Stock Rover Review

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In a nutshell: Stock Rover is an investment research platform that comes with excellent stock screening and data charting features. You can’t actually make trades over Stock Rover, but it’s a great tool for improving your investment strategy. 

Stock Rover provides reports on over 10,000 stocks. They have their own rating system for stocks and you can access all these features on their easy-to-use web portal. You can also purchase a subscription based on the depth of research you need. 

This tool isn’t for beginners. Stock Rover is designed for experienced traders who want to improve their investing game accessing the best research. 

Keep reading to learn how Stock Rover can help you. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
You get access to great portfolio analysis tools.  They have a limited set of asset classes.
You receive in-depth research reports for over 7,000 stocks.  You can’t make trades through Stock Rover. 
You can analyze thousands of stocks and ETFs in real time with more than 130 pre-built screeners.  Stock Rover doesn’t have a mobile app. 
Stock Rover has a $0 fee and a $0 minimum for a standard account. 
It’s an easy-to-use platform that you can access on all web platforms. 
You can generate ratings for stocks and warnings. 

Stock Rover review

Overall, Stock Rover is a useful tool for improving your trading strategy. The platform is fairly inexpensive. You get access to loads of research and analyzing tools. And they have a great reputation for customer service. 

Stock Rover’s features include being able to connect the platform with online brokerages to perform research before making trades. 

Stock Rover’s research features include: 

  • Stock-screening 
  • Side-by-side ETF and stock evaluations 
  • Personal portfolio analysis 
  • Research reporting

They have both a free and paid version that come with different options. Their biggest selling points remain their excellent data charting and stock screening features. 

Stock Rover doesn’t have a machine-learning algorithm like other tools. But it remains a great pick for traders who want access to in-depth research and analysis. 

Stock Rover’s Features

Stock Rover comes with an impressive set of charting, screening, and portfolio management features. 

Portfolio Management

They have easy-to-use brokerage integration that lets you directly download your portfolio onto the website. This feature saves you time by removing the need to individually select stocks and dollar amounts. 

The portfolio management feature also lets you analyze your investments using correlation statistics and financial ratios. This way you’ll have an easier time maximizing your diversification. 

If you want, you could also receive rebalancing advice and periodic email reports.


Stock Rover has an extensive set of charting tools. For example, you can visualize stock performance with indicators like the stock’s exponential moving average. But Stock Rover’s most useful features are their additional data charting capabilities. 

You can visualize your timeline for other variables in addition to price, like portfolio value. Stock Rover’s charting abilities are where the broker truly shines. 

Their data charting alone makes Stock Rover an excellent choice for professional and experienced traders who need advanced features.


You can use Stock Rover’s screener to find your desired investment from over 10,000 stocks and 44,000 ETFs. You can even use ranked screening to rank the stocks that match your criteria. 

The unique thing about Stock Rover’s screener is they let you screen stocks on performance against the S&P 500. That lets you compare the performance of other stocks against the S&P 500 as a benchmark. 

Research Reports

You can access Stock Rover’s proprietary reports after subscribing to their platform. These reports include historic and real-time data for the more than 10,000 stocks traded on their platform. 

These reports include metrics like an in-house rating for each stock along with conventional data like return efficiency. The information they provide is quite comprehensive. 

You can access these reports on their website and even download them as PDFs if you want.

Integrated Rating System

Stock Rover has their own rating engine. It scores stocks overall and on separate components based on performance metrics like financial strength. 

These ratings provide information to you for building your trading strategies. So it’s a useful feature to have. 


You can use Stock Rover’s watchlists to monitor the performance of stocks you may want. Stock Rover provides their own watchlists. But you can also build your own based on customer criteria. 

Stock Rover Accounts and Services

Stock Rover’s free account gets you updated market research for over 8,500 stocks. You can also link external brokerage accounts to Stock Rover’s free account to perform a detailed analysis. 

Essential Account

Stock Rover’s essential account provides customizable financial views of over 275 metrics applied across 5 years of historic data. 

You also receive:

  • Real-time email and text alerts 
  • Support from the Stock Rover technical team
  • Portfolio and watchlist tracking tools 
  • Premium Account

The premium account upgrades you to 375 metrics over 10 years of historic data. 

  • Additional features include: 
  • Ranked screening 
  • Future dividend projections 
  • Monte Carlo income projections 
  • Advanced portfolio analysis 
  • Advanced alerts for your watchlists and portfolios

Premium Plus Account

The premium plus account brings you 700 metrics, including over 180 ETF metrics, across 10 years of historic data. 

  • You also receive: 
  • Ratio charts 
  • Valuation charts 
  • Top-priority email support 
  • Current and past stock scoring 
  • Custom metrics 

Stock Rover Fees and Commissions

Stock Rover offers a free and the following 3 paid plans

Plan Month Year 2 Years
Essentials $7.99 $79.99 $139.99
Premium $17.99 $179.99 $319.99
Premium Plus $27.99 $279.99 $479.99


All users receive free email and phone support. But Premium and Premium Plus members can receive prioritized direct phone support for an additional $50. 

You gain access to Stock Rover’s research reports on 7,000 stocks for an additional fee of $49.99 for annual subscription holders and $99.99 for others. 

Educational Resources

Stock Rover’s website includes a blog that guides you how to use the platform and analyze different stocks. The blog is high-quality and written for an experienced audience. So it’s not the best for beginners. 

Supported Platforms


Stock Rover is primarily a web-based application, so it works on most browsers. The platform stores user data on the cloud for security. And you can stream any charts to client devices. 

Desktop and Mobile Application

Stock Rover doesn’t have a desktop or mobile version. But the web version scales nicely on smartphones. 

Overall, Stock Rover is a useful research platform when in the hands of experienced traders. Their data charting and stock screening features alone make them a great choice. Click here if you’d like to give Stock Rover a try.

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