Poli Payments In iGaming: Everything You Need To Know

Poli Payments In iGaming

POLi Pty payments limited is a Melbourne-based company founded in 2006. This company has developed POLi, which is an online mode of payment used by customers and merchants. POLi payments are a type of online payment service which is available in New Zealand and Australia. 

This payment method allows a person to make a secure payment from the internet banking portal to a business entity. No registration is required which automatically results in no sharing of sensitive personal information or data for a transfer. 

Deposits Via POLi Payments

This method is highly recommended for sending large sums of money. SecurePay Holdings, a fully owned subsidiary of the Australian Post has acquired  POLi Payments. Firstly, you should find out which NZ casinos allow deposits via Poli payment mode before starting to use this service. Deposits via POLi needs to follow a few steps:

  • Visit online sportsbooks accepting a preferred  NZD currency and click on the ‘Banking’, ‘Cashier’ or ‘Checkout’ page. 
  • Click on the Deposit option and select POLi as the payment mode.
  • The deposit amount of your choice has to be entered. After this step, one will be redirected to POLi’s official website where the bank name from which the transfer of funds will take place has to be chosen. Click on the Proceed option after which the banking details of the person have to be fed in. 
  • Rechecking of information such as banking details, date of transfer,  amount, payment reference number has to be done. By clicking on Proceed, the payment is confirmed and a transaction receipt is sent to the email id of the user. 

Withdrawals By POLi Payments

Withdrawal transactions are a tad bit more complex than the deposit process for POLi payments. Users who want to withdraw their casino winnings have to register at their official website for a POLi account. Users are recommended to choose the ‘Standard Pricing Plan’ while signing up. Upon successfully registering and linking the bank account of the user, one can proceed towards the withdrawal process by visiting the Cashier page of the casino. 

POLi has to be selected as the preferred method of withdrawal. One has to provide the bank details where the money would reflect after withdrawal. The amount has to be fed in after which the user needs to click on the confirm bar which leads to the processing of the transaction. However, a transaction fee is applicable which is usually $0.30 with 0.90% of the amount that is withdrawn. 

Are POLi Payments Safe?

Yes, POLi payments are absolutely safe and secure. This method makes transfers from a user’s bank account to a casino account and vice versa. It has been functional for over a decade ticking off the reliability and efficiency boxes in terms of safety. 

Customer Support At POLi

POLi operates with an exceptionally brilliant customer support team that operates 24*7. The agents can be contacted via phone, email support, and live chat. All types of concerns are dealt with with utmost professionalism which is why it has become a popular payment method over the years. 

Pros And Cons 

POLi Payments is a reliable payment method among users. Along with pros, it also has a few cons which need to be addressed without any biases. Before choosing POLi, one must be aware of the factors given below:


  • POLi makes instant deposits without pending holdings or confirmation periods. 
  • POLi has zero charges on deposits
  • It is a safe method of payment 
  • POLi issues a transaction receipt instantly as a confirmation of a successful deposit
  • POLi usually handles transactions directly from bank accounts which eliminate the credit or debit card requirement
  • Anonymous transactions can be made with POLi


  • It is only available for Users from the US, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Payments are non-reversible and thus users must be extremely careful while making transactions 
  • The withdrawal process is more complex than making deposits 


POLi payments are definitely a trustworthy banking method for iGaming. The deposit process is easy and has no additional fees which is indeed a plus point. If a user is willing to cancel a money transfer while it is processing, the refund is initiated and the amount is credited within 2-4 business days depending on the user’s bank. Therefore, it is worth giving a shot due to its convenience and security.

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