Online Gaming to Nurture Children’s Creativity

Online gaming

Contrary to popular opinion, Child-Gaming doesn’t have to be ostracized as detrimental to child-mental health. Rather, according to research by Michigan State University scholars of 491 middle-school students (as part of M.S.U. ‘s Children and Technology Project, funded by the National Science Foundation), kids who played video games more were found to be more creative than those who didn’t. This was seen when they were given tasks like; making illustrations, writing essays, or telling stories.

Linda Jackson, professor of psychology in M.S.U. and lead researcher on the project, said part of the intents of the research was so the findings could aid game makers to identify and further develop more on the aspects of video gaming that boosts these creative effects in kids. Much so that there could be less distinction between education and entertainment in the gaming world. The study also revealed that little boys played video games (more of live-action and adventure thrills) more than girls (who were more interested in interactive games). Although the study still showed that regardless of gender, race, or game genre played by the students, the effects of heightened creativity were the same. But 

Benefits of Online Gaming to Child Creativity

Mental Development

Parents mostly expect video games to be labeled; ‘educational’, before they feel it’s suitable for their kids, which isn’t always so. Reviews show that most Video Games Teach Problem-Solving Skills, and almost all video games can help children’s brain development. Most of these games have scenes and settings where the child would need to learn how to make quick decisions, solve puzzles, overcome challenges by repeated trials, and learn how there must be multiple ways around a challenge. Basically, each gaming experience makes the child more ready for the real world. But you should always check and review the games that your kids want to play. If for example, your kid likes playstation, it would be a good idea to always read about playstation statistics and choose the most suitable game for your kid. 

Historical Knowledge

Kids these days often know so much even more than adults, mostly as some video games actually feature accurate historic information. And based on child psychology, the effects of interplaying flashy images, videos, and rousing sounds create pockets of mental memories that kids do not forget easily. It’s in this upshot that kids can recall information like names of states in a nation they’ve never been to, even to its historic landmarks and monuments. They practically give ‘life’ to history classes that would’ve been previously termed, ‘boring’. Have you ever seen a child talk about ancient Greek mythology and Roman History with so much enthusiasm and accuracy? Basically, because they learned it while playing video games!

Social Interaction

One major benefit of online gaming is the avenue it gives for kids to link up with friends in multiplayer/Co-op gaming adventures. It gives them the opportunity to even make new friends and interact more with people, especially kids with disabilities, who would naturally be reclusive. Just like board games that require multiple players, online games are also built on team working values. Even in terms of competitive development, most games give a performance ranking that gives kids with high ratings increased self-confidence. Kids also learn the important practice in order to get better than their peers or go up the ranking scale. And the great advantage is when kids develop leadership qualities when given roles that’ll require them to lead a team to victory.

New Skill Acquisition

Kids learn much about life from video games. Many kids who play soccer, for instance, learn new skills that make them better players just from playing video games. They also get to learn conversational skills from interactive games. Study shows that Kids who play puzzles and mind games perform better in solving math problems and quantitative-reasoning subjects. Kids also become more knowledgeable about internet operations, even how to install the emergency recovery script

Something to keep in mind when kids play online games is to find ways to keep a secure and protected presence on the internet. Many will use VPNs as one of the ways to protect their data and improve their online gaming performance. Just make sure to check VPN reviews and choose the one that suits you best.


Other than the intellectual development of online gaming, be ready to see kids build gaming careers which could eventually even be a basic source of income for them. Or perhaps just be a means in bettering their social interactions, even with their parents as well!

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