Best Sugar Momma Sites & Apps: How To Meet Sugar Momma Online?

Best Sugar MoLuxuryDatemma Sites & Apps


Meeting a sugar momma who could pay bills—for some, even the thought of typing it in a Google search makes them feel uncomfortable. Others, meanwhile, think it’s impossible to find an older lady to be her companion with benefits. However, we assure you that in the modern online dating world, everything is possible. “What are the best sugar momma apps and sites?” “What are the tips on dating older women and the perks of entering such relationships?”—if these are the questions you need the answer to, you will find them below.

Top Sugar Momma Sites and Apps for Sugar Mommy Dating

  1. CougarLife. Best for communicating with mature ladies. ➡️
  2. SecretBenefits. Best for a beneficial relationship. ➡️
  3. CougarPourMoi. Best for short-term dating with mature women. ➡️
  4. OlderWomenDating. Best for all types of dating with older females. ➡️
  5. LuxuryDate. Best for short-term relationships with sugar mommas and daddies. ➡️



In general, the CougarLife sugar momma site is good to try if you want to build serious relationships with mature women. It provides many good features, such as extensive filter options, virtual gifts, a mobile application available on the App Store and Play Market, a special deal of three free messages once you upload your profile picture, and a “Send Flirt” button to initiate a conversation. We also like that this website has a Blog section with helpful articles on sugar relationship topics. However, we noticed that users report fake profiles, although the site claims they delete such accounts.

  • 🏢 Foundation year: 2008
  • 🌐 Website visits: 254.4K
  • 📱 Application: App Store and Play Market
  • 💲 Pricing: from $0.15 /credit
  • 📬 Communication: text messages, emails

The CougarLife website, with its long history, is really a perfect option to invest in. We appreciate that this source makes sure to have an easy-to-navigate interface, a clear privacy policy, and even instructions on how to avoid scams.

Our Rating

👥 Audience: 4/5

🛠️ Site functionality: 5/5

🔧 Technical support: 5/5

🖥️ Interface convenience: 5/5

🔒 Security: 4/5

Overall score: 92%

Ready to meet cougars? Join CougarLife nowSecretBenefits


SecretBenenfits is an excellent website with a million audience, allowing clients to find a partner both for sugar mommy and sugar daddy dating. This source provides free registration, a user-friendly layout, and free profile browsing and searching. Search filters are quite detailed, by the way: you can mention your preferred age or ethnicity, body type, habits, and others.

In addition, SecretBenefits has a matching feature that shows you potential sugar mamas and babies based on the type of their favorite profiles, liking and searching activity, as well as the type of accounts to which they send a request for secret albums—another unique feature of SecretBenefits which let you see private photos of potential sugar partners.

However, the absence of a dating app for SecretBenefits is a bit upsetting, although the website is mobile-friendly.

  • 🏢 Foundation year: 2016
  • 🌐 Website visits: 14.9M
  • 📱 Application: No
  • 💲 Pricing: from $0.28 / credit
  • 📬 Communication: text messages, video chats

These are not the only features we love about the SecretBenefits dating platform. This website also has a discreet payment system, which protects your banking details. Also, SecretBenefits takes measures to keep your personality secret. For example, this company shows the list of profiles to only registered users and provides a “Hide my Profile” option, which will let you hide your profile from other users if you temporarily don’t want to use the site but also want to preserve your membership.

Our Rating

👥 Audience: 5/5

🛠️ Site functionality: 5/5

🔧 Technical support: 4/5

🖥️ Interface convenience: 5/5

🔒 Security: 4/5

Overall score: 91%

Ready for secret pleasures? Explore SecretBenefits today!Ready for secret pleasures


As you get from the website’s name, CougarPourMoi’s audience comes mostly from France, Canada, and the USA.

This popular online dating platform has a lot of characteristics that a regular user would like: free registration and liking accounts, searching for matches on Like Gallery, the possibility to exchange files and chat unlimitedly with a paid membership, and advanced filters to find a sugar momma. Moreover, new members get a chance to send five messages for free.

However, there are some drawbacks we noticed when testing CougarPourMoi. Firstly, it has no mobile app, which can be inconvenient for some users. Secondly, the full-sized photos on users’ profiles are available only for clients with premium membership, which is a bit unfair.

  • 🏢 Foundation year: 2012
  • 🌐 Website visits: 263.7K
  • 📱 Application: No
  • 💲 Pricing: from $0.99/day
  • 📬 Communication: text messages

Anyway, we recommend this website, as it is also effortless to use and takes measures to secure your data, such as SSL software to block access to your information from outside the service.

Our Rating

👥 Audience: 4/5

🛠️ Site functionality: 5/5

🔧 Technical support: 4/5

🖥️ Interface convenience: 5/5

🔒 Security: 4/5

Overall score: 88%

Discover passion with CougarPourMoi. Visit site!Discover passion with CougarPourMoi


OlderWomenDating is an exclusive source that lets older women find younger guys for dating of various forms. This legit source impressed us not only by its excellent set of features, which include free registration and looking through profiles, ice-breaking message templates, liking and passing of photos, which is similar to Tinder swiping, and first date ideas guides. The site also states it monitors all profiles and contributes to fighting sex and human trafficking—such dedication is rare among dating platforms. However, we must admit that some users report the absence of video chatting and free messaging.

  • 🏢 Foundation year: 2006
  • 🌐 Website visits: 57.6K
  • 📱 Application: App Store and Play Market
  • 💲 Pricing: from $15.99 / month
  • 📬 Communication via: text messages

Why would we rank OlderWomenDating among the best sugar momma apps? It’s not only because of its nice features but also its dedication to its customers. Thus, it has a decent FAQ section with extensive answers to popular questions and a clear contact section, which also states that the support team works 24/7.

Our Rating

👥 Audience: 4/5

🛠️ Site functionality: 5/5

🔧 Technical support: 5/5

🖥️ Interface convenience: 5/5

🔒 Security: 4/5

Overall score: 87%

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The LuxuryDate website is a safe space to find sugar mommas and daddies with several characteristics that impressed us.

Firstly, it has a video verification to ensure only real people use its services. Secondly, LuxuryDate provides valuable features, such as secret photos to preserve some pics only for premium members and advanced search tools to set the preferred parameters and characteristics of your cub/cougar. You can also like and browse people’s profiles for free.

However, what we didn’t like about this site is that it doesn’t provide a mobile application. In addition, the verification process is pretty lengthy, although it ensures the authenticity of the site’s audience.

  • 🏢 Foundation year: 2018
  • 🌐 Website visits: 142.5K
  • 📱 Application: No
  • 💲 Pricing: from $0.59 / credit
  • 📬 Communication: text messages

To sum up, LuxuryDate is a perfect website to find a really wealthy cougar for your dream life. Moreover, a decent verification process and a good FAQ section increase our trust in this service.

Our Rating

👥 Audience: 4/5

🛠️ Site functionality: 5/5

🔧 Technical support: 4/5

🖥️ Interface convenience: 5/5

🔒 Security: 4/5

Overall score: 85%

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What Is Sugar Momma Dating?

A sugar daddy term is quite popular, but there are also sugar mommas seeking partners. In a nutshell, a sugar momma is a woman of 40–50 years (some people call them cougars) who seeks young partners for intimate pleasures they compensate by providing money. A sugar mama can choose whoever as their sugar baby—it can be a man, a woman, or a non-binary person—everything depends on a person’s specific needs.

Sugar dating with hot mommas can be not only based on physical interaction: often, sugar mamas seek a partner to spend time together doing different activities, including dancing, hiking, swimming, you name it!

What does a sugar mama pay for? Almost everything. Firstly, a sugar momma pays for dates, clothes (if you want them), and holidays. Sugar relationships can also imply providing you with a so-called “salary” per month, which can depend on the income of your potential sugar mama.

Some facts to know about sugar relationships: sugar dating is not a phenomenon of the 21st century. It became popular in the USA at the end of the 19th century. Back then, it was called treating and described as powerful men attracting women with low-paying jobs in exchange for their companionship. Today, both women and men can be sugar parents.

Sugar dating, although it is a form of unconventional relationship, is not legal everywhere. For example, sugaring (another name for sugar dating) is prohibited in Malaysia because it’s considered immoral. Their government even takes action to ban dating sites with sugar daddies and mommies.

Are There Any Age Restrictions in Sugar Mommy Dating?

Although sugar mommas seek younger partners, thinking that it is only like this is rather stereotypical. In fact, even a person of the same age as a sugar momma can become her baby. Sugar momma dating means, in general, that a woman decides to provide for someone in exchange for companionship. Usually, a sugar mama is an older woman because such females have more financial resources to become a sugar parent. It makes them a bit dominant in their character, which impacts their partner’s decision—to opt for a young man to feel this dominance. With an older man, it would be a bit complicated.

However, there is, indeed, a restriction: people younger than 18 can’t even register at sugar mommy websites. Even if you are under this age and ready to find a sugar momma and be her cub, you won’t be able to use reliable platforms. And if you try to find a sugar mama offline, from her side, stepping into a relationship with you will have legal consequences as it’s statutory rape.

How to Choose the Sugar Momma Dating Site or App?

It’s worth saying that sometimes, finding really good sugar momma dating sites can be a challenge. The main reason is that there are fraudulent individuals who use naïve and desperate souls to make money on them. Thus, they can hire bots in their catalogs of sugar mamas or babies, who will keep texting with you to make you spend more on their services. That’s why, to find a trustworthy site for sugar momma relationships, follow these tips:

  1. Check the website on hidden services by reading the terms of use and privacy policy attentively
  2. Analyze the overall ratings of sugar momma dating websites on SimilarWeb or review sources
  3. Read the reviews that past clients could leave about the site.

However, you should be careful with the last tip: usually, people leave negative comments which can be misleading and create a false impression about a site. This is not surprising: human psychology is designed to leave negative reviews more often than positive ones (according to the study, 95% of users are most likely to share a bad experience).

Is It Possible to Find a Free Site for Sugar Momma Dating?

Free sugar momma dating sites are a real thing, although they are not popular. But are they reliable and effective? We’d rather say no. Free sugar mama dating sites may provide a catalog of mommies and babies to chat with, but they often have hidden fees or exploit scam schemes to steal your money.

We decided to do our own research and downloaded one of the free sugar momma dating apps. Everything went well at first: a free registration, which asks to mention only several basic details, like name, email, sex, and date of birth. Then, when we started filling out the profile, the dating site asked us to let it access the device to “provide you with a more extensive list of features adopted for the device.” No online dating site or app should not ask for such information.

“But why are reliable sources always paid? Some people looking for such relationships might not be financially able to pay for membership.”

Trustworthy sources that offer to find potential sugar mamas need to ensure these mamas (and cubs, too) are authentic. Usually, such companies hire people to monitor user’s profiles to identify fake ones, and they need to pay for this service. Also, a good sugar dating website will invest in a well-structured interface, marketing, and content analysis— to do all of this, you need to hire specialists who will ask for payment. Moreover, you have to update your page occasionally to preserve your website’s high Google ranking.

The best sugar momma websites do it and, consequently, will ask you to invest for their help.

Benefits of Sugar Momma Dating

Sugar dating with older women is an experience that can offer you a lot of perks (of course, if you are ready to immerse yourself in a cub life).

You can be open

Sugar relationships are good in that way that they provide you with a safe space for being yourself: both you and your sugar mama know what you want from this relationship and what you need to give back to make it work.

You get what you desire

If you are a sugar baby looking for a sugar momma, you will enjoy the financial support she provides. Do you need to pay rent? Do you need to pay for a student fee? You name it. Also, many sugar mamas open their babies to the world of a luxurious life. They can take you on a holiday, buy you stuff you want, and so on.

If you are a sugar mama seeking a companion, you can make your wishes come true either by spending time together like he is your husband/wife or having wild nights.

You can be a mentor or get a mentorship

To some extent, a sugar mama is really like a mama who can teach you how to live your life, which can be applied to all levels: intimacy skills, communication, or even running a business. If you are a sugar momma, you can become a mentor for somebody if teaching others is your hidden passion.

You don’t have that many responsibilities as traditional couples

Surely, sugar dating implies some sort of obligation because it is an agreement with rules both sides should follow. However, such a commitment is focused on the present moment more. You don’t have to worry about tomorrow because you are not emotionally attracted to your mommy/baby.

Can You Find a Serious Relationship on Sugar Momma Sites?

“But does it mean that my relationship with a sugar momma won’t grow into anything serious based on the last benefit from the previous paragraph?”

Often, sugar mama apps state what type of relationship they fit best for, which can be both short and long-term commitments. That’s why when you find a sugar momma and fall in love with her, you have all chances of conquering her heart and making a happy romantic union with her unless she states that she never considers the development of sugar dating relationships into a more serious commitment. Even more, often, a sugar mama falls in love first because women tend to get attached quickly.

Are There Any Risks When Looking for a Sugar Mama?

There are several major risks you can face when trying sugar relationships.

The first is that a sugar mom can begin treating you badly. Abusive or toxic attitudes are not very common among sugar mammas. Still, it’s possible to get trapped in such a relationship. Moreover, there is such a thing as human trafficking—and only the best sugar momma dating sites can ensure a person registered is not a part of such a criminal group, since the profiles on such platforms are verified.

Another risk is disappointment. Either you are a cub who wants to find a sugar mama or a cougar—when you start dating, you can realize it’s not what you want. It’s completely normal, but if you have always tried traditional relationships and switched to sugar dating, you may feel out of place.

Last but not least: fraudulent sugar momma apps and sites. We have already uncovered how to avoid scam sugar momma websites and provided a list of sources that can offer you a secure space to start sugar dating. All the platforms discussed have a good reputation, useful options such as profile verification, search filters, different communication tools, security measures taken to protect you from information leakage, and monitoring processes to ensure their clients are authentic. Such sites can truly guarantee user safety.

How to Find a Sugar Mommy?

The very first thing you have to do to start your sugar momma online dating is register on a reliable website customized for this form of relationship. Which sugar momma app/site to choose? Check the rating list of the most popular sugar dating sites shown today, analyze their top features and pricing, and make your choice.

Now, imagine you are already registered on such a dating platform and want to start chatting with older women. How to do the first step correctly? Here are some tips:

  • Make a good intro by telling her a compliment or an elegant joke. But remember, they should not be about her age. For instance, “You look nice for your age” is much worse than “You have very beautiful pictures, lady.”
  • When approaching sugar mommies, be open about your intentions, but don’t put forward your conditions immediately and don’t try to “sell” yourself. It will sound like a trade, and sugar mommas need partners, not sales agents. Sugar ladies want to feel admired, and such “business approach” won’t let your woman feel the intimacy she seeks.
  • Also, be careful when discussing a topic of intimacy—not all sugar moms want physical connection only. The companionship they seek can take different forms: romantic dates, doing sports together, traveling to nice places, etc. It’s better to simply ask what exactly she seeks in a younger lover and define for yourself if you can provide what she needs.
  • Sugar mommas are like ordinary women—they also want to have good conversations, talking about hobbies and discussing shared topics. Thus, ask her about her childhood, favorite music genre and songs, today’s mood, etc. If you feel the woman is interested in you, you can proceed by asking her questions about why she decided to be sugar momma, what is her dream date, or what things she wants to have in a relationship with you.
  • Don’t expect your sugar momma to be like your real Maman. Although the term includes the word “momma,” it doesn’t mean these rich women seek sons to provide for them like for little kids. Usually, a sugar momma states what she can give you for your companionship. It can be holidays, fees, or clothes. However, when you need to buy cereal and bread for breakfast—asking a sugar mama to do it will be too much.

Comparison of Sugar Mommy Dating Services from Our Rating

Website name Pricing Mobile app Communication ways Website visits Overall rating
CougarLife From $0.15 / credit Yes Live chat and email 254.4K




SecretBenefits From $0.28 / credit No Live chat and video calls 14.9M 8/10
CougarPourMoi From $0.99 / day No Live chat 263.7K 7/10
OlderWomenDating From $15.99 / month Yes Live chat 57.6K 8/10
LuxuryDate From $0.59 / credit No Live chat 142.5K 8/10


Sugar dating is not worse than traditional relationships because all types of relationships should be welcomed as each person defines their dating standards.

Moreover, the decision to become someone’s cub is completely okay for all ages: many sugar mamas would want to date men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and even 50s. Such a lady can not only generously reward you for your companionship but also become your mentor in future life.

However, when you look for a sugar momma relationship on dating websites, you need to carefully check them as there are many fraudulent companies that can fool you and steal your money and hope for a successful cub life. It is the reason we made the list of the best dating sites with ladies to become potential sugar moms.

🔗 Is a cougar life what you want? Find your best sugar mama on these sources and be happy! 🔗

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