Payment Methods for Casinos 2021

Due to the pandemic that has swept the globe this year, visiting crowded establishments like casinos has become an unwise course of action due to the way the COVID-19 virus is transmitted. Luckily for casino users however, online casinos are a viable alternative which have been adopted by many people around the globe that have made it possible for its users to play and enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their houses or anywhere they choose. In this guide we’ll be discussing some of the best payment methods you can use to fund your casino account and (in some cases) make withdrawals from it.


As one of the oldest and most reputable charge card companies in the world, MasterCard is trusted and used by a lot of people to make their financial payments with. Boasting the most advanced security measures available to safeguard customer data and offering their users advantages such as the option to make payments on credit (with some of their cards), fast transactions and high limits, it’s no wonder a lot of Online casino users like to use the payment platform. For an extensive MasterCard review, check here.


As MasterCard’s biggest competitors, they alone out of all the charge card companies can lay claim to having more users than MasterCard. Founded in 1958, the company truly became a behemoth after the 1986 Olympic games when through some savvy business, they laid the groundwork to become the world-renowned brand they are now. As arguably the biggest charge card company in the world, they offer unparalleled coverage to their users, giving them the option of having more online casinos to choose from. Like MasterCard, they also safeguard user funds/data with the latest and most sophisticated security measures available and even allow some of their users to make withdrawals with select cards.


PayPal needs little introduction; if you regularly make local/international transactions, you will have come upon this payment method before. Using it to make your online casino payments is very easy, all you need to do is link your PayPal to your online casino account by first making sure PayPal is supported by the online casino you’re using and then following the prompts to link them under the “deposits” section. They allow their users to make deposits as well as withdrawals and use sophisticated SSL encryption to safeguard confidential data. Until recently PayPal was the most popular payment method in Germany but it was blocked by the German government. If you like to learn more about, have a look at the German website


The Canadian e-wallet service is one of the oldest and most-respected payment methods among online casino users. Used by casinos in close to 200 countries, the e-wallet has a wide reach and in addition to its sterling security measures (they have a dedicated security team to monitor transactions and employ 2-factor authentication) , it allows you to make all your transactions easily and quickly and is easy to connect with other payment methods (in case you decide you want the additional security of adding an extra security layer to your payments). For more information on Neteller, check here.


This payment method is very popular among Canadian casino users and acts as a link between the bank and online casino, allowing you to make your transactions without sharing any of your financial information with the casino. The service is incredibly easy to open and use and as it essentially acts as a buffer between your bank account and the online casino, it safeguards your personal data. It also uses advanced SSL encryption to prevent your financial/private information falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, they are not widely available yet so don’t be surprised if you don’t see them as a payment option in your location. Read more about how Canadians can use this payment method by visiting

Apple Pay

This payment method developed by Apple allows you to make casino payments using your personal Apple device to make and validate the transaction using your fingerprint. All you have to do to use the service is to verify your identity in the “Apple pay cash” section of your settings and follow the prompts and to find a nearby online casino that supports Apple Pay payments. Unfortunately, the service does not allow you to make withdrawals so you will have to find an alternative for that. However, the speed and security of transactions as well as the convenience of easily making payments with your Apple device makes this payment method very popular with online casino users.


The success of Bitcoin as a payment method spawned countless other imitators including Litecoin which was launched two years after its predecessor. Designed by Charlie Lee, it was modeled on Bitcoin but more importantly, it was also designed as an alternative to make up for the Bitcoin’s flaws. Using Litecoin to make your casino payments is very easy, all you have to do is to open a wallet and buy some Litecoin and then link that wallet to your online casino account by following some easy steps. Like every other cryptocurrency, Litecoin offers its users the means to retain their anonymity online as well as top-notch security to safeguard your funds.

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