Predictions For Gaming Technology In 2020

The gaming industry could well be the fastest moving on the planet right now, with technology advancing at such a pace as time goes on. This sector is extremely broad, as it encompasses anything from hundreds of slots and online poker to Fortnite and eSports. The industry is quite unique as some titles are timeless while others quickly lose their appeal. But developers are constantly employing technology to reinvent existing games as well as create new ones.

As a consequence what’s new and trending now may well be old news a few months down the line, with the landscape looking a lot different year on year. Therefore, as we head to towards the end of 2019, everyone is eagerly anticipating what’s to come from gaming tech in 2020.

Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are very much alive in the gaming industry, adding a whole new level of immersion and enjoyment to proceedings. However, so far, the popularity hasn’t hit the enormous heights expected of it, but there’s hope 2020 could be the year all that changes. Gamers want to experience total immersion, they want to feel a part of the action, and when this is indeed possible, the gaming landscape will change forever.

An integral part of making the above, as well as many other things possible in the gaming sector, is the reliability and speed of the internet connection available. The fantastic news is that 5G has begun to roll out, and this will prove to be a complete game changer. 5G is by far and away the fastest and most reliable way to game so that a Virtual Reality experience will be seamless throughout.

Another area where 5G will have a massive impact, and it could prove to be the biggest news of 2020 is cloud gaming. We live in an era where streaming has taken over, with services such as Netflix ruling the roost. If it works for video, it surely works for gaming too, and this is something we can expect to see come to fruition next year. Being able to play games on-demand, from wherever you are and whenever you like will change the face of gaming. The appeal will undoubtedly be enormous.

Talking of being able to play games whenever and from wherever, mobile gaming is continuing to hold its own in the industry. More and more people are now turning away from consoles and PC to game on the go, and who can blame them when the latest smartphones are capable of so much more than they used to be.

However, while it may be full steam ahead for mobile gaming, there’s a resurgence happening in the handheld sector too. The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the best-loved and most popular consoles on the market, and the Switch Lite is now a thing too. The success enjoyed seems to have sparked the interest of other manufacturers also, and 2020 could be the year we see rivals come to the fore to challenge Nintendo in a market they’ve always controlled.

Every year seems to be the biggest one yet for gaming and the technology behind it, and while 2019 has been tremendous, 2020 will undoubtedly be more significant. Technology advances so quickly, everything must move with it, and this applies to the gaming sector.

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