Slot Machine Types – The Different Slot Categories


So you have decided to start playing online video slots at non GamStop casinos. Very good, because that’s the only way you’ll find out how easy it can be to land a huge win with just one mouse click. Accordingly, we would like to initiate you a little beforehand and familiarize you with the different types of slot machines. Many games are particularly popular because of their uncomplicated structure and at the same time high payouts and enticing bonus rounds. Here is an overview of the different slot machine categories that you should definitely know. Read here.

The Emergence of Slots

The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in 1887. The game principle is very simple compared to many modern slots. You pull a bandit and the three reels spin. If three golden bells, also known as Liberty Bells, land in a line, the machine pays out money.

In 1964 came a major advance in slot machine history with the Money Honey slot. A slot machine with levers, which now runs electronically. The first video slot followed in 1970, shifting the gameplay to a video screen, which was considered a real revolution at the time.

In 1996 the first slot with an extra screen for a bonus game was born. This bonus game differs from the regular game as it pays extra wins during the bonus round.

The triumph of online casinos began with the Internet. The range of online providers was initially limited to classic casino games such as roulette and blackjack. But it didn’t take long for newly developed slots to outstrip traditional table games in casinos.

Online slots are among the most played games. In the beginning, most slot games were kept simple. Mostly fruit and card symbols landed on the reels. Today you will find machines with scatter and wild symbols that activate innovative bonus rounds.

Classic Slots – Slot Machines With Three Reels

One of the most popular among slot machine categories is the classic slots category. Also known as three reel slots, they are the simplest slot games in terms of structure. The first classic slots, also known as slot machines, had only one payline and there were no wild symbols or scatters among the symbols. They were also known as slot machines.

The classic slot machine has a mechanical reels, but the slots at virtual casinos has virtual reels that are spun with a click of a button. The three-reel machines often appear as fruit slots and are similar in structure to the machines in casinos. Some old school slots at non GamStop casinos even have a progressive jackpot and at least one free spin symbol on the reel.

Five Reel Slots – The Most Common Slots in Online Casinos

The five reel slots belong to the category of video slots. Unlike classic slots, video slot machines do not require physical levers or mechanical reels as the games run electronically. Video slots are the forerunners of online slots. These are classic slot machines with a video screen.

Video slots have become very popular over the years. They mostly come with attractive graphics and animation sound. Software developers brought us the 5 reel slots to enhance gaming experiences in a fun way.

One great thing about five reel slot games is that they have more paylines than three reel slots, increasing the chances of winning. Five reel video slots also feature jackpots. The payouts in the casinos not on GamStop are correspondingly high.

Slots With Multiple Paylines

While the first slot machines were equipped with only one payline, today’s slots have multiple paylines. Even the modern three-reel online slot machines have between one and nine lines. Some five reel slots allow 25 multiple combinations with up to 200 payline bets. The aim is that a video slot player lands a profit with every spin.

Progressive Video Slots

The progressive slot machines, also known as progressive jackpot slots, are extremely popular among players because of the extremely high payouts they generate. They are among the most enticing casino slots, but they do have a small downside. In order to qualify for a cumulative jackpot, you must play with a maximum bet.

Because of this, you should always keep in mind that playing progressive jackpot slots requires you to bet more than you would when playing regular online slots. But how do progressive slot machines actually work?

Whenever someone plays a max bet slot machine, part of the bet goes towards the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is made up of the bets made by everyone playing the game.

You can recognize progressive slot machines by the display on which the jackpot amount can be seen. Otherwise there are few differences to the other slot machine types. Progressive slot games also have different themes and can have three or five reels.

Non GamStop casinos network various slot machines so that they can contribute to a progressive jackpot via a network. Although a progressive jackpot pays out up to millions of euros, the chances of winning millions are rather small, but still possible.

iSlots – The Difference to Ordinary Slot Machines

The main thing that sets Rival Gaming’s iSlots apart from the other types of slots is their immersive nature. They have a story and are rich in bonus games. Unlike a typical video slot machine, the interesting iSlot is equipped with entertaining clips. At the beginning you see an animated video clip that introduces you to the characters of the slot.

More clips will be shown as you play, along with opportunities to unlock rewarding features and interactive mini-games. iSlots are considered to be innovative slot machines that even allow you to play mini golf during the bonus rounds . The more skillful you are, the higher your chances of winning.

Conclusion – All Types of Slots Are Convincing

Each slot category is special. The next time you consider playing a slot game online in the arcade, on desktop or on a smartphone device, keep in mind the different slot machine types that are out there.

Decide on the machines that appeal to you the most. Whether adventure slots or fruit machine games, there is something suitable for everyone. At a top online casino site, you can even get acquainted with the slot beforehand by trying the demo version. Some of the best online gaming platforms come with bonus games that are offered specifically for a particular group of fruit machines, such as the three-reel fruit slots.

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