They include:

1. London

London is the UK’s capital city and the country’s most economically productive. It’s also the most populous British city, with a population of nearly 9 million. This locale alone accounts for over 15% of the UK’s annual GDP, making it the best location to start a business.

London has a high concentration of many industries, including finance, retail, and technology. Entrepreneurs have access to vast opportunities, with a high-earning population ready to buy their products and services. 

London is the first choice if you want to open a company in Britain. 

2. Manchester

Manchester is another prominent British city, with a population of over 500,000 and a large gross domestic product. This city is home to hundreds of technology and finance companies and a high-earning population to match. It houses two of the four busiest British airports, making it easy to transit in and out of.

Manchester’s leadership has a reputation for business excellence, with policies that foster the growth of local businesses. It’s another stellar option if you want to set up a business in Britain.

3. Bristol

Bristol is a popular British destination with a diversified economy. This city has a long history of trade tracing back to the 13th century. It has a high concentration of big aerospace, financial services, media, defense, and tourism companies. 

Bristol is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the UK, and tourists are willing to buy souvenirs and pay for local experiences they can cherish. Entrepreneurs have vast opportunities to sell their products and services to tourists.

This city has an extensive public transportation network, making it easy to move goods around. Its amenities make it a very attractive place to conduct business.

4. Glasgow

Glasgow is the third largest city in the United Kingdom and the largest in Scotland, one of the UK constituent countries. It is a prominent hub for British manufacturing, particularly shipbuilding and locomotive construction. Manufacturing has declined over time, but Glasgow has witnessed good growth in the financial and business services sectors.

Glasgow has one of the highest GDP per capita among UK cities. It’s also a popular tourist destination in the UK, giving entrepreneurs ample opportunity to sell their products and services.

Other major Glasgow industries include printing and publishing, brewing and distilling, engineering, technology, etc.

5. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It has the most robust economy of any British city outside London, with a gross domestic product of over $30 billion. This area hosts many big banking, insurance, publishing, higher education, and scientific research companies. 

Edinburgh has a small population of around 500,000, but it attracts millions of annual visitors to its events and festivals. It is the second most visited city by foreigners in the UK, with Edinburgh festivals generating tens of millions of pounds in economic output.

Edinburgh has a thriving startup and entrepreneurial scene. Business owners can easily set up shop in this area and take advantage of the high concentration of local talent. It provides great opportunities for residents to start or expand new businesses. 

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