One To Watch: REVU To Begin Trading On KuCoin &

Image source: Revuto

Revuto believes it is paving the way for Cardano-based blockchain apps with the launch of its REVU cryptocurrency token on two of the world’s best-known exchanges, KuCoin and

The company says this is a big deal because REVU is the first token built on Cardano to achieve the distinction of being traded on two of the most popular tier 1 crypto exchanges.

REVU’s debut on those platforms should lend a lot of legitimacy to Revuto’s app, which aims to revamp the subscription economy by helping people avoid paying for services they want to cancel. Using its app, people can choose to approve a subscription payment, block it forever, or snooze the payment until a later date, so they’re not short on funds.

The app works with all major subscription services, whether it’s Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, Microsoft Office or something else. Simply download the app, sign up, then add each subscription to manage them all in one place.

The key thing about Revuto is it notifies users when a payment is due, and any payments that are sent require the user’s approval first. So it means no more automatic billing of your credit card or debit card, yet it retains the convenience with user’s able to approve those payments with a single tap on their phone. 

What’s really great about Revuto though is it does a lot more than just manage subscriptions. The app provides a way for people to make money too. It’s essentially a mobile wallet that lets users stake/lend their REVU tokens to earn rewards/interest. Users can also provide liquidity for more rewards, and they are entitled to discounts when they pay their subscription fees with REVU. Additionally, the REVU token enables users to participate in Revuto’s governance, making proposals and voting on them.

With so much utility, Revuto believes there will be big demand for REVU from investors once the token starts trading on KuCoin and Revuto said it has worked hard to ensure it attracts interest, partnering with Skynet Trading to create “institutional-grade liquidity solutions”.

“It may take longer, and is often the more difficult way – but it’s the right way to build long term value,” said Revuto co-founder and Chief Executive Vedran Vukman.

REVU will surely be one to watch from the moment it makes its debut on KuCoin and on January 7.

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