Russian Mail Order Brides: How To Get A Russian Wife


Russian brides are among the most popular partners for Western guys, and there are a handful of reasons for that. They are loyal, attentive, caring, and affectionate, to name a few. Russian women for marriage can bring positivity into your life and make you understand why feeling the butterflies in your stomach is one of the best experiences ever. Let’s take a look at the best sites to find mail order brides and see why they’re included in so many compilations.

Best international dating sites to find Russian women

Russian mail order brides are considered the most attractive women globally, and it’s hard to deny this fact because one look at them is enough to fall in love. Although living in a country full of men of different types, Russian wives prefer Westerners over them. Local ladies understand that the best way to meet their American soulmates is via specialized dating websites, so you should also leverage this opportunity.

Best Russian Dating Sites Reviews

Having analyzed significant elements that usually impact the choice of a Russian mail order brides or international dating websites, we came up with the list below. When creating it, we paid attention to the prices, usability, the volume of the user database, reliability, and the quality of profiles of Russian brides for sale.


Many Russian singles want to achieve their goals and fulfill their interests before getting married. However, they won’t mind having a reliable partner by their side who will share the same goals and values and not rush into marriage. If you aim for the same approach to relationships in your life, Bravo Date provides an array of opportunities for you to find a like-minded girlfriend.

The site is full of Russian ladies’ profiles who want to meet their soulmates and follow the same path in their lives. This platform offers to find the best person within a short time, and you’ll be surprised by the fact that there’s a woman living across the ocean who will become the missing puzzle in the picture of your life.

Having all the right pieces will bring you happiness, and BravoDate is a website that turns international dating into a positive experience. It boasts extensive communication features, a user-friendly design, and an impressive number of registered Russian girlfriends.


Easy-to-use interface, understandable search options, and eye-pleasing design are among the critical characteristics men pay attention to when choosing an international dating website. JollyRomance ensures all these features and much more, emphasizing the quality of profiles and affordable credit system.

When using JollyRomance, you won’t have to guess whether a Russian woman you’re communicating with has different views regarding your further communication. You’ll avoid the conversations about marriage because this website focuses on international dating and helps people meet like-minded soulmates.

It’s always great to have a stunning Russian girlfriend by your side without being loaded with commitments, and the goal of JollyRomance is to help men find their perfect dates. So, if you’ve been looking for a reliable and flexible international dating platform with affordable prices and verified users consider using Jolly Romance.


If you are keen on Russian mail order wives, SingleSlavic is among the best dating sites for you to find one. This platform boasts many verified profiles of Russian women for marriage who want to meet their soulmates. The site is known for its varied choice of features, user-friendly design, and affordable prices.

Also, it has many positive reviews from men who have managed to find their Russian wives via this platform. The registration process is easy and takes a couple of minutes. Moreover, when using SingleSlavic, you can enjoy communication with Eastern Europe beauties who perfectly fit your preferences.


In case you haven’t decided yet what women attract you the most, MeetSlavicGirls will help you reach out to any woman you see on the website. The platform offers a reasonable Russian mail order brides cost, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on finding a lover.

Also, a Russian lady prefers everything to be perfect, which applies to her profile on the website as well. You’ll be surprised by the abundance of high-quality female accounts at MeetSlavicGirls and have all the chances to meet an ideal girl.


If you want to find Russian mail order women, make sure to opt for KissRussianBeauty because this platform offers plenty of opportunities for meeting your soulmate. Having a well-though design, an impressive number of communication tools, and attractive prices, this online dating website has all the reasons to be referred to as “top of the league.”

Besides, a considerable number of Russian brides review pages mention the convenience of using KissRussianBeauty. This is a fact because it’s hard to find a high-quality website like this one. So, when using it, you’ll enjoy both the communication with your Russian soulmate and the high-rated performance of the platform.


This is one of the top mail order bride sites you need to choose if you want to meet Russian ladies. Meeting Russian women for marriage is one of the best experiences in men’s life, so you shouldn’t miss this chance. Besides, online dating offers many advantages, while its main perk is actually finding a Russian wife who will become your loyal partner. Also, Russian girls are perfect soulmates for Westerners, and FindRussiaBrides allows you to choose the features you’d want your future lover to have. This website saves your time and effort while you communicate with Russian women for marriage and meet your one and only Russian lover.

Top things to know about Russian mail order brides that’ll blow your mind


Russian mail order women are unique and have specific personality traits that make them stand apart from other females. Russian women you meet online will amaze you with their ability to make you feel comfortable and find a common language. Russian ladies are easy-going and have good knowledge of English, so you don’t have to worry about any misunderstandings when chatting with them.

Other qualities that make mail order Russian ladies differ from women of other nationalities are the following:

Russian women for marriage are intelligent

Your Russian mail order will always amaze you with her knowledge and ability to discuss any topic. You’ll never be bored around her, and your friends will wonder how you’ve managed to get such an impressive Russian wife. They understand that men don’t fall just for their appearances but want to have exceptional interlocutors by their sides. That’s why Russian order brides emphasize the importance of education and always devote time for self-development.

Besides, Russian spouses can chat with you about anything, from technologies to literature, and share some insights you might have never heard about before. Being with brides from Russia is always inspiring because they make their men avoid settling for less and keep going to achieve their goals.

Russian wives are skilled

It seems that there’s nothing in this world that hot Russian mail order wives can’t do. Their cooking skills can’t be described with words because their meals are just like at the restaurant. Western men who are married to Russian wives always say that they’ve never tried anything better than the food prepared by their lovers.

Also, this foreign mail order bride has excellent taste, and she can easily turn your house into the coziest place. Local ladies understand what colors match and know what exactly your living room lacks to look more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

A Russian bride knows everything about raising children and can easily manage several tasks at once. You’ll be impressed by her time-management skills because it always seems unreal how a person can juggle so many responsibilities and still get everything done and have spare time to spend with her loved one.

Russian brides for sale amaze men with their beauty

This is a fact, and it can’t be denied. Russian bride is the definition of beauty because it’s hard to meet an equally beautiful woman. Actually, all Slavic brides are known for their attractiveness, and the best Ukrainian mail order brides are on top of the list alongside Russian wives. Russian girls for marriage know everything about beauty and manage to look much younger than they actually are. They use many tricks to save and emphasize their beauty, and they believe it’s the best gift nature’s given them.

You’ll always be amazed by the talent of your Russian girl to be dressed to the nines every time you go somewhere. However, even if she’s wearing a sweatshirt or pajamas, she still manages to look breathtaking.Local women for sale have been taught that they need to look good in any situation, and they never fail to follow this rule. So, be prepared to have a stunning lady by your side, and don’t forget about paying more attention to your outfits to look harmonious together.

Russian girls are feminine

A Russian woman for marriage is tender and feminine, and these traits can be seen both in the way she looks and acts. All her gestures are smooth and eye-catching, because it’s always amazing how local ladies manage to attract mens’ attention without even trying.

This quality is also present in their personality traits. Russian girls are usually sensitive and fragile, needing strong and reliable men to support them and surround them with love. If you show a Russian girl that she can trust you, she’ll be glad that you take the lead and allow her to relax and not deal with the issues herself.

Mail Order Russian brides are loyal

Perfect Russian women online are considered among the most loyal ladies in the world. If they fall in love with men, it’s forever. If they meet guys who match their interests, preferences, and intentions, they will stay together for the rest of their lives. Besides, in Russia, divorces are treated negatively, and people tend to do everything they can to prevent breaking up, saving family values.

So, when dating a Russian mail order girl, make sure to be honest about your feelings to let her understand whether she can plan your future together. Also, Russian women are dedicated, and nothing stops them from achieving their goals. Whether it’s something about their careers or families, they’ll always make sure to do their best and get closer to the desired result. Russian women for marriage are emotionally mature.

Once you start a relationship with a Slavic mail order bride, you’ll see that she’s different from women you’ve met before. One of the typical traits among hot Russian singles is their readiness for establishing a strong connection with their men and the ability to base these relationships on mutual trust. You’ll never hear unreasonable accusations, and she won’t start arguments without a reason because a Russian girl prefers to spend her time and energy on more critical tasks.

Besides, they often show empathy and can easily understand when you need their help or support. Russian wives easily control their emotions and don’t let them control themselves, understanding their needs and setting clear boundaries. It’s a pleasure to be together with these ladies because they aim to have a clear mind and strive to find solutions for any issues when analyzing situations but not by making rash decisions.

Also, Russian wives for sale have realistic expectations on love and relationships. They understand that love from the first sight is possible, but both partners need to work on their feelings and perception of each other to achieve the desired level of mutual understanding.

How to get a Russian bride? Tricks to make her fall in love


Loving someone and being loved are the greatest feelings in the world, but to experience them, people have to go through several challenges and deal with numerous tasks. However, even if these activities seem too complicated and time-consuming, eventually, they’re worth the effort. Keep in mind the following tips to make a Russian woman for marriage fall for you:

  • Show initiative. It’s not a secret that beautiful Russian brides adore men who aren’t afraid of their feelings and never hesitate before taking action. They pay attention to guys who behave bravely and show respect to their women. So, in Russian dating, don’t wait until she makes the first move because a Russian mail order wife expects her man to be proactive.
  • Remember about good manners. Helping your woman get out of the car, giving her a hand when you walk down the road, or holding the door for her are simple but significant gestures that make a huge difference. By paying attention to these small actions, you make your Russian bride feel cared for, and she doesn’t have any questions about your approach to ladies.
  • Show care and consideration. A girl who is surrounded with care and attention is a happy girl. So, make sure to ask your Russian mail order wife about her preferences and keep them in mind when planning your dates. Also, ask about her well-being and what she likes; this will add some bonus points to your courtship.
  • Bring gifts and flowers. Although this might seem outdated, this tip is still considered among the most effective ones. Besides, in Russian culture, it’s expected of men to show their interest in women by bringing flowers on their dates or sending some cute presents. You can order your Russian bride a food delivery, and she will be happy because it proves that you care about her.
  • Prove that you’re a reliable man. A gentleman who proves his words with actions will definitely conquer a woman’s heart. So, don’t tell her about things you won’t be able to achieve and opt for being genuine both about your intentions and plans. Moreover, you can show your reliability by helping her deal with the issues she might be facing or taking specific responsibilities.
  • Use your sense of humor. Russian women for marriage adore guys who know how to tell good jokes, and they love a good laugh. So, if you’re in an awkward situation, don’t be afraid to tell something funny. Also, in Russian dating, this trait helps to lighten up your lover’s mood, and she’ll definitely appreciate this.
  • Respect your Russian mail order bride. Russian women for sale know their worth, and they don’t want any men to prove them wrong. So, if you want to build happy and stable relationships with your Russian life partner, don’t forget to establish equality between you and emphasize that you won’t expect her to stay at home all the time but encourage her to follow her dreams.
  • Be sincere. When being around a Russian woman, be yourself and don’t pretend to be another person just to impress her. Firstly, the truth always comes out. Secondly, Russian wives don’t like being fooled. So, it’s beneficial for both of you if she understands what kind of person you are at the outset.

Don’t be afraid to tell your Russian wife about plans. Usually, Russian ladies have clear intentions and goals they want to achieve within the next few years, so they need to understand whether your aspirations align. Discuss your ambitions and see whether they match to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Be supportive. Any woman wants to have a reliable partner by her side who will tell her that he believes in her. You should become this person for your Russian woman, and she’ll reciprocate. It’s about mutual support and having faith in each other’s ability to succeed.

Considering the mentioned advice, you don’t have to try too hard to get the attention of a Slavic woman because the main trick is about being yourself. Also, don’t forget about the importance of being sincere and reciprocating because Russian girls for marriage are sensitive, and they’ll know right away if you’re trying to hide something from them.

What is a Russian mail order brides cost? Understanding how to buy a Russian bride

Russian mail order wives cost is affected by several factors, so there’s no stable price for each case due to the varying preferences. You spend money on mail order bride services, wooing and gifts, travels, and visas. Men prefer the online option over offline dating because it has many more perks, from higher chances of meeting the woman of your dreams to being more cost-effective.

Let’s see how Russian mail order bride cost is formed:

  • Mail order bride services. On average, men spend $50-$200 per month on communicating with Russian women online. It’s almost like getting a Russian bride free because this price range is several times lower than when it comes to dating IRL.
  • Presents and wooing. Any average Russian bride review suggests that these ladies adore it when men prove their feelings with gifts. Although this isn’t mandatory, it’s a great way to make a woman confident about your feelings. Usually, this costs from $50 per month, increasing depending on the presents you choose.Visa expenses. The average price for an application fee for a Russian visa is $160.
  • Flight tickets. The most inexpensive two-way ticket is around $1,000. Accommodations. If you are to go to Russia for 2 weeks, which is the average time men spend in the country when visiting their foreign women, be ready to pay around $1,090 for a good hotel room.
  • Online dates. The average price for eating out every day with your woman in Russia is $400, and if you’re up for entertainment and activities, this adds up around $500 to the final sum.

As you can see, the average Russian wife cost starts from $3,300, but it can be higher depending on what you opt for.

Are Russian brides legal?

Men are often worried about the legal aspect of Russian women for marriage, but we can assure you right away everything works within the law. It’s necessary to point out that buy Russian wife doesn’t actually mean purchasing a woman like a product in the shop or getting her delivered by post.

This is a term to describe the activity of paying for the services of the specialized Russian mail order brides agency. Once you pay a certain sum, you get access to top-notch communication tools, an extensive female users database, and the opportunity to enjoy chatting with real Russian brides without having to worry about the organizational and legal aspects.

Let’s take a closer look at the regulations impacting the activity of mail order brides service in different countries:


In the US, there’s an IMBRA, which is an act that includes strict rules for men who want to establish relationships with foreign mail order brides. Besides, the rights of mail order Russian singles are protected by VAWA, and to enter the US, they need to obtain a K-1 fiance visa.


In 2012, Canada came up with a set of regulations regarding international brides. It’s called Guide 5525 and mentions that its citizens and men holding permanent residents are allowed to bring their mail order wives to Canada if they sponsor them via the Family Sponsorship Program. This guide helped to regulate things and proved that Russian mail order brides are legal in the country.


Your future spouse has to apply for a partner or spouse visa if you’ve been in a relationship for at least 12 months. After that, Australian immigration law processes this application and assesses whether you and your partner have genuine feelings for each other.


It’s legal to get married to a Russian wife in the UK. Your partner has to apply for a family visa to live permanently in the UK. However, if your partner doesn’t have this visa, you, as a couple, need to notify your intention to get married and wait until the Home Office makes a decision. In this case, be ready to answer questions about your relationships, so the authority can be sure about your true intentions.


How much do Russian brides cost?

The cost of a mail order bride depends on several factors. These include the website’s prices, the number of communication tools you use, whether you opt for a romance tour, or the number of gifts you send. On average, the prices vary from $20,000 to $30,000.

How to meet Russian mail order brides?

There are two main options for meeting Russian mail order wives: online and offline. When comparing these alternatives, online is more effective. When looking for a Russian lady via specialized mail order bride sites, you have a higher chance of meeting a perfect wife. Mail order brides sites offer using an array of communication tools, chatting with ladies who match your preferences, and enjoying high-quality mail order brides sites.

Why are Russian women using mail order brides sites?

A Russian mail order bride is a woman who has dreams and goals, and she wants to achieve them. However, local guys don’t help Eastern European girls in their endeavors, so girls are looking for Western men. They want to meet soulmates that will always be by their sides and help to fulfill their interests. Besides, in the US, there are much more opportunities for self-development than in Russia. So, Russian mail order brides prefer to be with men who will treat them as equal partners.

Are Russian brides legal?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with Russian mail order brides. Foreign brides from Russia are the ones who create profiles on specialized mail order bride sites and make sure their accounts look presentable. Russian brides want to find their lovers as much as you do, and dating sites offer the best opportunities for achieving this goal.

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