Registration of Romanian Citizenship by Repatriation Within a Year with the Help of Citizensl


The European Union is an immensely famous destination for immigrants from all over the world, and Romania is one of the most popular people choices, because of its attractive terms for obtaining EU passport. In addition, has an essential experience in helping repatriates to get Romanian passport, and also residence permit conveniently and with minimal expenses.

Immigration by repatriation is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to obtain EU citizenship. In the article we will emphasize the benefits of relocation to Romania, especially from the CIS. Also, you will find an information about the repatriation process and general requirements for applicants. We will explain how Citizensl can help you during immigration procedure, and present you the customers` reviews, so you can make your own opinion about the lawyers` assistance.

Why Romania Is Worth Relocating to

Holding Romanian passport, you will:

  • Be able to travel, reside and seek employment within the European Union;
  • Have an access to advanced educational and medical public services and enjoy a high standard of living;
  • Have ample opportunities to get a higher-level income;
  • Visa-free traveling to more than 170 countries;
  • Benefit from a superior and relatively flexible financial and banking system;
  • Rely on legal support and protection that an EU resident is entitled to.

In case you have relatives, who were born in Romania in specific period, you can apply for citizenship of Romania by repatriation, and obtain your European documents earlier, than other immigrants. In addition, your immediate family will be able to accompany you and enjoy all the privileges either.

Requirements of Romanian Passport Obtaining

To be entitled to apply for citizenship by repatriation, you must submit the following documents:

  • ID card;
  • International passport;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage license;
  • Police clearance certificate;
  • Proof of your Romanian origin;
  • 3,5 x 4,5 cm photos, 2 items;
  • Citizenship application;
  • Autobiography.

If you submit all the documents mentioned above, your immigration will be redefined as a restoration of citizenship. The procedures can be handled by the lawyers of Citizensl who will collect the necessary documents, take responsibility for translating, and notarizing them. Furthermore, they will arrange your immigration process. The procedure of obtaining European citizenship with the help of Citizensl takes up to 14 months in total.

Obtaining Romanian Citizenship with the Help of

  1. Citizensl will determine which documents you need for the immigration procedure, and help you collect them. Lawyers will apply to the government achieves to check your possibility to get Romanian passport by repatriation.
  2. Once all the papers have been put together, Citizensl will have them translated into Romanian and notarized. The applicant`s responsibility will be to submit them to the Ministry of Justice.
  3. You can count on their professional and caring support in your preparation for the oath-taking ceremony. The lawyers will present to you all the educational materials as it was mentioned in customers` feedback.
  4. If it is relevant, the lawyers of Citizensl can help the immigrants with obtaining residence permit in Romania, local passport, driver’s license, ID-number, and open a bank account, etc.

Citizensl: Feedback About Company’s Support

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Reviews about Citizensl`s services reveals the following advantages of the company over their competitors:

  1. Lawyers are highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field, capable of drawing and implementing the most efficient immigration plan for your particular circumstances and preferences. The proof of that words you can find in reviews of Citizensl`s customers.
  2. Company is reliable and fully certified expert in international legislation field.
  3. Registration with will provide you with reasonable and transparent privacy policy.
  4. Its clients feel confident with the company’s continuous and professional support at every step, from the initial consultations to their final integration into the Romanian society.


Romanian citizenship by repatriation is the best way to get your European rights fast. The main thing is to find a reliable and professional legal company that can assist you with that. presents the best solution how to apply for EU citizenship. Based on the personal experience of its numerous clients, it is worth to admit, that its legal support helps people pass the immigration procedure without unexpected issues. Thus,, for a good reason, is called a reliable company, and definitely will be the best choice for your assistance in European passport obtaining procedure.

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