Sharesight Review

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Sharesight emerges as a robust, user-friendly platform engineered to cater to the investment management needs of both individual investors and professionals alike. This platform diligently serves as a reliable companion in managing and tracking the intricacies of investment portfolios. In this Sharesight review, we delve into the core features, integration capabilities, security measures, professional usage, and additional resources offered by Sharesight, based on the provided links. The objective is to equip investors with a well-rounded understanding of Sharesight’s capabilities, and how it stacks up against other portfolio management platforms in the market like Seeking Alpha and Ziggma:

Core Features

Sharesight primarily serves as a portfolio and dividend tracker, automatically tracking price, performance, and dividends from over 240,000 global stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and funds. Users can also add cash accounts and property to get a holistic view of their portfolio all in one place​.

The platform offers detailed reporting, charts, price, and currency updates, enabling investors to compare performance across all of their brokers and assets. Moreover, corporate actions such as dividends, DRPs, and share splits are automatically updated in the portfolio, simplifying dividend tracking​.

Integration and Security

Sharesight boasts integration with hundreds of brokers and finance apps, including well-known names like Robinhood, Charles Schwab, and Interactive Brokers, facilitating seamless tracking and management of investments across different platforms​.

On the security front, Sharesight follows best practices, conducts regular independent audits, encrypts all data transmitted between the user and their servers, and offers 2-factor authentication to enhance security​.

Professional Use

For professionals such as accountants and financial advisers, Sharesight provides a platform to manage multiple client or personal portfolios, automating the tracking of trades, dividend payments, and portfolio performance. This feature is geared towards saving time and providing comprehensive tax reporting at the click of a button​3​.

The pricing for professionals is structured on a per-portfolio, per-month basis, with the cost per portfolio decreasing as the number of portfolios managed increases​3​.

Resources and Community

Sharesight has invested in creating a well-rounded Resource Hub that serves as a reservoir of knowledge and assistance for its users. The Resource Hub encapsulates a variety of resources including an insightful blog, a help center, step-by-step guides, and engaging forums. These resources are instrumental in empowering users to make the most of the platform’s offerings.

  • Blog: The Sharesight blog is a gateway to a plethora of articles that cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from investment strategies, platform updates, to the financial market trends. It’s a valuable resource for individuals looking to broaden their understanding and stay updated on the evolving financial landscape.
  • Help Center: The Help Center is tailored to provide immediate assistance and answer queries. It houses a vast collection of articles and FAQs that address common issues and provide detailed solutions.
  • Step-by-step Guides: These guides are meticulously designed to walk users through various features and functionalities of Sharesight. They serve as a roadmap, especially for newcomers, to navigate the platform efficiently and utilize its features to the optimum.
  • Forums: The forums foster a sense of community among Sharesight users. It’s a platform where users can engage in discussions, share experiences, and seek advice from fellow investors. This communal interaction enriches the user experience, providing a blend of peer learning and networking opportunities.
  • Webinars and Tutorials: Sharesight often conducts webinars and provides tutorials to educate users on how to leverage the platform to manage and track their investments effectively. These educational resources are pivotal in helping users acclimate to the platform and learn best practices in investment management.
  • Community Feedback: Sharesight values the feedback from its community and often incorporates suggestions into its ongoing improvements. This reflects the platform’s commitment to evolving in line with the needs and expectations of its user base.

The amalgamation of these resources and the active community on Sharesight not only enhances user engagement but also contributes to creating an environment where users can continually learn, interact, and improve their investment management skills. Through the provision of these resources and the fostering of a vibrant community, Sharesight underscores its dedication to delivering a supportive and enriching user experience.

Comparing Portfolio Management Platforms: Sharesight, Seeking Alpha, and Ziggma

Investors have a plethora of tools at their disposal to help manage and analyze their portfolios. Among these are Sharesight, Seeking Alpha, and Ziggma, each with its unique features catering to different investor needs. A comparative analysis of these platforms, based on reviews from Modest Money, can provide insight into which of the best stock portfolio tracker apps might align with an investor’s specific requirements.


Sharesight is described as a powerful portfolio tracking software that centralizes all investments in one spot. It offers detailed performance and dividend tracking, tax reporting, and has garnered a community of over 300,000 investors​.

Seeking Alpha

On the other hand, Seeking Alpha is more of a stock market investor service with a blend of free and paid content, focused on communal input. The platform is known for its content generated by both professional and amateur financial advisors. A unique feature is its proprietary “Quant” rating for various securities. However, it’s noted that Seeking Alpha may not be ideal for beginners or those interested in mutual funds​.


Ziggma is an online stock analysis platform with portfolio management and analysis services. It provides an easy way for users to manage portfolios and get stock ideas, with a special focus on data-backed portfolio lists and climate impact assessment of companies. Ziggma offers both a free version and a reasonably-priced premium version, catering to medium or long-term investors who are data-driven decision-makers​.

Sharesight Review: How It Stacks Up

In comparison to other companies, Sharesight is more focused on tracking and reporting, making it suitable for investors keen on having a consolidated view of their investments alongside tax implications. Seeking Alpha, with its community-driven content, caters to those looking for insights and recommendations from a broad spectrum of financial advisors. Ziggma, with its climate impact assessment and algorithmic stock scoring, appeals to environmentally conscious and data-driven investors. Each platform has its set of advantages and downsides, and the choice between them would largely depend on an investor’s individual preferences and investment strategy.

It’s also important to consider the pricing models of these platforms. Sharesight, Seeking Alpha, and Ziggma all have varying pricing structures, and investors should evaluate these in the context of the features offered and the value they expect to derive from the platform. If you have enjoyed this Sharesight review, consider trying it out today.

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