Most Famous Red Logos of All Times

red logos

In all the variety of logos we see everywhere today, and most of all, of course, on the Internet, red still works as a very quick rushing tool to attract attention. Red is the color of power and passion. Different shades can make it softer or, on the contrary, more aggressive, but this color has always been considered the strongest.

In this article, we collected the top 10 most famous red logos, created during the last no decades. In each of the emblems, red carries its special meaning, in addition to making the logo eye-catching and memorable.


One of the most iconic badges in the world’s fashion industry, Levi’s emblem, has been executed in a red and white color palette for decades. Red here stands for unique style and individuality, for passion and quality. With white accents, the badge looks professional and confident. 


Definitely, one of the most recognizable insignias of the 21st century is the YouTube logo, which is also executed in red and white. If you check the history of the YouTube logo, you will see, that red has always been there, just in different shades, getting brighter and bolder throughout the years. 


Can you imagine the Coca-Cola logo in any other palette than red and white? You’re not alone, no one can. The smooth elongated lines of the iconic inscription work brilliantly in the chosen color scheme, representing a powerful brand, and a legendary product. 


Mitsubishi is a representation of Japanese quality and innovations, and its solid geometric Diamond-badge has been with the brand for years. Executed in scarlet-red, it is a symbol of excellence and stability, of progressiveness and strength, of passion and dedication. 


Marvel is not just a company, but a whole era, philosophy, and lifestyle for millions of people across the globe. And, of course, such a strong brand has to be supported by a proper logo. The Marvel badge uses red for the background, which strengthens the bold white lettering, adding passion to it. 


Another red logo on our list is the badge of Heinz, a popular sauce manufacturer, which has its products distributed all over the globe. The Heinz products are created for people, and this caress and attention is what the red shade on the brand’s logo stands for. 


The chain of convenience stores, Target, has its red a bit darkened, evoking a sense of stability and confidence, and showing the brand as the one, that will always be there, at its customers’ service. 


H&M is a fast-fashion brand for young people, which provides style and quality for affordable prices, and has millions of fans all over the globe. The brand has its simple handwritten logo set in dark red, representing its passion and expertise in the industry. 


CNN is one of the most reputable news providers in the world, and its red is all about excellence and professionalism. Accompanied by white, a color of loyalty and trustworthiness the CNN logo stands for reliability and expertise. 


Netflix has invaded the world in no time, and its bold minimalistic red and white logo is today known all over the globe. The bright shade of red on the Netflix badge is all about passion, progressiveness, and confidence.

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