StateHills Review: Trader Empowerment at Its Best


Working and observing the digital marketplace often ignites our curiosity. We wish to know if we can also trade like big industry names such as Warren Buffet, George Soros and Peter Lynch. These are the industry greats who started out when the trading world was located in a physical location such as Wall Street. Nowadays, the trading world has shifted online and is accessible with a simple smartphone from anywhere in the world.

How do normal people such as you and me access this trading world to our benefit?

First step involves sourcing out a trading platform. What is a trading platform? The trading platform is your tool that enables you to access asset markets to buy and sell financial assets. In the yesteryears this was done via a broker, a human, whereas now, this online trading platform acts as a broker.

The companies who provide trading platforms are essentially the brokers and agents of today.

Who Is StateHills

Based worldwide, a set up that allows the meeting of markets and buyers, StateHills is unique in its offerings to its clientele.

Following the highest standards of client satisfaction and facilitation, StateHills is quickly climbing up the ladder to become the brokerage of choice for thousands of clients across the globe. 

A brokerage platform that is defined by its commitment to continuously excel, StateHills offers a multitude of asset classes within its platform, giving its client multiple choices to build their portfolio as they please across a range of asset types.

Asset Types

StateHills offers the following financial markets access:

  • Stock markets, i.e. blue chip stocks, penny stocks etc
  • Stock indices, e.g. Xetra Dax, CAC 40, FTSE 100, Dow Jones
  • Access to forwards, futures and swaps
  • Digital currencies, i.e. cryptocurrency
  • Contract for differences on major commodities, precious metals and energies

The above is an impressive offering and allows you to build your portfolio with lots of diversity.

The Core Platform 

In terms of utilizing StateHills to trade to the best of your ability, you need to learn more about their trading platform.

Before we delve into the specifics, allow us to inform you that the interface is truly exceptional. 

The specifics are:

  • A speedy execution platform
  • Real time updating mechanism of prices
  • Ability to trade complex transactions
  • Ability to trade multiple transactions at the same time
  • Access to market news 
  • A customizable landing page

The platform intends to serve beginners and experts equally and has multiple educational videos to empower the trader to utilize the specifics to their benefit.

Safety Features

With the digital age came a lot of scams. Hackers and scammers leave no stone unturned to defraud investors and traders on online platforms.

In this area, StateHills has spent considerable time and effort. Their systems are protected by multiple firewalls to thwart external attacks and their platform software is encrypted to protect each transaction.

This ensures investor privacy in terms of their personal and bank details as well as transaction privacy.

Client Feedback

StateHills has a trained and professional customer support facility available 24/5 to address any client grievances or provide assistance. 

A great thing we discovered was that StateHills seeks continuous feedback from its clients regarding its operations and things which can be improved.

Recently, they implemented client feedback regarding certain bugs that were slowing down the trade platform. This points towards their appreciation for client issues.

Things That Can Be Improved

Presently, StateHills has not yet rolled out a mobile version of their platform. In our opinion, a mobile application would help facilitate passive investors. 

Secondly, the currency of choice is US Dollars, perhaps StateHills can embed more currencies such as Euro and GB Pound. 

Is StateHills Right for You?

If you are a big fan of speed and reliability and wish to trade multiple products under the same platform, StateHills might just be the perfect choice for you.

Why not try out their platform today and see for yourself? Apply for an account today on th StateHills website. 

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