Morning Routine Hacks for Successful Business Leaders

Greatness is no accident. Successful business leaders don’t just roll out of bed and hope for sunny weather.

They plan, prepare and perform with perfect consistency. This approach begins as soon as they wake up. What happens next mostly revolves around getting healthy, happy and organized for the day ahead. To help you do the same, consider these morning routine hacks for successful business leaders.

Wake Up Early

Before you even decide how many hours to dial back your alarm, make note of when you fall asleep in the first place. If you plan to rise and shine at 5:00 am, you should be dreaming by around 9:30 pm.

Evenings are typically our least productive time, while mornings are the most demanding. It makes sense to try and complete as many tasks as possible the night before. This way, you’ll have more time in the morning to do the things that matter and enjoy the sunrise feeling a little less stressed.

Remember that developing good sleeping habits is important for overall wellness. The right mattress and pillow is a winning combination that’s always worth investing in.

Burn Some Calories

You don’t necessarily have to start each day pumping iron or running marathons. Yoga, Pilates, stretching and similar activities are just as powerful. We all know that exercise has an immense impact on quality of life. Following a simple workout routine in the mornings will help you feel better, think clearer and move faster.

Meditation or deep breathing can also be added to your schedule. Just a few minutes of mindfulness is capable of controlling anxiety, enhancing awareness, improving attention span, reducing memory loss and so much more.

Eat That Frog

Based on the Brian Tracy book of the same name, the concept of eating the frog is simple. Instead of leaving it for later, complete your most difficult “frog” task first. This gets it out of the way and staves off the associated stress. Additionally, you may find that everything you tackle afterwards feels much easier.

Set Your Aim

It should go without saying that it’s crucial to map out the direction of your day. After all, how else will you know if you’re headed down the right path? Dedicate at least 10 minutes to establishing your goals and reviewing your responsibilities for the day ahead. Don’t forget to allot times for breaks – they also matter.

Take Power Showers

Even the fiercest business leaders are guaranteed to tremble when taking on the mighty cold shower. It’s good to know that the torturous task of forgoing warm water has serious benefits. This includes increasing endorphin production, which makes you feel more alert, alive and optimistic. Cold showers are also known to:

  • Improve metabolism
  • Increase circulation
  • Fight common illness
  • Enhance skin and hair health

Eat Breakfast

The premise of having to take a chunk out of your morning time just to eat something can make it enticing to forgo breakfast entirely. However, there are many healthy foods that require little to no preparation and serve as the perfect way to start your day. This includes blueberries, oatmeal, chia seeds, nuts and Greek yoghurt.

Aim to have more protein and less sugar. The latter spikes your energy levels before bringing them down to a crash, while protein sustains you for longer.

Have That Coffee

Many entrepreneurs refuse to start their day without completing their coffee-making ritual. As long as you avoid harmful additives, a cup of Joe can be safely included in your morning routine. Green tea, which also contains caffeine, is a healthy alternative.

From here, it’s as simple as making the necessary adjustments and sticking to the schedule you set. It won’t be long before you get used to the changes.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.