Premature Ejaculation Myths Debunked – Just A Pack Of Lies

There isn’t a man alive who hasn’t been through premature ejaculation, once in their lives. But, it’ll be like seeing a unicorn if you catch a man talking about premature ejaculation as a first-hand experience.

Men find it embarrassing to discuss sexual complaints. Anything from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or the positions they enjoy most during sex – is a taboo that isn’t whispered even to their sex partners.

So, we’re here to talk about premature ejaculation and bust a few myths related to this issue. The reason why we do this is simple. We don’t want you to worry over ridiculous nothings. 

Since you won’t talk, we’ll tell you what we know and hope it’ll help you figure out that PE isn’t such a big deal, after all.

Myth No. 1: Premature ejaculation sufferers have severe anxiety issues.

Truth: Stress and anxiety do indeed cause premature ejaculation. But, not every man is unable to handle stress. Some men show better performance under pressure. 

PE is common in younger men who feel sex-related anxiety, and don’t have enough experience to pleasure themselves or their better halves. 

Myth No.2: PE decreases with age. 

Truth: Rumor has it that PE is a problem suffered by the young. Those who haven’t been with enough women or have no sexual experience tend to ejaculate earlier. 

And, that as you gain more experience, you learn to have more control over yourself. But, a Belgian study done to research the effects of PE on men show that the prevalence of PE remains from the teens to the 50s. 

Myth No.3: If you have PE, you’ll have it all your life.

Truth: Technically, men see premature ejaculation as a curse that is passed down the family, from one generation to another. The truth is that you may be able to control sexual ejaculation from partner to partner, and from one situation to another.

Myth No.4: Men who ejaculate within two minutes of sexual intercourse suffer from PE.

Truth: Research has shown that men tend to obsess over the duration of sexual intercourse far more than women. Also, most men part of the study who claimed to suffer from PE lasted longer than two minutes. 

Most women, on the other hand, enjoyed the moment and didn’t seem to have a clue about the duration of time during sex.

Myth No.5: PE can only be treated with medications.

Truth: Premature ejaculation is treatable with certain medications such as Priligy. But, that isn’t the only option available to men. 

Medical advancements have made room for many other solutions to help you solve your problem without popping pills. You can use Numan to buy delay sprays and delay wipes that help with PE also. There are also supplements you can take to help you achieve the holy grail of cum. This means you’ll be able to increase your ejaculate levels.

Myth No.6: Partners of men with PE suffer great trauma.

Truth: Women tend to deal well with emotional and psychological concerns far better than men. So, you may find that women who are distressed because their partners have PE are worried not for their well-being, but are gravely concerned for their partners.

In Conclusion

We’re hoping that you find this article useful. Premature ejaculation is a basic problem that many men suffer from and is treatable. All you have to remember is not to worry yourself into more trouble. Keep calm and enjoy life.

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