Surefire Success Tips For Commercial Hydroponic Cannabis


Commercial cannabis cultivation is a domain brimming with opportunity. Getting into it means you have good chances of making big profits. The ever-increasing demand promises a bright future as well. But the immense competition in the industry means you have to go the extra mile with quality and quantity. Hydroponic cannabis covers you on both fronts as it enables you to grow more with less and go a step ahead with quality standards. Not to mention, the technique is eco-friendly, provided you do it the right way. Here are surefire success tips for entrepreneurs growing commercial hydroponic cannabis.

Choose the apt growing medium

Hydroponic growing is done without soil, but you need a medium to grow your cannabis. Choose a good growing medium that offers an optimal balance of moisture and oxygen for the roots. A combination of clay pebbles and coconut coir is ideal for thriving cannabis cultivation. You may use Rockwool because it retains moisture and oxygen well. It comes in cubes, which go well with the placement of plants in rows.

Optimize the growing environment

Like any indoor growing system, you have to ensure an optimal environment for your hydroponic operations. The ideal water temperature is about 65 F as it facilitates nutrient absorption and prevents algae buildup. The humidity levels change according to the growth stage, so know your facts. You will have to install grow lights for proper lighting and fans for good ventilation.

Ensure ideal water pH

Water pH is another crucial factor besides environmental control. A pH of about 6.0 is apt for hydroponic cannabis, but you can expect the crops to do well in a range of high 5s to low 6s. You will have to provide pH adjusters to your employees to keep track of the levels and maintain them at all times. If you fail to stick with the proper range, your plants may die or fail to provide a good yield.

Maintain system hygiene

Another factor no commercial grower can overlook is system hygiene. Even if soil mold and fungus are not a concern, you must ensure clean water to keep your cannabis healthy. You can cover the hygiene front by sanitizing pipes, filters, tanks, reservoirs, and other parts regularly. Good hygiene goes a long way in preventing the spread of pathogens in the system, so make it a part of the growing schedule.

Invest in quality seeds

This one is a no-brainer because the quality of your crop depends on the seed quality. It is an area no commercial grower should compromise. Invest in quality seeds with apt genetics. Researching cannabis strains that grow well with hydroponics is a good idea. This way, you have better chances of growing a healthy crop without extra effort. Find a reliable seed source you can stick with for the long haul.

Growing commercial cannabis with the hydroponic technique is easier than you imagine. Just a little effort can take you a long way to grow the best crop season after season. Follow these simple success tips to achieve your yield goals.

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