Slot Games To Dodge the Airport Queues

Slot Games

Travel easily and effortlessly around the world with endless options of country and continent themed games. Playing Paddy Power’s online Slots can span from your sofa to different continents, without having to leave your front door.

Luck of the Irish

Starting off in Ireland, Irish Frenzy is a slot game, hosting the vast amounts of beauty Ireland has to offer. Remember to have trust in the leprechaun, who may be able to help you along the way in this quest game, by picking up lucky pots of gold. Find a prize at the end of the rainbow, by discovering three pots filled with rainbows – gaining free games. With 10 paylines that are constantly active, the spin button does the rest for you, so good luck, or as the Irish say:

‘Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat’

Become a Sumo Warrior

Head to Japan and step up to meet the three different rishikis (professional sumo wrestlers) donning blue, green and red. Each of them serves as different wilds that can substitute other symbols that make up a reel, to form combinations. Each rishiki has their own function – the largest rishiki in green, will stomp on the reels to amount to a number of re-spins. The main spectacle, however, is the Sumo showdown, with the option to pick a rishiki to compete as. Choose wisely, as the winning one increases the payouts. Let the best Sumo wrestler win!

Venture into the tombs

Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe is one of the Egyptian themed slot games, where you will enter into the Pharaoh’s tomb, on the hunt for treasure. The five reels will be activated, in order to search for the lost treasure, but beware of the evil spirits who are set upon bringing bad luck. If you are lucky enough to find the key symbol, it will open up the treasure chest, and score you some grand prizes! Are you willing to dig hard enough to find the treasure?

Join the Fiesta

In this slot game, the Day of the Dead is celebrated – a Mexican tradition to remember ancestors who have passed away. The musical game, Esqueleto Mariachi, incorporates this holiday by letting the party begin! In honouring the dead, the maracas player shakes the reels to allow for more winning combinations. Skeletal musicians appear randomly to enter the party, and are waiting on you to join the festivities too!

Surf’s Up

Head down under, and enjoy surfing at Bondi Beach with the slot game Wacky Waves. Set in sunny Australia, the reels incorporate all things Aussie. Expect to find kangaroos and koalas on the different reels, but beware of the sharks who hide under the amazing waters. Match the fun symbols, and trigger free games by finding the platypus symbols. Enjoy the Australian scenery and be safe out there on the waves!

Brave the cold

Prefer a winter holiday? Head to the North Pole with the Arctic Fruits game. Wrap up warm, as there are five freezing reels, filled with various fruit symbols. Play within freezing conditions to match up these fruits and glide effortlessly through the ice, with the aim to randomise three duplicate fruits. Finally, you can avoid the actual cold conditions and play from the comfort of a lovely, warm blanket.

Wherever you want to travel, there are endless options, so explore the world today!

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