Solar Panel Cost: All Things You Need to Know in 2022


You must have heard the term “solar energy,” and regardless of the city or town in which you reside, you must have seen solar panels. Don’t you want to find out more about solar panels every time you see one?

This blog will discuss solar panel kinds and solar panel cost in India. But first, let’s examine pricing factors for solar panel systems.

1. Installation Type

There are a variety of solar panel installation types. Roof mounts are the most prevalent. However, ground mounting and carport installations may necessitate extra ground-anchored posts. Consequently, solar panel costs can occasionally result in component costs.

2. Type of Devices

The two fundamental solar panel variables are power density and color. Power density is the amount of energy produced per unit of area by a solar panel. In general, the higher the “power density” of the panel, the higher the solar panel cost per watt. The other variable with solar panels is color. That is to say, a basic panel has a white back sheet, a silver frame, and a blue panel. Modules with a black frame will have a black colored back sheet and are usually more expensive.

  • String Inverters: Solar panels are organized into one or more groups. Each group is connected to a “string inverter,” which connects several solar panels to a single inverter. String inverters are often less expensive than other types of inverters and are thus a popular option among homeowners. 
  • Microinverters: They are put close to each solar panel to make sure it works well, even if one or more panels are in the shade. Even though this sort of inverter has advantages, they are often the most expensive.
  • Power Optimizers: Power optimizers offer several advantages over micro-inverters. In general, they are more expensive than string inverters but cheaper than micro-inverters.

3. Type of Roof

Solar panels may be put on flat, metal, and shingle roofs. Each style of roof takes a unique set of materials and a varied amount of effort to install.

A particular flashing component is required to install solar panel racks on shingle roofs. For metal roofs with ribs or standing seams, the racking is attached directly to the metal. On a flat roof, solar panels are held in place by a ballast mount, which is a tray with a concrete block in the middle.

4. Energy Utilization

Most solar energy systems are made to make up for as much energy use as they can. But the system needs bigger panels and more equipment, the more energy it needs to make. Every homeowner should look for the “sweet spot” between solar panel cost and energy production.

5. Weather

Consideration must be given to the surroundings of solar panels. How many panels you need and where you put them will depend on how much shade your yard has. A system in full sun may produce more energy with fewer solar panels, but a system in shadow may require more panels to produce the same amount of energy.

Additionally, climate patterns in each location are distinct. Solar panels are a great alternative in locations such as San Diego, where the sun shines nearly every day. It is not the case in locations where it is foggy or snowy. Currently, the majority of solar panel systems are designed with shading and weather factors in mind, which affect system size and required equipment.

6. Cost of Interconnection

Interconnection is the process of connecting your solar panels to the public electricity grid. Each local utility has its standards that must be met. Some of these standards may affect the type of meter you need or if you need to make changes to your transformer.

The interconnection solar panel cost for each project varies based on the amount of existing solar availability in the region, the age and strength of the equipment on the line, and the size of the solar array.

Final Words

Since solar panel cost is a one-time investment, their prices are often on the higher end. So, it is strongly suggested that you choose a brand with a good reputation over one that sells cheap solar inverters.

Choosing the appropriate solar inverter for your requirements is important. You may check out Luminous, a pioneer in India’s solar goods business and one of the most reputable brands. With Luminous’ wide range of solar inverters, you may be able to get the best prices on the market.

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