The Benefits of Taking Vegan Omega-3 Daily

Vegan Omega-3

Functions of Omega-3 

Omega-3 is a highly effective supplement for your body’s overall health. The fatty acid found in omega-3 has multiple functions: nurturing a healthy heart, supporting brain health, maintaining the calcium in your bones, protecting your joints, and replenishing your DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Whether you’re taking it as a supplement for your heart, brain, joint, eye health, or all of the above, omega-3 can serve as a fantastic supplement to integrate into your daily routine. 

Fishiness of Standard Omega-3

Many standard omega-3s end up tasting fishy due to where the omega-3 is sourced from. The fatty acids of omega-3s can be found in fish, and therefore many omega-3 supplements or vitamins are made up of fish oil. Vegan omega-3 can be an incredible way to go straight to the source. To explain what we mean by this, it’s important to look at why fish oil is high in omega-3s. Fish eat krill to get their omega-3, and krill eat algae to get theirs, but algae are the original source of omega-3! So, why not get your omega-3 straight from the source and cut out the fishy taste?

Vegan Alternatives for Omega-3

Vegan Omega 3 is the world’s only source of omega-3 with glycolipids and phospholipids. Because it is made with algae, it leads to the highest absorption rate in your body. Studies show that vegan omega-3 supplements that are made up of algae lead to 50% higher absorption rates than fish or krill oil. More absorption equals more benefits! So, what are the benefits of vegan omega-3? Read more below to find out! 


Plant-based omega-3 cuts out all the unknown factors that can come from fish or krill-based omega-3. Unfortunately, not all omega-3 suppliers are created equal, and in the case of fish oil-based ones, many manufacturers cut corners by deriving their product from low-end forage fish to reduce costs. After being shipped thousands of miles, foraged fish undergo heat processing that, in many cases, strips the omega-3 of many of its natural benefits; this compromises its integrity through improper molecular distillation and fractionation processes. This means that the fish or krill oil you are taking may be high in heavy metals, mercury, and toxins. By going straight to the plant-based source that the fish ate to be high in omega-3, algae cut out the more “fishy” qualities of omega-3 sourcing. 

Sustainably Farmed in the USA

Not only is it better for the environment, but plant-based omega-3 is also the front runner in ocean sustainability. While many fish-based omega-3 supplements are not sustainably sourced and can cause harm to the ecosystem and your health, marine algae are sustainably farm-grown, which avoids messing with an ocean’s natural ecosystem and environment. Unfortunately, many fishy or krill omega-3s have higher rates of toxins and contaminants found in them, and many production factories cut corners that compromise the omega-3’s molecular integrity. 

Highest Omega-3 Absorption

If you are trying to get the most out of your omega-3 supplement, wouldn’t you want the most effective type on the market? Algae-based omega-3s tend to have 50% higher absorption rates, making it the definite front runner compared to its fish and krill counterparts. 

No Fishy Burps

It goes without saying, but the worst part of fish oil supplements is definitely the horrible aftertaste and fishy-tasting burps that follow its consumption. Thankfully, vegan omega-3 is highly efficient while cutting out the nasty aftertaste. 

Rich in EPA and DHA 

Although other plant-based alternatives exist for omega-3s such as flaxseed, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds, they do not contain all the qualities that come from algae. Marine algae are the only vegan omega-3 option that produces fatty acids such as active EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Alternatively, other vegan options only contain ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), and can’t produce enough to convert into sufficient levels of EPA and DHA that you really need. 


Vegan omega-3 has some incredible benefits. Choosing to go straight to the source is not only great for the environment and supporting vegan lifestyles, but it also has better health benefits. It may be time to make the switch from your other “fishy” omega-3 sources, but algae-based omega-3 helps support the belief that better living begins within. 

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