MOSDEX, the Finnish Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Platform, Raises $20 Million for Global Expansion 


Finland-based startup Mosdex is preparing to offer a global crypto arbitrage platform with a newly raised $20 million. Mosdex raised $20 million as it plans to expand to Europe.

As per the company’s Medium blog post, Mosdex secured funding from the Series A round led by a Finland based private bank. Additional investors included major industrial companies.

According to the official announcement, the new round of investment is to respond to the growing global demand for encryption services as the encryption industry surges like a parabola with a market capitalization of $1.5 trillion. Andvari, the Chief Digital asset Officer (CDO) and Managing Director at MOSDEX, said in a Medium post, “It’s easy to see the importance of MOMEX, MOSDEX’s Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Program.

With the new funding, MOSDEX plans to start expanding internationally in 2022. MOSDEX said the company wants to use the European market as its first destination. The company will launch a cryptocurrency arbitrage solution later this year under European cryptocurrency regulations.

Launched in 2022, MOSDEX’s cryptocurrency arbitrage platform is designed to automate cryptocurrency arbitrage platforms for cryptocurrency exchanges, consumers, and institutions. Developed by a group of developers with expertise in finance, blockchain engineering software, and machine learning, this solution makes it easy for users to conduct cryptocurrency arbitrage.


The MOSDEX arbitrage platform is promoting the era of personal blockchain, and in the second half of this era, the platform will be stable and can handle excessive transactions. The MOSDEX platform is a well-developed cryptocurrency exchange arbitrage platform in the cryptocurrency ecosystem around the world.

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