Tent Designing for Lively Outdoor Events

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With summers coming in full swing, outdoor events have become popular once again. However, outdoor activities and events need some proper arrangements to be successful. The most important factor out of all these arrangements is the tent selection. Apart from providing shade and shelter, tents can elevate your event.

Tents are usually built from scratch for most events these days. For this, commercial tent manufacturers are required. These companies can help design the perfect tent for your event. They design according to your preferences, themes, and occasions. In this article, we will be telling you all about the main factors that go into tent design. 

Color and Theme

The first step involves choosing the suitable color theme and the corresponding tent design. It usually depends on the theme of the event and the type of celebration. You can customize the tent’s colors to match your occasion.

You can choose colors and designs for commercial and corporate events based on the brand theme, logo, sponsors, and collaborations. This helps attract a larger audience.

Size And Capacity

The next step is choosing the right size and shape of the tent to suitably accommodate your guests. This includes seating, decoration arrangements, and adequate floor space to fit everyone comfortably. Usually, a bigger size is recommended for events like weddings, fairs, and conventions. 

The sizes can be customized according to the expected audience for commercial events. There are also various shapes to further add character to your event. Some examples include domed, cubic, hexagonal, or rectangular tents. Generally, shapes depend on the number of guests or audience and the overall budget. For example, rectangular tents are most economical for significant business events

Proper Space Allocation

In the design stage, this step goes side by side with selecting the right size and shape of the tent for your event. When strategizing the perfect event, it is crucial to allocate dedicated spaces for every activity and utility. This step helps in approximating the required space and size for the tent. 

Indirect utilities like kitchens and bathrooms are usually placed far from the event area for a more appealing view. Most businesses also organize their events outdoors to attract an audience and market themselves. Allocating proper spaces to place advertisements and marketing stalls is vital for your event’s success. 

Flooring And Entrance

These two factors are essential for setting your occasion’s ambiance and play an essential role in creating an excellent first impression for the guests. The type of flooring you select to go with the tent, such as carpet or grass, will set the look of your event. The type of tent entrance you choose also plays a good role in attracting people to the event. 

Where To Find A Good Tent Manufacturer?

There are many tent rentals that offer good quality tents, however only a few offer complete customization and designing.  Economy Tent Manufacturers is a famous tent designing company who provides its customers with a myriad of options such as trio, marquee, classic, concession, sidewalls, and clear tents. They specialize in engineered tents and also provide their customers with quality craftsmanship. They also offer custom designs and prints for themed events. 


After completing this design procedure, your tent manufacturers will suggest the most suitable design for your event. Make sure to correctly select all the above factors, based on the number of guests and the type of occasion. Good Luck!

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