Royal Mint Megaways Slots Review 


Slots games are, to say the least, more than readily available online today. There are so many of them that choosing one can be a real pain in the neck. Today, we’re going to look at Big Time Gaming’s Royal Mint Slots, a new exciting addition to the Megaways series. If you enjoy slots games with no fluff, Royal Mint could be the one for you. 

If you’re looking for a simple, to the point and straightforward slots game, look no further, Royal Mint got you covered. They offer huge winnings with potential prizes of up to 41,300x your initial stake. There is plenty to be won for anyone who wants to try it. The Royal Mint is incredibly multi-faceted, with almost 120,000 different ways to win. 

Royal mint Slot strikes for its simplicity but that doesn’t mean it skimps on luxurious design. Based on the royal treasury mint in England, the aesthetics embody the most decadent wealth and luxury. Set in a grand, ornate mansion with towering columns of marble and ornate design, it’s really a treat to look at. 

Royal Mint Megaways sets a tone and scene wonderfully, and the attention to detail in the aesthetics goes a long way to show their overall acuity. You are probably more interested in the game than the design, but it certainly makes a bigger impact when it looks as good as this does. 

To play, you just set your stake, tap the play button and watch the reels move in all directions, landing eventually on a pattern of symbols. Combinations of matching symbols on the correct line get you a win—we love how easy it is to get started with Royal Mint slots. There are six reels to play on each spin, and though there’s tons of winning combinations, you aren’t overloaded with features and bonuses—they’re more than forthcoming with great bonuses and promotions as I’ll get into, but the key thing is Royal Mint Megaways keeps things simple and basic. 

Royal Mint doesn’t leave out the great new player bonuses, either. For your first deposit, you can expect a nice £50 bonus plus an additional 35 free spins. Those free features and bonus spins are one of the things that can set these games apart, and Royal Mint slots certainly has a great welcome offer. There are countless ongoing bonuses, too, all of which are full of potential winnings. For getting 3 or more scatter symbols on your grid, you’ll trigger a free spin round; you will have a multiplier that begins at 1x but there’s no limit to how high it can go up. 

You can Enhance those spins, too, and when you trigger this feature, your multiplier will start at x2. 

Finally, there’s the Heartstopper Enhanced Free Spins, triggered for four or more scatters in any position, then granting you three chances to earn a gold bar. When you hit 40 gold bars, you’ll get additional scatters on every spin! These kinds of progressive slots make winnings potentially huge, and seeing them build up is such an exciting part of the game. 

The money to be won with Royal Mint slots is potentially huge, even as small as the betting range is with the slots game. Your minimum bet is £0.20, which is quite high compared to a lot of others with no minimum bets, and your maximum bet is £20. That said, the biggest win on the game to date is a whopping £35,339—truly a staggering prize whatever the initial stake was. 

The biggest potential win, in a very rare but entirely possible scenario, would be almost £2.5 million. For a stake of only £20, you really can’t shake a stick at potential winnings like that. This means that this game catches up with some of the best jackpot slots on the internet.

Royal Mint also is among the highest RTP of any slots game, at 96.48%. This is a huge return rate, and again it’s clear to see when you play that the Royal Mint is an online slots game ready to return to the players. 

Big Time Gaming have been one of the most popular slots games producers for a while now, and they’ve certainly done it again with Royal Mint slots. They’ve crafted a beautiful user interface that doesn’t interrupt the gaming experience, and they’ve implemented just enough fun, extra features and bonuses that the game doesn’t get lost in it all. It keeps the game simple and doesn’t lose what people love about the game.

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