Open A Real Account With FinoTrend To Earn Online Now

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If you are willing to earn money online through forex and CFD trading, the best place to open a real account is FinoTrend. When you have gathered adequate knowledge about online trading, it’s time to open a real account to start trading. As soon as you have registered at FinoTrend, you will be able to trade on your account through depositing funds. If you have a demo account that means you have not made any deposit. To have a real trading account, you have to make a deposit.

Open A Real Trading Account With FinoTrend

There are numerous benefits and significant opportunities to have a real account with this company. 

  • With the help of customized features and tools of them, you will be able to make the most out of CFD trading by entering the financial markets.
  • You will have access to price alerts and real-time signals.
  • The company also provides the facility of order execution immediately after opening a real account. 
  • Live data feed streaming will be available to you. 

Your real account will be activated automatically after the successful deposit in your funds. After the activation of your account, the system will give you a trading account, server data, and you can set the password for your account. In order to log into your live account, you have to choose the correct server and enter the trading account and password. With the help of STP technology of them, you can easily avoid the risk of any conflict of your interest and trade in the live market conditions. 

Demo Account

In order to take care of your success, they always focuses on client’s growth in online trading. This organization allow you to keep trading through your demo account so that you can test different strategies in online trading. If you reach your time limit, your account can be expired and then, you should inform the authority of the company through an email for the extension of your account. After using the demo account, if you think that you are ready for live trading, you should make a deposit and go through the verification of the documents. After the completion of the verification of your account, you can start trading and earn money within no time at all. 

Islamic Account

According to Sharia law, receiving and paying swaps or interests is prohibited. For those who have this religious belief, FinoTrend provides a personalized Islamic account. The customers of the company can have this swap-free account and trade without the charges of rollout interests or swaps. Therefore, Muslim customers can send a request for a swap-free option to open a real Islamic account. The closing time of all transactions in Islamic accounts is at 22:00:00 GMT and the reopening time is at 22:00:01 GMT. Account holders of the Islamic do not engage in the violation of Sharia law and they do not need to pay any fees.

Therefore, if you want to open a trading account to earn money online, you must open a real account with FinoTrend for the above-stated accommodations. 

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