Review: Is EXANTE a Scam or a Legitimate Broker?

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Providing market access and over a million financial instruments, EXANTE is the brand name used by several regulated investment firms in the EU, UK, and Hong Kong. Its robust trading platform is perfect for seasoned investors and serves clients in over 100 countries.

In this review, we’ll take a look at EXANTE’s multi-asset trading platform, its trading fees, deposits and withdrawals, and details on opening an account. We’ll also discuss its investor protection measures and compliance efforts.

Is EXANTE a scam?

EXANTE was founded in 2011 and the brand is used by several licensed investment firms around the world, registered in the UK, Malta, Cyprus, and Hong Kong. EXANTE’s clients include wealth managers, banks, and private investors and the platform offers market access to 50+ markets, with over a million financial instruments.

With a minimum deposit requirement of 10,000 EUR for individual traders and 50,000 EUR for corporate accounts, EXANTE is ideal for seasoned investors.

EXANTE has received multiple awards over the years, including winning the Diversity Marketing & Recruitment Initiative of the Year award from The Financial Times two years in a row.

Why EXANTE is a legitimate broker

Investment firms operating under the EXANTE brand are licensed by the FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), and SFC (Hong Kong). Its global footprint spans over 20 global locations and it serves clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

When looking at its legal structure, Exante is a global trademark shared by a family of brokers licensed by the FCA (UK), MFSA (Malta), CySEC (Cyprus), and SFC (Hong Kong) extending across 20+ global locations including London, Cyprus, Malta, and Hong Kong.

These regulations ensure that EXANTE operates within strict ethical and financial standards to provide peace of mind to traders about the safety of their investments.

When it comes to protecting client information, EXANTE is GDPR compliant and its privacy policy outlines the measures it takes to protect personal data and prevent any misuse.

In summary, EXANTE stands out as a reputable broker with multi-account trading and advanced reporting capabilities – which is everything advanced traders need.

The EXANTE trading platform


The trading platform has plenty of advanced features and is available on desktop, web, and mobile devices. The convenient web version has a sleek user interface and traders can easily switch between financial instruments, execute trades, and manage portfolios.

The platform has comprehensive charting tools and real-time data feeds, offering traders the resources they need to make informed trading decisions. One of the key features of the web trading platform is its customization abilities, thanks to its modular structure. 


The desktop trading platform is a comprehensive tool that offers professional traders a complete trading experience. It is designed to cater to their needs by providing them with advanced trading tools and features.

Unlike browser-based trading platforms, the desktop platform does not rely on HTTP protocol, which ensures faster trading order processing and eliminates any unnecessary delays or connectivity issues.


Exante offers a mobile trading app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The mobile app comes with a range of trading tools, similar to the desktop version, and has a sleek and user-friendly interface. The app is easy to navigate and includes useful features like a bond screener and basket trader.

EXANTE’s trading fees

An advantage of EXANTE is that they have a very transparent fee structure. There are no hidden fees and no management fees, and they only charge fees for actual trades.

The maximum trading fee for stocks and ETFs on main U.S. exchanges is USD 0.02 per share. For European exchanges, trading fees range from 0.02% to 0.18%, while Asian exchanges have a fee range of 0.1% to 0.1927%.

In terms of futures and options, the fees vary by exchange. Fees for US exchanges start at 1.5 USD while fees for European exchanges start at 1.5 EUR. For other exchanges like OSE, SGX, HKEX, and ASX, different fees apply. In terms of currency pairs, there is a conversion fee of 0.25% on all major currency pairs and a 0.4% fee for all other pairs.

Please note that these fees are up to date as of 2023 and the latest fees can be found on their website here.

Deposits and withdrawals

When it comes to opening an account with EXANTE, there are two options: individual accounts and corporate accounts. Individual accounts have a minimum opening deposit of 10,000 EUR and corporate accounts have a minimum of 50,000 EUR.

Deposits are accepted in various currencies including EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CZK, SEK, CAD, HKD, MXN, PLN, NOK, SGD, and AUD. Deposits are accepted via bank transfer.


Exante is a highly regulated global broker that offers a wide range of instruments with transparent rates and commissions. There are minimal downsides, like the high minimum deposits and some lack of automation, but Exante is an excellent choice for experienced traders looking for advanced features on a modular, customizable trading platform.

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