Online Casino Curacao: License in Germany Legal & Serious?

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We show you which Casinos are legal, reputable and safe based on our Curacao online casinos experiences. Our test winners, the best Curacao casinos, offer in comparison the best casino bonus in 22, top VIP programs and pay out lightning fast.

Due to the new State Gambling Treaty, which is valid since July 1, 2021, many players are looking for reputable Curacao casinos. The reason: these casinos do not change their regulations and you do not pay taxes on winnings. For you as a player, this means that you can continue to deposit more than €1000 and there are no time or table limits. You can still use table and card games, slots as well as the live casino in a reputable casino with a Curacao license as a German player. But which are among the best Curacao casinos?

Whether the Curacao license is legal in Germany and how it stands around serious Curacao casinos, you can find out now!

Best Curacao Casinos 2022: Legal & Safe

Curacao casinos are legal in Germany. Safe casinos are not all. The licenses are strongly controlled. Our Curacao casino experiences have allowed us to filter out the following casinos as top 3. The best Curacao casinos 2022:

  • Zoome Casino
  • Bizzo Casino
  • Golden Star

We have taken into account various factors. Also the experiences of active players. So trust not only us, but thousands of active players. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Curacao Casinos

Even a reputable Curacao online casino has some advantages and disadvantages. This is true for the Dutch Antilles as well as for casinos with a license in Malta or even Schleswig-Holstein. In order to give you a better overview, we have examined the respective pros and cons once in detail.


  • Best Curacao Casinos 2022 absolutely legal as well as safe.
  • Table and card games: You can still use the table games at a Curacao online casino, such as roulette and blackjack.
  • Live Casino: In contrast to casinos with a German gambling license, live casino games continue to be available here just as they were in Germany, which means you can compete against real flesh and blood dealers and croupiers.
  • Time limit: The time limit, such as that a spin must last at least 5 seconds, does not exist at Curacao online casino. Spins run without any limits.
  • Online Casino Curacao legal: Is the Curacao license legal in Germany? Yes!
  • Deposit limit: There is no limit, you can still deposit more than 1000 €. Of course, you can still voluntarily set a limit. On the other hand, there is no minimum deposit.
  • Casino Bonuses: Since online casinos in Curaçao have less expenses for taxes, bureaucracy and authorities, they award much more attractive bonuses to frequent players. A generous welcome bonus for new customers is also common.


  • Security: licenses from Curaçao are just as secure as a German license or a Malta license, but in case of doubt, responsible authorities are far away. This can be a disadvantage, but in our experience it does not occur in practice.
  • Payment service providers: some payment methods, such as PayPal and Visa, have withdrawn from the gambling business. It is assumed that these will soon be available again at German casinos. In a Curacao online casino, however, you can still not use these payment methods.
  • Regulation: Casinos from Curacao do not have to comply with as strict rules as casinos with an EU license. Also, you can legally play at providers of the island nation without any problems despite an entry in the blocking file.
  • Gambling addiction: Since Curacao casinos play by their own rules, blocking files from other states are not taken into account so far. This can be a problem for players with addiction problems.

Why casinos with a Curacao license are better?

Serious Curacao casinos are better especially for those who like to use table and card games or who prefer playing in a live casino. This is because you can no longer use these games in a Malta casino or in a German casino. This generally applies to all requirements that are valid after the adoption of the new State Treaty on Gaming from July 2021 at the latest, but in some cases already since October 2020.

Many players are affected, for example, by the fact that there is no longer the possibility of the autoplay function. This means that they will have to start every game manually in the future. Also, the particularly fast play through Quickspins will fall away. For casinos with a Curacao license, these new rules for slots do not apply.

Last but not least, players can look forward to a hefty welcome bonus with fair turnover requirements as well as particularly generous casino bonuses for frequent players and VIPs. Thanks to the new regulations, casinos with a German license also have to row back on free spins and other promotions and offer fewer and fewer bonuses.

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