Prime-Coin Review – Simple, Effective, and Manageable Online Investing


Prime-Coin is one of the many online digital brokers gaining attention for its excellent practices and exciting opportunities. Potential new users everywhere are wondering if it is really worth the hype and if it is worth getting involved. This review is here to help answer those questions!

Prime-Coin in a Nutshell

  • Low fees, high efficiency
  • Simple, streamlined displays
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible tools for multi-market investing
  • Access to stocks, commodities, FOREX, crypto, and more

Who and What is Prime-Coin Best For?

Because of its flexible tools and trading styles, Prime-Coin can adapt to suit just about anyone, although it excels in traditional stock investments with a modern twist. The ideal Prime-Coin user wants to expand their existing portfolio through diverse investment options using a convenient and fuss-free platform.

Useful Information

Deposits and Withdrawals Procedures

Generally, the best way to pay a deposit into a Prime-Coin account is with a bank card. Prime-Coin believes in simple efficiency and secure transactions, which is what this option provides. It works the same way as buying goods online:

  • Choose how much to deposit (minimum requirement $100)
  • Enter the card details (long number, expiry date, and security code)
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Answer any security requests when prompted

Once the funds clear, which is usually straight away, they can then be used to invest directly, exchange for a foreign currency, or converted to one of several cryptocurrencies.

Bank transfers are also available for larger transactions or people who prefer not to use their cards online. The transfer details can be found in the account settings and should be organized through digital banking. These transactions can take a little longer and may require additional security steps.

Withdrawals are only possible via bank transfer. They are fast and easy and don’t cost a thing from Prime-Coin’s side! The process is easy:

  • Choose how much to withdraw (no minimum or maximum limit)
  • Enter the bank details (account number and code)
  • Arrange the transaction
  • Confirm with the bank and cover any costs (only applicable to some international banks)

Usually, funds clear within a day.

Costs and Fees

There are several costs involved when using Prime-Coin, but they are all minimal.

  • Exchange commission taken on crypto purchases
  • Costs for access to some reporting tools
  • Transaction fee for certain supported trades
  • Account maintenance fee for inactive accounts

Prime-Coin does not charge for subscriptions or access to the software, so the few small charges go towards helping things run smoothly and efficiently.

Mobile Capabilities

Users can access Prime-Coin on their mobile devices if they have an internet connection. The app also requires the devices to have a recent software update. Overall, the mobile version is pretty similar to the primary desktop platform, but there are a few notable differences.

Report tools are unavailable- only the standard market overviews and live data tracking. Additionally, some trading functions are only found on the desktop version. If someone mainly wants mobile access to keep track of their transactions and monitor live movements, then it is great.

Customer Service

Contacting customer support is straightforward. There is a chat box function that starts with automated responses and then eventually filters through to an agent. The instant answers are very helpful, targeted, and varied, so most inquiries don’t actually require the assistance of a real person.

The Bottom Line

Prime-Coin is worth the attention and lives up to its reputation. Anyone interested in learning more should head to the official website and speak with an expert about becoming a member.

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