Most Important Actionable Link Building Tips for Beginners

Link Building

When businesses just come into the market as Startups, the most difficult thing for them is to stand out from the competition and target as much traffic as they can. This thing requires a lot of strategies where link building is one of the most prominent. Many things affect a business’ growth in search engines such as the competitiveness of their niche, the popularity of the product or services being offered, and people’s interests.

Although there are various ways to take your startup website to higher levels, actionable link building is probably the most beneficial. The link building agency will give you some top-of-the-list tips that will surely help you start your business with a boost in organic search traffic in order to reach bigger audiences. 

Important Actionable Link Building Tips in 2022

  • Analyze and Audit Competitors’ Websites
  • Focus on Content Marketing
  • Never Underestimate Crowd Marketing
  • Upload Videos on Different Platforms

Analyze and Audit Competitors’ Websites

Nothing else can help you more in designing and developing a strategy than analyzing your competitors’ websites and businesses. Doing so will help you understand what should be done to enhance the visibility of your brand and what mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Ahrefs is one of the best tools suitable for such kinds of activities. The step-by-step procedure to utilize this tool is as follows:

  • Start by copy-pasting your website address into the search bar of the Ahrefs tool.
  • Now go into the menu in the top left and click Organic Issuance > Competitors Domains. 
  • The list of the competitors’ websites that need to be analyzed will come on the right side of the menu. 
  • Enter these addresses one by one into the search bar and then click on “Backlinks”.
  • Copy the resultant websites having a DR rating of above 10. 
  • Now look into these websites and see who their donors are so that you can contact them when required.

Focus on Content Marketing

Content is one of the most crucial parts of any website as it allows the audience to know more about your product and services while it also attracts them. 

Guest posting is an efficient factor and is often included in advertising or any marketing & communication campaign.

Your content can be on your website but you should also look for other bloggers who have high reach and thousands of regular readers. Doing so will bring benefits like:

  • Allow users to have a better understanding of your brand. 
  • Acts as a high quality and one of the most effective target links.
  • Develops a sense of trust among audiences.
  • Builds a positive brand reputation.
  • Drive in more traffic to your brand. 
  • Urge people to become your loyal users, readers, or customers.

In all this content marketing, links will play an important role as it is probably the best way to host different kinds of guest posts. Uploading content with backlinks in a proper method and regular basis will make the brand growth process more rapid and authentic.

Never Underestimate Crowd Marketing

It can be said that crowd marketing is just another form of laudatory reviews in which content is published in various kinds. Crowd marketing could be a forum post, a post on review sites, or a question/answer survey. 

Another popular kind of such marketing is adding a separate portion at the bottom of an article and allowing audiences to comment there. No matter what kind of crowd marketing technique you choose, the company will have benefits such as:

  • Take your brand to more and more people and enhance awareness. 
  • Because of the attractive content, traffic drives to your website more often. 
  • As the links grow, your website starts to rank high in search results. 
  • Plays an important role in the behavioral factor.

While developing a crowd marketing strategy, it is recommended to research and choose the review websites that offer huge traffic and can post reviews related to your niche very often. 

Some companies just post content on review websites without adding a backlink. They assume that people will search their name and reach their website, honestly, it is a complete mistake.

Always add a backlink to your website in the review articles or forum posts as it will make it easy for users to click and reach your brand. 

Upload Videos on Different Platforms

We are living in a digital world where social media is used more as compared to mainstream media. People love watching videos as compared to reading text content. This is the reason that uploading videos have now become an important and most beneficial factor of any link-building and marketing campaign. 

As soon as you start a business, it is recommended to create a channel where you can upload videos related to your products and services on an almost regular basis. 

As we all know that your video channel will not be as popular as it should be to promote your business. Therefore, getting services from other channels that upload videos related to your niche or promote products and services that you offer would be a great step.

You should also ask channels to add a link to your video channel, website, and pages as well. This will drive direct traffic to your website and will increase subscribers to your channel as well. 

A survey conducted by a company about watching videos and replies concluded that people love to watch unpacking and reviewing videos of products far more than reading about that very thing. Also, users feel more satisfied with the product when they see it in a video instead of just a picture.


In a nutshell, link building is not as difficult as it seems to be for startups because if you know the right method, you can grow your business in months if not days. Experienced SaaS link builders firms get the job done effectively and on time so you may want to hire them to help you with this job. The only thing you need is consistency, you should keep on analyzing competitors, creating and posting content, getting reviews, and uploading videos regularly. This will surely bring you all the success you desire, require, or expect to take your business to the next step.

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