Proven Marriage Secret That’s Kept Couples Together

Every couple desires a happy and long marriage; one that will see them grow old together or until death separates them. However, staying married doesn’t just happen. Couples need to put in the work to build a strong foundation for their marriage, as well as create an environment of respect and trust for each other. In addition, each one of them needs to feel loved and appreciated if the relationship is to last.

Surprisingly, all this boils down to the one thing that brings couples together in the first place- having an emotional connection with each other.

Ideally, two people have to make an emotional connection before deciding to hope into a relationship. If the two let this connection fade away, it is easy to drift away from each other, minimizing the chances of their marriage surviving.

So, why is building and maintaining an emotional connection important in a marriage?

1. It improves communication skills

You need a partner that you can express your feelings about everything and anything with, and feel heard. Emotional connection is crucial if you are to have meaningful conversations. Making an emotional connection with your partner allows you to be in tune with each other’s needs and wants. When you talk, you know how to pass issues across without hurting each other, you know when to and not to cross the line. This means that you talk honestly, openly, and respectfully.

2. It increases intimacy

A marriage barely survives when physical and emotional intimacy is absent. With an emotional connection, your romance and intimacy are on another level. This means that you connect with each other amazingly in bed and small romantic acts such as holding hands and daily physical touches come naturally.

3. It creates a sense of security

A marriage needs to feel secure. It should be your refuge and a place to run to no matter what you bump into along the way. An emotional connection assures you that you can rely on each other in any circumstance. No matter what happens you know you are going to stand by each other.

4. It enhances trust

A healthy marriage is one that sets each partner free to pursue his or her interests individually, doesn’t hurt the other person, and doesn’t stifle personal growth. For this to happen, there needs to exist a level of trust that you will always come back to each other. When you make an emotional connection, you know your partner’s thoughts, what he or she is capable of, which increases trust.

5. You have fun together

Marriage with no play makes dull partners. When you connect emotionally, you can have amazing fun together even in the simplest of activities. Even if you have kids, it’s important to have your weekly date night, and generally preserve one or two traditions that you used to have as a couple when you were still at the beginning of your relationship. This can be equally entertaining as sentimental, and most definitely, a firm reminder of why you got married in the first place.

How to increase emotional connection

Emotional disconnection happens when couples stop doing the things they did when they first met. Children will come, careers will grow, issues will happen and so much more that can take your focus away from what matters-your partner. To make sure that never happens, always do the following.

  • Never stop wooing your partner: Remember the surprise date night that you always had in the beginning, never get tired of them. Keep alive the little nice things that you did. A good way to do this is to regularly surprise each other with gifts. For instance, a personalized photo pendant necklace is a perfect gift to remind your partner that you care.
  • Don’t ever stop being the person your partner fell in love with: If you were that listening and caring partner, guard that with all your might. Spend time as much as you can with them, travel abroad using an international driving permit and make new happy memories.
  • Never let issues go unresolved, and never cave into marital entropy: Issues happen even to the most connected of lovers. However, the secret lies in taking things out respectfully. When conflicts come, ensure that you tackle them in a timely manner. Don’t forget to make your marriage a priority even when you fight. Sometimes you can fight even about the simplest thing such as which water heater installation to buy for your house, but as long as you listen to the other and talk calmly about things, everything can be solved. 
  • Never put your partner in second place: Many things will come that demand your attention. Even as you do these things, always give your partner the first priority. No matter what you do, never let your partner feel like he or she is getting the leftovers.
  • Show an interest in each other’s personal life. Though you have a life together, you are different on so many fronts. The only way to make sure that the difference doesn’t consume your marriage is by being honestly interested in the life of your partner. Seek to find out how your partner is doing. Ask about their day, the lows, the highs, the projects they are working on. In addition, support your partner whenever he or she needs it.


The truth is, there is no relationship that stays the same from the beginning to the end. Many things happen in between. Some are so intense that letting go of each other remains the only viable option.

If you don’t want to get to such a point, commit to creating and maintaining a meaningful emotional connection with each other every step of the way.


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