Reputable UK Casinos in 2023


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Staying safe and secure is a must when playing online. Because of this, many countries such as the UK take precautions to ensure players from their jurisdiction are always kept safe. In fact, the UK is incredibly diligent in this area, requiring casinos licensed in its jurisdiction to be part of Gamstop.

What does Gamstop do?

In an attempt to protect players, UK regulations require UK-licensed casinos to be part of Gamstop. This prevents the casino from being able to simply sell any player data it gets its hands on. Additionally, it means that the platform has to adhere to security measures to prevent player data or banking details from being accessed by third parties.

It’s also part of a network of reputable, licensed UK casinos that have strong responsible gambling protocols in place. If a player decides they need to self-exclude in the UK, then any casino with Gamstop will be unavailable for the player as well. In this way, all reputable casinos prevent the problem player from accessing gambling content. Thus, a safer, more secure environment is created for all.

However, while it is a requirement to be part of Gamstop for UK casinos, not all of them are. And, while it can mean that the casino in question is unreliable, this is not always the case. In fact, there are a lot of gaming sites out there that aren’t part of the UK’s Gamstop initiative.

Safe Non Gamstop sites

Because of the control the UK jurisdiction has, many assume that if a casino is not with Gamstop it’s therefore unreliable. This is not always the case. There are many trusted non Gamstop UK sites out there.

UK players have access to an array of top sites, none of which are part of Gamstop. Some of these sites include MyStake, Goldenbet, Seven Casino and Tropical Wins. Each of these sites has its own strengths and weaknesses, but none is going to rip off players or steal their data.

Why Use Non Gamstop Casinos

For many, it may be a little confusing why UK players would opt for a non Gamstop casino. There are reasons for this decision though. For a start, these casinos are still safe. Additionally, many players may simply not want to follow Gamstop policies. This is a similar reason for a UK casino not to join Gamstop — they simply want to allow their players access to all the different gaming options out there.

By not being with Gamstop, online casinos simply allow players to play whenever they want to. Casinos outside Gamstop allow players access to additional features too. For instance, more payment methods are available including cryptocurrencies. Gamstop sites do not permit the use of crypto.

Typically, non Gamstop sites offer a wider array of providers and their games. As these sites don’t adhere to the same strict requirements as Gamstop casinos, they’re able to have a larger overall number of games too.

Of course, not all online casinos are great when not aligned with Gamstop. It’s still important to check the trustworthiness and license of any online casino before choosing to play there.

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