RBT Review – Professional Online Trading 



Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $0 for stocks 

Top Benefits 

RBT is a popular brokerage that attracts traders and investors worldwide. Its broader asset selection and professional trading platforms are the key attributes that give the broker a unique edge. However, it also has some offerings that you may still find quite impressive. 

Superior trading platforms 

RBT has maintained its reputation as a pro-level trading platform with advanced desktop, web, and mobile versions for active investors. Traders can access several fundamental and technical analysis tools, including screeners, calculators, and research. 

Broader asset selection 

Trading on RBT also enables you to access a wide range of product offerings. The broker provides asset classes such as stocks, commodities, forex, options, bonds, crypto, and other fixed-income products. 

Extensive educational materials 

RBT treats its clients to rich educational resources to help with informed decision-making. The materials have multiple formats, including videos, articles, and infographics, to give you a better picture of the markets, different assets, and other trading essentials. 


RBT has been in the industry for quite some time, enabling it to gain significant following comprising clients from multiple countries. The broker’s robust asset selection, advanced trading platforms, and rich educational offerings give it a better hedge against most of its immediate competitors. However, RBT also falls short in some areas. 


  • Superior trading platforms 
  • Broader asset selection 
  • Extensive educational offerings 
  • Excellent trade execution 


  • Trading platforms can be intimidating to beginners 
  • RBT’s services are still not available in some countries 

Trading Platforms 

RBT offers more robust and customizable desktop, web, and mobile versions. The platforms have similar tools and features, but the sophistication can overwhelm less-experienced traders and investors. Thanks to the zero account minimums, you can create an account and test the platforms for up to 90 days without funding. 

Clients can access the same asset classes and products on all RBT platforms. Besides, the interfaces are highly customizable so that you can tweak the view to your needs and goals. Most of the analysis tools and research functions are also customizable, allowing you to streamline your trading experience. 

The broker’s desktop, web, and mobile platforms provide various technical tools and features, including advanced screeners, custom charts, back-testing, live data streaming, and third-party research. You can also access portfolio analysis, calculators, trading idea generators, and advanced order types such as conditional orders.  


RBT’s product offerings are also among the key strengths that enable it to attract and retain many traders and investors. The broker offers an incredible mix of conventional asset classes and several fixed-income products with high growth potential. Here’s a rundown of RBT’s product offerings. 

  • Stocks (long and short)
  • ETFS 
  • Options 
  • Bonds (municipal, treasury, corporate, CDs)
  • Forex 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Crypto 
  • Commodities 

RBT updates its portfolio frequently to provide more options to its clients. That ensures greater flexibility whenever you need to diversify your wealth. 


RBT has eliminated account minimums and commissions on stock trades, but you will still be subjected to different fees and spreads on the platform. The following is an overview of RBT’s pricing and costs. 

  • Less than $1 per contract fee for options trading 
  • Crypto trades incur about a 1% transaction fee 
  • International orders are subject to exchange fees 
  • The live broker fee is $32
  • No fees for domestic wires, checks, and inactivity

Other fees and interest rates may still apply on RBT, so check the complete pricing schedule before making any trades. 


RBT offers extensive educational resources to enable you to boost your trading skills and maximize profitability. The resources comprise tutorial videos, expert commentaries, infographics, and webinars. The materials can give you better insights into the performances of different markets and assets. RBT also has a dedicated FAQs page where you can easily find answers to the commonly asked questions about online trading. 

Our Take 

RBT shines with superior trading platforms, access to a broader selection of assets, and rich educational resources. However, the sophisticated trading tools and features can overwhelm beginner traders and less-experienced investors. Thus, RBT is mainly recommended to active traders and savvy investors. 

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