Sustainable Miami – Eco-Friendly Activities for Tourists

Sustainable Miami – Eco-Friendly Activities for Tourists

Traveling offers a wide range of new experiences and memories. While it’s always thrilling, traveling is very often not so good for the planet. If you are planning to visit Miami any time soon, now you can make your visit sustainable and still enjoy visiting a new city as you intended to. Tourists have a full spectrum of eco-friendly tours and other activities in Miami, so check out Hellotickets in Miami and see what some of our favorite picks are and what we warmly recommend you to do when you arrive in Miami.

Visit the Zoo

Have you ever seen a flamingo in person? How about the Florida panthers? Those and many other animals are the main attraction at the Miami Zoo. Spend one afternoon marveling at some of the most beautiful endangered species in the world. Stay sustainable on your Miami trip and take a walk to the Zoo, where you’ll spend quality time walking around the animals’ habitats. The Zoo houses over 40 endangered species from all over the world alongside thousands of other animals. 

Check out national parks

Spending time in nature is the best way to feel the spirit of a new destination. So, plan to spend a few days outdoors and stop by Miami’s beautiful national parks. Biscayne National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park, and Everglades National Park are the top three choices for those who’ve never visited Miami before. Go boating in Biscayne, experience mesmerizing wildlife and endangered species in Everglades without endangering the environment in the process. Spot some of the most fascinating plant habitats and wild animals in the world at Miami national parks.  

Take an eco-tour to Key West

Take an eco-tour to Key West

Miami boasts a vast variety of tours for everyone’s tastes and budget. So, when you decide to book unforgettable Miami tours, make sure you check out eco-tours such as the one to Key West. Take a day trip to one of Miami’s favorite getaways with the most enjoyable scenic rides in Florida. Taste the iconic key lime pie, walk the beach to witness stunning sunsets, and make the most of your Miami trip. Don’t miss out on Ernest Hemingway’s Little White House while touring Key West.

Pay a visit to museums

When you want to have an eco-friendly trip, include museums in your itinerary. Take a relaxing walk to the Museum of Contemporary Art to witness fascinating art exhibits featuring works of Keith Haring, Gabriel Orozco, and José Bedia, to name a few. History Miami Museum and Peréz Art Museum Miami are other must-visit museums in Miami. In Miami, you’ll find an array of museums offering world-class selections of art, science, history, and artifacts worthy of everyone’s admiration.

Have fun at the beachHave fun at the beach

You cannot imagine a trip to Miami without enjoying fun in the sun. Slather on that SPF and hit the beach for ultimate vacation relaxation. However, Miami’s beaches are more than just locations for sunbathing and swimming. If you visit South Beach, you’ll have the chance to be a part of the fabulous ambiance of volleyball tournaments, Art Deco Weekend, and art shows. Experience most of one of the best vacation areas in Florida, and visit South Beach at night for a bustling and buzzing nightlife. Would you also like to enjoy some amusement center fun while at the beach? Crandon Beach is the perfect location for families seeking more than pure beach lounging vibes. Check out the Bear Cut Preserve, look for mangroves, or rent an entire cabana for a wild party.

Have a walk around city parks

National parks are not the only parks that offer unforgettable experiences to tourists coming to Miami. Take your family on an enjoyable stroll and take in the satisfaction of spending a day outside in the sun. Parks offer thrilling activities to everyone, so feel free to bring kids because they will have a blast on the playgrounds. Pet owners don’t have to worry either since Miami city parks feature dog park areas too. Host a picnic at picnic areas, or go for a jog to athletic fields. Whether you’re a teenager, an adult with a toddler, or a senior, you’ll enjoy the wide variety of outdoor recreation activities when you visit city parks in Miami. Our top three picks are The Amelia Earhart Park, Allison Park, and The Alice Wainwright Park.

Making the most of your trip to Miami will be the best if you decide to make the holiday eco-friendly. Engage in as many eco-conscious activities as possible to become a responsible traveler who cares about their planet. Check out the activities we’ve listed to look for inspiration for your own ideas. Don’t skip visiting any of the locations we’ve suggested, as each one of them hides special gems that will make you want to come back to Miami year after year. No matter how much you explore on your first visit, there will always be more exciting opportunities in the future.

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