OptimizeFunds Review – Enter the Cryptocurrency World [2022]


OptimizeFunds is a global cryptocurrency exchange where people and businesses can buy, sell, and trade over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies.

It offers a simple buy or sell crypto function for beginners, as well as a variety of crypto-earning options, in addition to expert cryptocurrency spot and futures trading platforms. On this platform, both beginner and expert traders may find what they’re looking for.

Trading Experience

OptimizeFunds offers a mobile app for Android and iOS, as well as a web-based digital asset trading and investing platform.

Experienced traders will discover all of the advanced features they require, as well as a diverse range of trading assets.

Beginners, on the other hand, can utilize the platform’s ‘Buy & Sell’ tool to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Users can also fund their OptimizeFunds accounts with fiat currency (such as US dollars) or Bitcoin and begin trading. This encompasses futures trading, as well as market and limit order trading (for non-U.S. residents). Standard and advanced trading modes are available on OptimizeFunds, although both include extensive charts, live order books, and limit orders.

The user experience is comparable in both modes. OptimizeFunds also allows customers to trade futures with up to 50x leverage, allowing them to trade long or short bets.


Furthermore, OptimizeFunds’s security features include cold storage, two-factor authentication (2FA), and encrypted servers, all of which are industry standard. OptimizeFunds also adheres to FinCEN KYC regulations, which require user identification verification in order to protect the exchange against fraudulent or criminal activity on its platform.

The following are some of OptimizeFunds’s security features in detail:

Cold Storage:

OptimizeFunds holds 90 percent of all cryptocurrency assets in cold storage vaults that aren’t accessible to the internet and require numerous signatures to gain access to.

Two-factor Authentication:

 OptimizeFunds users can use Google Authenticator to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect their accounts from fraudulent logins and other activities.

Withdrawal Confirmation:

 Users will not be able to withdraw funds unless they receive an email or phone confirmation. OptimizeFunds servers are encrypted, and there is built-in protection against DDOS attacks.

Registering for a OptimizeFunds Account

Anyone can create a OptimizeFunds account using either their phone number or their email address. New accounts are validated via email or SMS message when they are created, and users can protect their accounts with two-factor authentication.

Customers may track markets, establish a favorites list, deposit funds on the platform, and buy crypto right away; however, withdrawals of more than 0.06 BTC require KYC identification verification. Personal information, such as one’s name, address, and Social Security number, is required. A photo of a government-issued photo ID is also required.

Deposit Methods

Users can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card on this exchange (VISA and MasterCard). This is especially beneficial for newer crypto investors who want a diverse range of deposit options. Many exchanges do not allow users to deposit fiat currency, but OptimizeFunds stands out by allowing card payments.

Staking Product

Staking is the technique of keeping funds in a Bitcoin wallet to help a blockchain network run smoothly. Holders are rewarded for doing nothing more than depositing and storing Bitcoin on this platform.

Account Management

OptimizeFunds is a Bitcoin trading, buying, and selling platform with a web-based platform and a mobile app. Users can effortlessly deposit funds and begin buying cryptocurrency by logging into their accounts via a web browser. Customers can also earn income on their crypto assets by lending or staking them.

The OptimizeFunds mobile app allows users to participate in live trading, buy and sell cryptocurrency, and manage their accounts. This app provides a nearly identical user experience to the web-based platform in terms of charting and ordering books.

Customer Service

Customers can contact OptimizeFunds by live chat or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users can contact the customer care team for immediate assistance without having to wait days or weeks for a response. The majority of other exchanges just offer a chatbot, rather than the more useful live chat option.

Furthermore, OptimizeFunds has a support center with a library of articles, as well as a chatbot that can help users find answers quickly.

The Verdict

OptimizeFunds is a great option for skilled crypto traders looking for a broad range of currencies, minimal trading fees, and the possibility to leverage their trades. This platform is recognized for advertising smaller cryptocurrency projects for trading, as well as allowing users to lend or stake their cryptocurrency holdings to earn interest.

Overall, OptimizeFunds is a good choice for trading lesser-known cryptocurrencies without paying excessive costs. Users must simply make sure they compare platforms thoroughly and verify their accounts before depositing any funds.

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