Nikita Prokhorov — The Story of Success

Nikita Prokhorov


  • Early life and education
  • Career path and experience
  • Nikita Prokhorov today
  • Conclusion

The biography of Nikita Prokhorov is full of various achievements, here are just some of them: a leader of the ever-growing group of reputation management agencies, a popular opinion maker in the field of online reputation management and one of a few practitioners of SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management). He is also known as the founder of Reputation House, speaker and coach, as well as an author of a number of books dedicated to online reputation.

During the years of work in the sphere of Internet marketing and SERM, Nikita has helped numerous high-profile companies and personalities to deal with reputational crises of different degree of danger. He has worked with leading professionals and companies, well-known and large-scale retail chains from all over the world, including Mercedes Benz, L’Occitane, Media Markt, Melvita and many others.

Early life and education

Nikita Prokhorov was born on 9 February 1989 in the family of engineers. As a child, Nikita wanted to become a doctor, but during his school years he realised that humanities and communication with people were much closer to him than exact sciences. After school, Prokhorov enrolled at the university, where he studied international economics and management. He graduated with honours from both the bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes with qualifications in international economics and management of innovative projects. He subsequently attended numerous courses and professional development programmes, as well as a business school, where he received a degree in Executive MBA.

Career path and experience

Prokhorov’s professional career began in his early university years. His first job was in an American oil and gas corporation. Long business trips around the US and the EU countries provided the young specialist with extensive experience in working with international companies.

Thereafter, his career was developing rather smoothly as well. The management of each and every company where Prokhorov worked appreciated his professional skills and the ability to solve tasks of any complexity. Nikita was quickly promoted to senior management positions, heading teams, divisions and departments, and he was successfully resolving even the most challenging cases.

In 2013, Prokhorov attended a training seminar devoted to paid search advertising. However, what interested him the most was a presentation about quite an unusual activity at the time — online reputation management. Nikita was so captivated by such an extraordinary business area that six months later he joined a famous online reputation management agency as deputy director, and in 2015 he became the co-founder of the company. Since then, reputation on the Internet has been Nikita’s unwavering passion and the field of his professional activity.

Nikita Prokhorov todayNikita Prokhorov today

Currently Nikita manages the Reputation House agency headquartered in Dubai and works with clients from all over the world. In addition, the businessman devotes a great deal of effort to educating people: he gives lectures at universities and attends major industry conferences as a speaker.

Considerable background in the online business industry has enabled Prokhorov to systematise his findings and experience. This work resulted in several books dedicated to online reputation management and common mistakes of all new businesses. The publications have become bestsellers and, according to readers’ feedback, board books for specialists in developing PR strategies.


Nikita Prokhorov believes that the most important things in his life are family, health and his business. Despite his heavy workload, he takes the time to go to the gym at least twice a week. Prokhorov believes that investing in his health is just as crucial as developing his own companies.

Today, Nikita Prokhorov personally manages the situational centres of well-known brands. Large manufacturers of household and electrical appliances, car sharing networks, fitness clubs, several popular car dealers and political projects — these are just some of the projects managed by Prokhorov. However, businesses are not the only thing Nikita Prokhorov works with. Not only brands need good reputation, but also people do. High-profile personalities, such as large companies’ top managers also turn to Nikita for advice and help, and he takes on the case enthusiastically.

Due to Prokhorov’s experience, productivity and energy he is able to spearhead all of these projects and successfully complete them. He also appears on television and radio as a speaker. Interviews and articles about Nikita can be found in the major media, such as Forbes.

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