Planning An Infrastructure Upgrade? Here Are Signs You Should Do It

IT and networking infrastructure is something that every business needs to have today, no matter what its size or scale may be. F1 IT Support Sydney state that whether you manage the system in-house or have a support partner, there is a need to assess the infrastructure periodically and decide whether you need an upgrade right now. Proficient IT support services offer management of on-premises servers, cloud environments and network infostructure. If this isn’t a part of your IT services or within your in-house team’s capabilities, you should reconsider your IT solutions. Obviously, one that does not offer the scalability, flexibility, and agility that helps you stay competitive in their market is not worthwhile. A revamp would be the best decision if that is the case but you may still want upgrades at the earliest signs of being behind the competitors. Here are the signs which indicate that you need an upgrade for your IT and networking infrastructure sooner rather than later.


Sign #1: Your network is slower than it should be

Outdated networks are seldom capable of supporting the technology demands of the modern workforce, whether in terms of performance, security, or features. Moreover, it can even impact the customer experience in the long run. If your employees do not seem to be happy enough with the existing hardware and software applications in your business, it is certainly time to move up the ladder. Your investment will definitely be worthwhile as it will elevate employee productivity and customer experience.


Sign #2: There isn’t enough storage space

If the infrastructure doesn’t offer you enough storage space to fulfill your needs, you shouldn’t delay an upgrade any longer. Lack of storage space can compromise the speed of the systems and cause frequent server crashes as well. While there are risks of losing your critical business data in such incidents, your employees also end up wasting time when there is network speed issues time and again. Upgrading the system can go a long way in minimizing such hassles and ensuring the adequacy of storage.


Sign #3: IT solution expenses are on the rise

The ever-rising maintenance and repair costs of the business IT infrastructure indicate that now is the best time to consider a move to a better version. Rather than spending more on repairs, upgrading to a state-of-the-art IT platform sounds like a better choice. While you will end up saving dollars on repairs that don’t yield any long term benefits, there is also the advantage of going modern with a brand new system in place. Although it will be a steep up-front investment, you will actually end up saving.


Sign #4: You are not really confident about the security

As cyberthreats become more sophisticated than ever before, the risks to the organizational infrastructure are growing as well. The older it is, the more vulnerable your business data and applications become. An upgrade would surely be a wise decision if you are not confident about security because this is a risk that you cannot afford to take. Every breach is like a blow to your customer trust and business reputation, so a proactive approach can save you on both fronts.


Sign #5: Your IT manager seems to stay in the maintenance mode

Unless you modernize your infrastructure, you cannot expect the outdated one to cope with the new demands. Even if you try running new technologies, it will not be able to bear the strain and will require frequent maintenance. Obviously, your IT managers will have to be on their toes all the time. Rather than doing so, they would suggest an upgrade as a smarter alternative. Moving to a modern infrastructure can significantly simplify the network deployment and operations for your IT manager and reduce their maintenance workload as well.


Sign #6: Your employees are suffering from productivity blues

Are your employees experiencing an increase in their workloads lately? Are they burdened with cumbersome infrastructure management tasks? Does a significant part of the workday gets wasted due to IT issues? Do you notice a fall in productivity and a spike in employee dissatisfaction and turnover? These signs should ring warning bells because you may end up with an unhappy and non-productive team if you don’t go ahead with an upgrade right now. With a revamp, they will get a futuristic system to work with, which will translate into greater productivity and better retention of the team. It certainly is a win-win situation for your business!

These are the danger signs that definitely need your attention right away. And that’s not all, you also need to respond quickly with an IT infrastructure and networking revamp for your business. The move will surely bring extensive benefits despite the investment. Moreover, you can collaborate with a managed IT support partner such as Sphere IT in London for a better and cost-effective solution that gets you effective results without spending a fortune.

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