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GMT Centrum Review – Cutting Edge Trading Tools and Resources 

trading tools


Account Minimum: $0

Products: Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Futures, ETFs, Options & Commodities 

Fees: $0 for stocks 

GMT Centrum’s Top Benefits 

GMT Centrum is one of the most reputable online brokers, with a long-standing history that dates back several years. Apart from its strong brand presence in the market, GMT Centrum also has several unique benefits to attract different traders and investors. Here are its main advantages. 

Powerful trading tools and amenities 

GMT Centrum provides desktop and web versions with cutting-edge tools and amenities. Traders can access top-notch portfolio analysis tools, calculators, screeners, and evaluators. Besides, GMT Centrum’s platforms offer excellent research tools and trading idea generators. 

Highly efficient trade executions 

GMT Centrum also boasts a technological edge with its smart order routing technology. The software automatically routes orders to multiple market centers and executes each trade at the best market prices. 

Rich educational content 

GMT Centrum also treats its clients to well-researched and organized educational materials that cover a wide range of online investing topics. The resources are available in multiple formats and languages that you can select based on your needs and preferences. 


GMT Centrum has often featured among the top-rated online brokers for professional traders and investors. Although the broker still mainly attracts active traders, it has also broadened its appeal with extensive educational materials and robust product offerings to attract novices and casual investors. Nonetheless, GMT Centrum also has potential shortcomings you must understand before joining the platform. 


  • Powerful trading tools and amenities 
  • Highly efficient order execution 
  • Extensive educational programming 
  • A vast selection of investment products 


  • Trading tools can be overwhelming to beginners 
  • GMT Centrum’s mobile app is still undergoing development

Trading Platforms 

GMT Centrum offers desktop and web versions, with a mobile app still in development. The desktop and web platforms boast robust tools and functionalities to enable you to choose your following trades, analyze your portfolio and markets and follow the results with better precision and accuracy. 

The broker’s smart order routing software is one of the key highlights that enable traders to execute trades more efficiently and at the best available prices in the market. You can also access several tools and amenities, including charting, portfolio analysis, multi-leg options, trading idea generators, screeners, calculators, news, and research. 

You can opt for one platform or use both simultaneously since they integrate similar features and functionalities. However, active traders who demand access to more advanced tools and functionalities should use the GMT Centrum’s desktop version.  

Product Offerings 

GMT Centrum boasts one of the most robust investment portfolios in the industry. The broker has a vast selection of all the regular asset classes and other unique offerings to attract retail traders and institutional investors. Here’s a rundown of the tradeable products on GMT Centrum. 

  • Stocks (Long and Short)
  • Crypto
  • Forex 
  • Bonds (Corporate, Municipal, Treasury, CDs)
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Options 
  • ETFs 
  • Futures 
  • Commodities 

You can also access several other securities on GMT Centrum, including IPOs, ETPs, TIPs, and high-growth corporate bonds. Clients can access the same asset classes and products on GMT Centrum desktop and web versions. 


GMT Centrum has no account minimums and a zero commissions policy for online stock trading. As described below, other trades and transactions attract different commissions and margin interest rates. 

  • $1 per-contract fee for Options 
  • Selected no-transaction-fee mutual funds 
  • Per-share or per-contract exchange fees 
  • $32 live broker fee per trade 
  • Zero fees for domestic wires, checks, trade confirmations, inactivity, account transfer or closure, and software 

Also, remember international trades usually attract various fees and commissions. So, check the complete pricing and fee schedule on GMT Centrum’s website before placing any orders. 


Investor education is at the heart of GMT Centrum’s trading practices and policies. The broker’s website and trading platforms offer an extensive library of videos, articles, infographics, and webinars for all types of traders. The materials are also available in multiple languages for ease of use. The broker’s clients also have access to a community of experts for advice on all matters of online investing. 

GMT Centrum Is Best For

GMT Centrum primarily focuses on professional retail traders and institutional investors. However, beginners and passive investors can also take advantage of its rich educational materials and robust products to boost their skills and gain scale in the online investing landscape. Nevertheless, contact them for more information.  

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

MCI Global Solutions Review – A Must-Have for Every Retail Trader

retail traders

Trading the market is challenging for retail traders; some might even go as far as to claim that the entire thing is rigged against them. But while the market might seem like a game for the big players, it’s not like regular retail traders have no chance. One of the biggest edges retail traders can have when they trade the market is a proper brokerage having their backs.

There are many brokerage platforms, but few are dedicated to closing the gap between the retail trader and the other players in the trading market. MCI Global Solutions is a brokerage of this sort. This platform’s features and tools raise the competitive edge of retail traders in the open market. It is easy to get the hang of the platform’s interface, giving users a great experience. Below is an overview of MCI Global Solutions brokerage to help you decide why this brokerage is the one for you.

Advantages of using MCI Global Solutions

Timely Market and Asset Updates

All true traders understand the significance of rapid market updates in developing a robust portfolio. The ability to stay up to date on any significant market move is crucial to the operations of every trader. MCI Global Solutions offers users relevant market news and updates as soon as they appear. This prompt update allows users to make informed decisions about the assets in their portfolio, whether to buy or sell at crucial times, and whether to catch opportunities or avoid disasters. To make things even more convenient, users can personalize their alerts, so they receive alerts relevant to assets in their portfolio as soon as they occur.

Diverse Trading Tools and Resources

MCI Global Solutions offers various trading tools its users can utilize for different outcomes when trading on the market. All tools the trader is familiar with or might want to learn are available at this brokerage. Tools such as live charts, buy limits, stop losses, and even market analysis resources, are present to bring all the user’s expertise to bear while trading. With the brokerage platform, traders no longer need to worry about the available trading tools being enough to demonstrate their skills while trading.

Quality Customer Service

It can be especially irritating when traders have problems or questions while using a brokerage platform but cannot get in touch with customer service. With MCI Global Solutions, you can be assured that none of such will happen. This brokerage platform has a top-notch and fully committed customer service team available to provide solutions to the problems its users might face. The support of the MCI Global Solutions customer service comes swiftly and has been tailored to ensure that nothing gets in the way of a smooth trading experience for users trading on their platform.

Demo Accounts for Learning

The MCI Global Solutions brokerage provides a dummy account for trading in a virtual market simulated after the live markets. This demo account provides a controlled environment where newbie traders can learn the basics of trading without risking their capital. Veteran traders can also use it to improve their skills or learn new trading strategies on the platform. Also, users who want to master new tools can practice before trying them out on the live markets. MCI Global Solutions ‘s demo accounts allow users to improve their proficiency without the significant loss of resources that might have occurred if they used the live market.

Handy Mobile Trading

MCI Global Solutions allows users to access their accounts on their mobile devices. Users do not need to sit in front of their PC whenever they want to utilize the platform’s services, thanks to the MCI Global Solutions website, which they can visit on their smartphones or tablets. This mobile website simplifies the process of logging in to the platform for many traders, especially for users with crowded calendars or those who are not in a situation to use their PC but would like to trade and keep track of their assets.

Final judgment

For traders who want a brokerage platform that serves all their general trading needs, MCI Global Solutions is a great choice. Its tools and resources aim to create an ideal user trading environment. Visit the MCI Global Solutions website today for more information.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

With Markets Experiencing Global Tumult, Experienced Heads Can Show Guidance

financial market

US financial markets may have seen something of a recovery but, according to some analysts, it’s a false down. One investor, interviewed by the Financial Times, suspects that a sell off is incoming, as nervous investors continue to reflect the tumultuous nature of global markets. In times of short-term economic distress, it can be helpful to look to some of the most venerated voices in the history of economics, and see if what they preached can be applied to the modern market.

Trickle down reality?

There has been a top-level push back against the Reaganomics concept of ‘trickle down’ capitalism. Even President Biden has been seen, according to British news agency ITV, to push back against the system, in a swipe aimed at the British authorities for their tax policies. During times of volatility, it can be reasonable for investors to tighten their belt and contract investments, and look for cuts – resulting in lower worker wages, often. However, not all capitalists agree on this system – including the noted Thomas Sowell. Indeed, reading Thomas Sowell’s books shows wisdom as it concerns these macroeconomic factors. One highlight, published by the American Enterprise Institute, quotes Sowell in stating “In short, the sequence of payments is directly the opposite of what is assumed by those who talk about a “trickle-down” theory. The workers must be paid first and then the profits flow upward later – if at all.” It may be wise, then, to ensure that businesses underpin their outgoings with well paid workers.

Continued growth

Investing in workers is a good proof of concept for the power of investment. Indeed, previous times where investment has been driven into otherwise recession-like scenarios has brought evidence of how this approach can be beneficial. Vox highlights the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes, and how alone can, in the modern era of surplus, achieve many projects, quoting – “Why should we not add in every substantial city the dignity of an ancient university or a European capital?” Keynes insisted. “Assuredly we can afford this and so much more. Anything we can actually do, we can afford.” Investment must continue – and private investors may find value in cheaper but high opportunity options.

Economic fundamentalism

Part of the problem with modern economics is the interpretation by governments and how they put that into practice. As one recent ResearchGate study highlights, it is becoming increasingly important to start dispelling economic myths and getting back to the absolute fundamentals of economic theory. This will help to drive a new, more sustainable economy, but one that investors can still get involved in and derive value from.

Looking to the oldest and most revered minds in economics will help to benefit this. Rather than looking at the publicly molded interpretation of economic theory that governments need to serve a mandate, it’s time to look at theory on paper and see where it can take planners, businesses, and the market as a whole.

How to Choose the Right Betting Site Ireland 


When looking for a good betting site Ireland, there are a few factors you should consider. The first is the licensing and regulation of the site. You want to make sure that the site is licensed and regulated in a reputable jurisdiction. This will ensure that the site is fair and honest, and that your money is safe.

The next thing to look at is the range of betting markets offered by the site. You want to make sure that the site offers a wide range of betting markets, including both mainstream and niche markets. This will give you plenty of options when placing bets.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the customer service. You want to make sure that the site has a good reputation for providing quality customer service. This includes 24/7 customer support, as well as a variety of support options such as phone, email, and live chat.

Finally, you should also consider the bonuses and rewards offered by the site. You want to make sure that the site offers good bonuses and rewards, which can help you boost your profits.

Betting Sites Ireland 

Betting Sites Ireland are a great way to have some fun and make some money. There are many different sites to choose from, so it is important to do your research before choosing one. The best betting site ireland will offer great odds, a variety of betting options, and a user-friendly interface.

When choosing a betting site, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Some sites may require a deposit before you can place bets, while others may not. It is also important to find out what methods of payment the site accepts. Many sites accept credit cards, but some also accept PayPal and other electronic payments.

Once you have found a few betting sites that you like, it is time to start placing bets. Be sure to set a limit on how much you are willing to spend each day, so you do not go over your budget. Also, be sure to research the team or player that you are betting on before making your bet. This will help you determine if they are a good bet or not.

Do You Know the History of Gambling in Ireland? 

Betting site Ireland has a long and interesting gambling history. Gambling has been popular in Ireland for centuries, with dice games being especially popular. In the 18th century, lotteries were introduced to Ireland, and in the 19th century, betting shops began to appear. Horse racing became very popular in Ireland during the 1800s, and bookmakers began to take bets on races. In 1961, the first Irish lottery was launched. Today, there are a number of different gambling options available in Ireland, including online betting sites, casinos, and bingo halls.

What are the Latest Betting Trends in Ireland?

Irish people love to gamble, and there are plenty of betting sites to choose from when it comes to placing a wager. So, what are the latest betting trends in Ireland?

One popular bet at the moment is on which team will win the Premier League this year. Manchester City is the current favourite, but Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are not far behind. Another hot topic for bets is the outcome of the upcoming Brexit referendum. Will Britain stay in or leave the European Union?

There is also a lot of money being wagered on the outcome of the upcoming US presidential election. Donald Trump is currently considered to be the underdog, but anything could happen between now and November! So if you’re looking for some exciting betting action, Ireland is definitely the place to be.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Standing Desk Deals from Flexispot

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It’s almost 2023 and you still don’t have a standing desk?

When standing desks first entered the market, people began questioning why there’s a need for it. They already have regular desks to work with so why would they spend extra on a desk that would make them stand? Even just standing up at work was a revolutionary idea that not a lot of people were keen to jump into. If they have a desk job and a monitor in front of them, the traditional way is to sit so that they can work comfortably without straining their legs or putting tension on their feet.

But standing desks were not born out of thin air. It was created because of a need.

Not a lot of people know that sitting for long periods of time can take a toll on one’s health. If you do not break the sitting time by standing up, you risk your health developing chronic diseases in the long run. And as the doctors and elders always say, prevention is much better than cure. So even if you are not experiencing anything serious at the moment, you should take care of your health while it’s at its premium.

Secondly, people do experience tension in some areas of their body from sitting for too long. The bodies need to be stretched out every now and then from sitting for long periods of time. The problem is, people are too lazy to even just stand! Using a standing desk will make it convenient to frequently shift from one position to another.

Thirdly, being able to shift positions conveniently within the day helps anyone become more efficient, productive, alert, and focused. In other words, it helps boost work performance. And this is not just sales talk because so many people have already attested to how standing desks changed their work dynamic. Their colleagues, superiors, and clients began to notice the change in their work outputs as well as overall work efficiency.

So yes, you of course can still use your regular desk but standing desks are changing the game and making work much easier and healthier for all those who have started and are still using one.

If your problem is a hefty price tag, then sales are your best bet. This coming November 25 is the day that almost everyone has been waiting for, before Christmas, because crazy sales are already lined up. You can buy the same quality product at a much lower price point.

At FlexiSpot, the sale does not only happen on Black Friday itself. As of now, there are already pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals being offered.

Since November 11 and up until November 24, these standing desks are on a discount when you use a coupon code:

Pro Standing Desk (E5)

  • Original Price: $419.99
  • Price after Coupon: $359.99
  • Coupon Code: PBFE5
  • Save $60

Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

  • Original Price: $579.99
  • Price after Coupon: $499.99
  • Coupon Code: PBFE7
  • Save $80

Oval Shaped Standing Desk (E8)

  • Original Price: $559.99
  • Price after Coupon: $459.99
  • Coupon Code: PBFE7
  • Save $100

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top (EW8)

  • Original Price: $399.99
  • Price after Coupon: $339.99
  • Coupon Code: PBFEW8
  • Save $60

Standard Standing Desk (E1)

  • Original Price: $249.99
  • Price after Coupon: $219.99
  • Coupon Code: PBFE1
  • Save $30

Standard Standing Desk (E1 Pro)

  • Original Price: $259.99
  • Price after Coupon: $229.99
  • Coupon Code: PBFE1PRO
  • Save $30

 There are also Flash Deals for select standing desks from November 11 to 24 so make sure you check the site during these dates! Here are the standing desks you can get with discounts ranging from $50 to $130.

Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-Shaped Standing Desk (EF1L)

  • Original Price: $349.99
  • Price after Coupon: $299.99
  • Flash Deal Date: November 14
  • Save $50

Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk (EP4)

  • Original Price: $429.99
  • Price after Coupon: $299.99
  • Flash Deal Date: November 15
  • Save $130

Oval Shaped Standing Desk (E8)

  • Original Price: $589.99
  • Price after Coupon: $509.99
  • Flash Deal Date: November 17
  • Save $100

Pro Standing Desk (E5)

  • Original Price: $459.99
  • Price after Coupon: $359.99
  • Flash Deal Date: November 21
  • Save $100

There are also price drops for the EF1L, the EP4, thhe Theodore Height-adjustable Coffee Table (UC1B), and the Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing desk from November 11 to November 24.

Then of course, come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, FlexiSpots customers will be treated to irresistible Flash Deals and Price drops. The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk will be on a Flash Deal and then the Height adjustable sewing table, drafting table, Esben Standing and the Vici Duplex Standing Desk are all for sale too.

Don’t forget to check the site today up until November 30 for the best deals of standing desks you can get online!

Investing in Precious Metals


Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect your funds against a recession. You can also hedge against inflation.

Hedge against inflation

Investing in precious metals is a popular way to hedge against inflation. These investments have been used as money for thousands of years, and they retain their value over the long run. They are also a diversifier of an investment portfolio. They can be bought in physical form, or they can be bought in exchange for other assets.

Gold is often seen as a good hedge against inflation. However, it hasn’t performed well as an inflation hedge in recent years. In fact, the price of gold has been trading sideways for almost two years.

The best-known measure of inflation is the consumer price index, or CPI. Since 2008, the CPI has increased an average of 6.8% a year. However, the CPI has not gained more than four percent in the past two years.

There are other forms of inflation protection, such as central bank policy, commodities, and real assets. Real assets include real estate, base metals, agricultural commodities, and equipment. Some investors use physical precious metals, such as palladium, as a hedge against inflation.

Gold’s price to CPI ratio has averaged 3.6 since 1972. However, its long-term relationship with CPI isn’t as strong as it was in the 1970s and early 1980s. In fact, there was a break in that relationship during the 1980s.

Another reason that gold hasn’t performed well as an inflation hedge is the opportunity cost. Investors who buy physical gold often pay a premium to the spot price of the metal. They also have to factor in the logistics of owning and storing gold.

Diversifies your portfolio

Investing in precious metals is a good idea for investors looking to diversify their portfolio. However, it can be hard to decide where to start. Here are a few things to consider before you dive in.

Precious metals are commodities and are not government-issued. As such, prices are determined by investor demand and geopolitical events. The value of precious metals has historically outperformed stocks, though it is not always the case.

Investing in precious metals can help you diversify your portfolio by providing exposure to unique supply and demand drivers for each metal. In addition, diversification can reduce the risk of loss.

If you are thinking of investing in precious metals, consider diversifying your portfolio by adding bonds to your portfolio. Bonds have historically provided similar properties to precious metals, but the return is usually smaller.

While diversifying your portfolio with bonds is a good idea, you should be aware of the risks associated with this type of investment. Bonds are low-risk investments, but are not guaranteed to produce positive returns.

You may also want to consider investing in gold or silver, but be aware that prices for these metals are subject to rapid changes. You may end up with losses.

Investing in precious metals may also provide a good alternative to investing in traditional risky investments. It is also a good idea to diversify your portfolio by incorporating other investments, such as real estate.

Protects your funds from a recession

Investing in precious metals can help you protect your funds from a recession. Precious metals have long been regarded as a safe haven asset and are often used as a hedge against inflation. They also tend to perform better during recessions than other assets, and they can provide an added layer of protection during volatile investments.

There are several ways to invest in precious metals to protect your funds from a recession. One of the most common methods is to buy physical gold bullion or gold ETFs. Other options include investing in precious metals based funds, such as the Invesco DB Precious Metals Fund.

Another way to protect your funds from a recession is to invest in Treasury bonds. These are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government and tend to perform well during periods of economic uncertainty.

Another investment that can help you protect your funds from a slowing economy is to build a rainy day fund. This will allow you to survive a sudden job loss or financial hardship.

If you are concerned about a potential recession, consider investing in gold and silver. They are both real assets with limited supply. They never decay and are considered a safe haven asset.

You may also want to consider building a cash buffer. This will help you better handle volatile investments. You can also diversify your investments. You can add additional sources of return by investing in a variety of sectors, asset classes and riskier assets. This will reduce the volatility of your portfolio and help it to survive unexpected market changes.

Source: https://bestpreciousmetalsiracompanies.com/

Cyber Security at Online Casinos – What You Should Know?

casino cyber security

As the popularity of online gambling continues to grow, so does the need for cyber security at online casinos. In fact, one in four online casinos has been the target of a cyber attack in the past years.

With more and more personal and financial information being shared online, it’s important to ensure that your favorite casino is taking steps to protect your information.

However, although cyber security is a complex issue, online casinos can take measures to protect their players. In fact, casinos are obliged to ensure that security is taken into account if the casino operates with a proper license.

The strictest control is at Maltese casinos, under which the majority of Finnish casinos operate, for example. Safe online casinos can be found on casino review sites, such as Casinoproffa, which has listed all online casinos (kaikki nettikasinot) where it is safe to play online.

What are the biggest cyber security risks for online casinos?

There are many potential cyber security risks for online casinos. For example, hackers could target the casino’s website or database in order to steal personal and financial information.

They could also launch denial-of-service attacks to disrupt the casino’s operations. In addition, online casinos are also vulnerable to money laundering activities.


Hackers can access player accounts and sensitive financial information and disrupt casino operations. In some cases, they have been able to steal millions of dollars from online casinos.

Deposit bonuses are used to attract new players to the casino. Bonuses are especially popular among Finnish players, who can still claim bonuses from casinos. When the player redeems the deposit bonus (talletusbonus in Finnish), he hands over sensitive information to the casino, such as personal information and bank credential details. It is important to make sure that the casino is prepared for hacking because hackers can gain access to player accounts by stealing login credentials. In some cases, hackers have used phishing scams to trick players into giving them their login information.

There are several ways that hackers can gain access to online casinos. One common method is to exploit vulnerabilities in the casino software.

Another way that hackers can damage online casinos is by launching denial-of-service attacks. These attacks can disable the casino website, preventing players from being able to access it. Sometimes, denial-of-service attacks have been used to extort money from online casinos.

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks

DoS attacks are a type of cyber attack that can render an online casino inaccessible to its users. This can happen by flooding the casino’s servers with requests, making it impossible for them to keep up with the demand and function properly.

DoS attacks can be devastating for an online casino, as they can cause a loss of revenue and customers. Online casinos are particularly vulnerable to DoS attacks because their business model relies on people being able to access their website and play games.

If an attacker can successfully carry out a DoS attack on an online casino, it could have a significant impact on its business.

Online casinos are attractive platforms for money laundering criminals

Money laundering is the process of concealing the origins of illegally obtained money. Criminals are attracted to online casinos for a few reasons.

First, online casinos are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides criminals with a lot of flexibility in when they can launder money.

If the online casino does not prevent money laundering properly, it can be easy for criminals to open an account and start gambling without having to provide much in the way of identification. A Maltese gambling company was fined 386,000 euros after Malta’s Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit found that 31 out of 28 players did not even have an occupation on their profile (Times of Malta, 2022.) This is the minimum requirement for a casino that complies with regulations and KYC (know your customer) procedures.

Finally, online casinos are often located in jurisdictions with weak anti-money laundering laws. This makes it easier for criminals to get away with their activities.

How do online casinos protect themselves against cyber attacks?

In light of the growing concerns of cyber attacks, online casinos take steps to protect themselves using advanced software. One way they do this is by using strong security measures such as web application firewall (WAF) to prevent DDoS attacks.

Additionally, casinos should offer safe payment methods, and encrypt their site with the updated SSL.

Offering safe payment methods

Online casinos take many precautions to ensure that their players’ information is safe and secure.

One of the most important ways they do this is by offering safe and secure payment methods. This helps protect against cyberattacks by ensuring that your personal and financial information is safe.

The most popular methods are the use of credit or debit cards and e-wallets. These are safe and secure ways to make a deposit, as long as you use reputable card and e-wallet providers.

To offer maximum data protection, most online casinos also employ Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and built-in artificial intelligence for fraud monitoring in the payment gateway.

Encrypting the site with the SSL

By encrypting their site with SSL, online casinos can make it much more difficult for hackers to intercept and access sensitive information. This means that all data transmitted between the casino and the player’s computer is concealed by converting it into a code. With decoded data, even if a hacker somehow gained access to it, they would not be able to read it.

The online casino should also communicate this to their customers to ensure their personal and login information privacy. This is because, while encryption may help protect online activities, exposing personal information outside the casino may also provide a way for hackers to access personal accounts.

Applying preventive measures against DDoS attacks

Preventing DDoS attacks requires a multi-layered approach. One of the most effective ways to prevent DDoS attacks is to use a content delivery network (CDN).

A content delivery network provides users with information based on their geographic location. By using a CDN, online casinos can ensure that their content is delivered quickly and efficiently, even if one or more servers are taken offline by a DDoS attack.

Another way is to use a web application firewall (WAF). This is software that sits between a web application and the internet, filtering traffic and blocking malicious requests. Using a WAF, online casinos can block attempts to overload their servers with traffic, preventing attackers from taking systems offline.

5 tips how to play cyber-safely at a casino

When playing at an online casino, it’s important to take some basic precautions to ensure your safety and security.

Above all, make sure the casino you’re playing has a valid licence from a reputable authority, and be aware of scams.

Here are other few tips to help you stay safe while gambling online:

1. Do not give personal information to suspicious sites

There are a lot of sites on the internet that claim to be legitimate casinos, but many of them are scams. If you’re not careful, you could give your personal information to a site that could use it to steal your identity or your money.

To protect yourself from becoming a victim of a scam, only play at reputable sites that a trusted third party has verified. Secondly, never download software from a site you don’t trust.

2. Prefer casinos with secure payment methods

When playing at an online casino, it’s important to choose a site with secure payment methods. This will help protect your personal and financial information from being hacked.

Therefore, ensure the casino offers industry-standard encryption methods, like 128-bit SSL encryption. Look for casinos that offer secure methods such as PayPal or e-wallets. These methods encrypt your information and make it much harder for hackers to access.

Also, consider using a payment method that offers additional security, like a prepaid card.

3. Choose casinos that offer games from well-known game providers

When looking for a safe and reputable online casino, one of the things you’ll want to look for is a site that offers games from well-known game providers.

These providers have a reputation for developing fair and safe games, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair chance at winning. Some of the well-known game providers you’ll want to look for include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Play’n GO, and Evolution.

4. Find out if the casino has a reliable licence.

When looking for a safe and reliable online casino, you should check if it has a valid license. A license from a reputable gambling authority means that the casino has been vetted and approved as a safe and fair place to gamble.

The most popular and respected licensing agencies and authorities are Viro and Malta. Without a valid license, an online casino is not subject to any regulations and could be a scam.

5. Ensure casino’s games are tested by a third party

Official third-party bodies are critical in authenticating the casino’s licenses and testing the fairness of the games. In this case, first look for a logo or certification from companies like eCOGRA to ensure the games have been independently tested.

Second, look for positive reviews from other players. If other players have had a good experience with the game, it is likely fair and secure. However, if you’re unsure if a casino’s games are fair, it’s best to avoid playing there.

Seven Lucrative Career Options for Business Students in 2023

Seven Lucrative Career Options for Business Students in 2023

National Center for Education Statistics confirms that in 2019-2020, the US conferred nearly 3 million bachelor’s degrees, of which business was the most common choice amongst students. A business degree is highly diverse, offers many specializations, and expands your business skills. 

The world is progressing and changing, and so is the scope of every field. Hence, it is essential to understand that business degrees today offer much more intensity and depth than they did some years back. A business degree helps develop crucial communication skills, enhances your problem-solving capabilities, teaches you collaboration, and improves leadership skills. Moreover, studying business is beneficial because of high market demand, competitive earning potential, and job versatility. However, most students opt for a business degree primarily because of its high career flexibility. With a business degree, you can take roles in marketing, tax, accounts, and many others and work in several different industries.

Read ahead to uncover a few trending career options for business students in 2023. 

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing is the most trending field currently, with high demand and much scope. Most marketing managers are business experts with high qualifications and degrees. A minimum bachelor’s degree in marketing or general business is necessary to attain a managerial position. However, an accredited MBA degree can significantly increase your chances of promotions/hiring. The average salary for a marketing manager post range from $99,638 to $130,364, depending on the industry and business size. 

A marketing manager’s primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Overlooking all company marketing-related requirements.
  • Undertaking market research.
  • Understanding trends.
  • Analyzing customer preferences.
  • Improving customer experiences.

Further, overseeing marketing content, implementing strategies, promoting business, collaborating with other departments, and ensuring effective communication are crucial parts of a marketing manager’s job.

2. Banker 

Banking is one of the most mainstream career options for business graduates, especially finance experts. However, while preferred, you don’t need to major in finance to join the banking sector. Banking roles range from a bank teller, loan processor, customer handler, investment banker, and credit analyst to other senior positions. A bachelor’s degree in business usually suffices to start your career in banking. However, additional qualifications would help with attaining specific senior positions. The average banking salary for an entry-level position in the US is approximately $44,463 per annum.

Responsibilities in banking differ from position to position. However, an average banker’s job usually includes opening and closing accounts, overseeing transactions, evaluating drafts, authorizing loans, and other trades such as cheques and money orders.

3. Sales Consultant 

Sales is another favorite choice amongst many business graduates. A business degree is highly helpful in establishing a foundation in sales and enhancing your management skills. Furthermore, a business degree gives you a balanced education and helps you focus on the administrative side of sales. All of which makes you much more attractive to recruiters. Most sales consultants are business graduates earning a highly satisfactory monthly salary plus commissions. The mean income of a sales consultant is $50,000 per year. 

The job includes scheduling meetings with clients, keeping track of purchases, overseeing payments, and understanding customer needs. Furthermore, sales consultants develop and implement the company’s sales strategy, set targets for sales teams, and collaborate with different groups to sell company products or services.

4. Human resource manager 

The Human Resources (HR) department is one of the most integral departments of any organization. A good HR manager is essential to ensure the smooth running of business processes and high employee engagement rates. A business degree with a major in HR is the best way to commence your career because it helps you achieve job stability, offers more job opportunities, and provides incredible insight. An HR manager is usually a senior position in most companies with experience and relevant qualifications. The average salary for an HR manager ranges from $73,480 to $126,050 yearly. 

An HR manager is responsible for recruiting, training, cultivating, and retaining employees. Other responsibilities include administering pay, interviewing employees, getting feedback, overseeing problems, boosting company culture, enforcing company policies, approving employee requests, and several others.

5. Accountant

Accountants have been in high demand for a while. Most businesses prefer hiring accountants with relevant qualifications and skills, including a minimum bachelor’s degree. There are several different types of accountants with varying responsibilities, such as financial accountants, managerial accountants, cost accountants, payroll accountants, tax accountants, and auditors. The average salary for accountants in the US is $58,508 per year. 

An accountant’s usual duties include the following:

  • Reviewing company financial records.
  • Ensuring data safety.
  • Confirming data accuracy.
  • Analyzing financial information.
  • Preparing reports.
  • Budgeting.
  • Overseeing company financial performance.

Moreover, accountants reconcile accounts payable and receivable, ensure timely bank payments, compute taxes, manage balance sheets, and prepare tax returns for organizations.

6. Research analyst 

More and more business majors are opting to go into the data and research analysis field post-graduation because of the role’s high employability and in-demand nature. Due to the rapidly changing business spectrum, recent business degrees increasingly focus on teaching more data-related courses in the curriculum. A research analyst earns approximately $61,000 per Anum. 

Research analysts are responsible for preparing reports, reviewing company performance, examining data accuracy, and producing meaningful information. Additionally, research analysts assist in developing pricing models, organizing data, testing processes, and guiding businesses in their decisions.

7. Operations manager 

A minimum bachelor’s degree in business is required to work as an operations manager. According to a recent survey, the average operation manager’s salary exceeded $100,000 annually in 2020. 

Operations managers manage business processes from human resources, marketing, and sales, to investments. Furthermore, they plan, strategize, decide, implement, and supervise the production and distribution of goods and services. There are four types of operation management in businesses: finance, customers, internal, learning and innovation, and processes. 

Final thoughts

A business degree is highly valuable if you want career flexibility and guaranteed professional growth. The best part about business school is the wide range of specialties and majors available. Business degrees are feasible, resourceful, and doable. They are more challenging than other fields but also not any less interesting. 

However, it doesn’t mean business degrees are a piece of cake. Some majors are challenging but rewarding. Therefore, you must study hard, show consistent efforts, learn to keep a balance, and work on improving skills throughout business school.

6 Effective Tips to Ensure That You Get a Good Real Estate Condo Deal in LA

Real Estate Condo

Condos are in demand because of their affordability amidst sky-scraping property prices. However, finding your ideal condo is a challenging task in the U.S. It can be overwhelming as there are many things to consider and factors that can affect your decision-making process. Naturally, you want to get an investment property that will last for years, but it is also important that you do not end up with a dud deal.

So how can you ensure that this does not happen? The tips given here will help to make your real estate investment a success. It’s important that you take your time and do not rush into any decisions. You can always ask for advice from friends or family members who have been through the process before.

According to Redfin, a typical U.S. condo was sold for an average of $319,000 in February 2022. It was 14.6% higher than the previous year, 2021, and 22.7% higher than in 2020. This price varies in different states and counties.

Well, there are some tips below that will help you in getting good value for money when it comes to buying real estate in LA:

Work With a Reliable Real Estate Agent

Firstly, you should always consider reputable and reliable real estate agents in L.A. Reputable agents are more likely to have a good reputation and will be able to provide you with the best possible service. They will also be able to act as a mediator between you and the seller so that both parties will be satisfied with the deal.

If you are buying a condo in L.A., you know about your exact requirements, but when you are selling a condo, you have to be very patient. L.A. condo sales may take a much longer time and effort than you might have thought. Of course, the agent will be working along and putting in his efforts, but you must be patient and trust the process unless a good deal is finalized.

Be Flexible with Your Timing

While the property market in Los Angeles is always hot, it’s a good idea to know when the right time to buy a specific property might be. For example, if new developments are on the horizon that will cause prices of nearby properties to increase, you may want to hold off until after this change has occurred.

If you are looking for a condo and you know a new shopping mall is being built within walking distance from where you live or work, then wait until completion. It should give you an advantage over other buyers who have not considered this before making their purchase decision.

Make Sure the Building Has All the Features That You Want

If you are looking for a California condo with certain requirements, it is important to check whether those features are included in the building. Some examples could be an indoor pool, gym, parking garage, laundry room, and more.

According to Statista, the number of houses sold in Los Angeles was 71,300 in 2020, including condos. When buying your own house, you can get it done the way you want, but when you stay in a condo, you must check that all the requirements are available.

Be specific about what you want. If no buildings with these features are available in your area, consider finding one outside L.A. county or wait for a few weeks.

Do Not Be Afraid to Negotiate for a Good Price

Negotiating is a part of the process when it comes to buying a home. While this may seem intimidating, you can get more for your money if done correctly. However, there are some things that you should be aware of when negotiating for a condo in L.A.

According to Zillow Home Values, the average price of a house or home value in Los Angeles is $954,270. This value is expected to increase by 4.2% in a year. The price of condos is lower as compared to individual homes. Be aware of the price offered to you, and don’t be afraid to negotiate for a good price. Negotiations are not just for sellers; they are also for buyers.

By being firm about what you are willing to pay, you may get an even better deal than the realtor or seller initially offered.

As long as both parties are willing to compromise on some terms, negotiations will go smoothly, and everyone will benefit from them in one way or another.

Understand What You Will Be Getting for Your Money

You should be able to get a good sense of the building’s amenities, location, history, and building’s construction.

  • Amenities: You need to know what amenities are available at your condominium complex and whether or not they are included in your monthly fees. Some common amenities include gyms, pools, tennis courts, and outdoor spaces for barbecues or picnics. Before buying, you must find out what these facilities offer to decide if they’re worth the extra money each month.
  • Location: The location of your condominium complex is just as important as its other features. It determines how convenient it will be for you to access public transportation or drive into town for work every day. If possible, try visiting different areas with various real estate offerings. This way, you can keep track of everything going on around L.A.

Always Choose a Condo Near Popular Destinations and Around Amenities

When choosing a condo, you must ensure that your future home’s location is ideal. It should be near popular destinations and amenities like shops and restaurants. If you are buying a condo with your family in Los Angeles, consider looking for one with access to public transport, schools, and hospitals.


When you buy a condo, it is important to be careful. You should always do your homework before buying a condo. Do not buy a condo without doing homework or getting a professional opinion first. Condo deals can be tricky, and you must ensure that the deal is right for you before signing on the dotted line. These tips will keep you safe and ensure you end up with a good condo.

5 Essential Project Portfolio Management Tools Every Team Should Use

Project Portfolio Management

Managing a project portfolio can be a challenge for even the most experienced project manager. There are so many moving parts and different stakeholders to keep track of, not to mention the ever-changing landscape of project management tool options. 

Project portfolio management (PPM) is the process of selecting, prioritising, authorising, and controlling projects within an organisation. Project management software helps organisations optimise their portfolios by aligning them with strategic objectives, resource availability, and other constraints. 

In order to select the right mix of projects and ensure that they are executed successfully, teams need to have access to the right tools. 

Here are five project portfolio management tools that every team should use:

1. Task Management Tool 

A task management tool is a must-have for any project manager. It allows you to keep track of all the different tasks that need to be completed for each project, as well as who is responsible for each task. There are many different task management tools on the market, so finding one that fits the specific needs of your team is essential. Some popular options include Asana, Trello, and Jira.

2. Resource Management Tool

A resource management tool helps you keep track of all the different resources that are required for each project. This includes things like materials, equipment, and manpower. Having a resource management tool in place ensures that you always have what you need to complete a project on time and within budget. Many task management tools also include resource management features, so this may not be an additional tool that you need to purchase. 

3. Communication Tool

Effective communication is key to the success of any project. A communication tool helps ensure that everyone involved in a project is on the same page and has access to the most up-to-date information. There are many different communication tools available, from standard email to more sophisticated options like Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

4. Documentation Tool 

Documentation is an important part of any project portfolio. A documentation tool helps you keep track of all the different documents that are associated with each project. This includes things like contracts, proposals, reports, and manuals. Having a central location for all these documents makes it easy to find what you need when you need it and ensures that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. 

5. Reporting Tool 

A reporting tool is essential for any project manager who wants to stay on top of their projects and deliverables. A reporting tool allows you to generate reports on various aspects of your projects, including progress, milestones, budget, and more. This information can be used to troubleshoot issues, identify trends, and

make decisions about future projects. Reporting tools can be integrated with other tools in your portfolio or used as standalone applications. Some popular options include Crystal Reports and Tableau.

Project portfolio management is a complex process with many moving parts. However, by utilising some (or all) of the tools listed above, you can streamline the process and make managing your projects easier than ever before!

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