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Because of the circumstances that we are in today brought by the pandemic, we are forced to do things the digital way. One aspect that was impacted the most is how we do our work. If before we did things at our workplace, because of the pandemic, we now accomplish our tasks at our computer. Even our way of receiving and sending work-related documents changed.

But sometimes, we encounter problems when handling these files because their formats are not appropriate for what we want to accomplish. One great example is Excel and PDF. These formats have both pros and cons; that’s why we tend to do file conversion. So today, we are going to know how and why you should use PDFBear for your file conversion needs.

Excel V.S. PDF

Before diving into file conversion, it is necessary to understand what PDF and Excel formats are and why you should use them. This will help you identify which format is more suitable for your work before converting your file from Excel to PDF or vice versa.

How does Excel work?

Excel is an ideal file format when it involves basic math problems. This is because excel solves math problems automatically. That’s what sets Excel apart from other formats; there is such ease in calculating basic equations. This is helpful when dealing with a lot of numerical data because you don’t have to pause and calculate because Excel will do it instantly.

Aside from performing mathematical problems, it is a convenient tool in managing and interpreting statistical data. With Excel, you can quickly generate charts and graphs to represent the data you have gathered. If you want to save many hours in manual labor, this is the perfect format.

How does PDF work?

PDF is a file format designed mainly for viewing purposes. This file is not an easy format to edit because, like what I have said, it is used primarily for viewing purposes. But there are still advantages to using this format. In some cases, it becomes an advantage because it is hard to edit, which ensures that your file content will not be altered or changed.

PDF reduces the complexity of your file. Unlike other kinds of file formats, PDF can keep the original formatting of your file even when sending it to many people. Another PDF advantage is its size because it simplifies the data your file contains and minimizes your file size. So if you need a compact and hard-to-edit format for your file, you should convert your files to PDF.

How to convert with PDFBear?

You have first to prepare the things you will need to convert your file with PDFBear. First, you need your file, computer device, and a stable internet connection. Yes, you’ve read it right! It will not require you to download any application because PDFBear is entirely web-based. That means that you can convert your file using any web browser available on your device.

Step 1. Choose the service you want to perform

Before converting, you must decide what file format you want to convert from and to. You should determine what file format is the best for your task. You can find all the options on the web page of PDFBear.

Step 2. Upload your file

You can upload your file in two easy ways. The first one is by simply pressing the “Select file” button. After choosing that button, you will be redirected to your file folder. Then, all you have to do is locate the file you want to convert and click open. The second method is dragging your file from the file folder and dropping it in the allocated space on the webpage.

Step 3. Start the converting

Once you upload your file to the website, a convert file button will appear on your screen. You should press on that option for the converter to analyze your file and proceed with the conversion process.

Step 4. Download the converted file

The conversion process will not take a long time to complete. After a few seconds or, in some cases, a minute, a download button will appear on your screen. To get a copy of your newly converted file, you should click on the download button. With just a few easy-to-follow steps, you can now enjoy your new and improved document.


Technology is indeed a blessing to all of us because it helps us accomplish even the most complicated tasks. But just because it is beneficial doesn’t mean it’s perfect. But don’t worry, a problem with technology can also be solved by technology. When it comes to your dilemma in file conversion, PDFBear is the solution.

It is the best file conversion on the web today because it is efficient, accessible, user-friendly, and much more. There is such ease and confidence in using this platform because it provides everything you need to manage your precious files.


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