Payment Options Available at Sports Betting Sites: a Comprehensive Guide


One thing that customers should do when looking at bookmakers’ websites, and at new betting sites 2022 has to offer in particular is to look at the available payment methods. Not all bookmakers run the same deposit methods, and some can be very limited.

So thinking about how you are going to get money into your betting account, is something to plan for. You don’t want to get through registration at an online betting site and suddenly see that you can’t use the payment method that you want.


The information about deposit methods at new betting sites 2022 shouldn’t be hard to find. It can usually be found by scrolling to the foot of the main website page. You can also dip into the FAQ or help pages and do a quick search for deposit methods. It should be as simple as that.

But fair warning, some betting sites won’t necessarily tell you what methods they have, until you have created an account and have logged in. A way to get around that is to look at bookmaker reviews.

Minimums and Charges

A couple of other factors about online betting deposit methods are the minimum deposit methods and charges. It is highly unlikely that UK bookmakers will charge you any fees for putting money into your account.

It should be noted that some may charge a commission fee for withdrawals, although it’s not that common. Minimums are just the least amount that you can make on a transaction. There are no hard and set rules to this end, it will just be down to the bookmaker.

Payment Methods and Bonuses 

Another consideration about deposit methods is the role that they play in welcome bonus offers. There will, more likely than not, be exclusions. Those generous bonuses used to attract new customers have T&Cs attached to them and generally, options like Skrill and Neteller deposits won’t qualify for the bonus.

The best bet generally is using a debit card, which is secure and offers instant deposits. Any payment resistors for an offer will be set out in its terms and conditions. 

Types of Payment Methods

Here is a rundown of different payment methods available at sports betting sites.

Credit Cards

UK customers cannot use credit cards to make a payment to an online betting account.

Debit Cards

The most versatile and convenient way to put money into a betting account. Transactions are instant and can quickly be tracked with online banking. A debit card is something that most people will have to hand as well.


Some bookmakers allow for PayPal deposits. It’s a fast option and it’s one of the most popular e-wallets out there.


Skrill is another common e-wallet and is available in many currencies. It also has pre-paid debit cards which can be used with 1-Tap and a strong app. However, Skrill is widely excluded from bookmaker welcome bonus offers.


Another e-wallet opinion that is popular with UK players. Neteller isn’t quite as widely accepted as PayPal and Skrill are, but where accepted, offers a quick and secure deposit method. Like Skrill, Neteller is commonly not allowed for welcome bonus offers.


 A checkout platform that doesn’t need an app, or have any fees. It’s a trusted, secure payment method that makes a payment straight from your bank account.

Google Pay

Formerly Android Pay, this is a mobile wallet, which has its app. Surprisingly though, Google Pay is not anywhere near as widely accepted as any of the other e-wallets.

Apple Pay

One of the iOS users is Apple Pay, to which a debit card can be linked to make quick and secure payments to a betting site. Apple Pay is convenient and secure but isn’t widely accepted at online betting sites.


Paysafecard operates like a prepaid credit card. You can fund the card that you can then use to put funds into your betting account. It’s a good option for security because it keeps banking or debit card details out of the process.

Bank Transfer

The good old-fashioned bank transfer is still around and it can be used to fund a betting account. It’s just a much slower way to get funds in and out of a betting account though compared to something like a debit card.


It’s possible to send a check via snail mail to a bookmaker. Don’t expect this to be quick, however, as processing times are going to be slow.


Some bookmakers have their own cards that link together online and in-store services. This means that you can walk into a High Street betting shop, and add money to your online account with that bookie via a dedicated machine.


You are advised to always check out the list of payment methods before registering with any of the bookmakers, even the most reliable ones recommended by Legalbet.UK. Choose the options you are familiar with and that are convenient for you. Take into account the fact that some payment methods are not eligible for receiving the bonus.

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