Mobile Apps Revolutionizing Online Business: The Key to Success

Mobile Apps Revolutionizing Online Business

There’s a reason why VR technology never took off as much as people expected it to. Not enough people have VR headsets, and, for the most part, they’re still too expensive. On the other hand, according to the statistic from May 2023, about 6.92 billion people have smartphones.

In other words, everyone has a smartphone, which allows for a level of digitalization that was never possible before.

Another relevant statistic is that people spend 90% of their mobile time on apps. Sure, they have browsers, but nine times out of ten, they’re on their apps for various online activities.

With all this in mind and more people than ever using apps for work and commerce, here’s how mobile apps are revolutionizing mobile business as we know it.

Further improving user experience

As paranoid as this may sound, mobile phones are optimal spying devices. As an app developer and an app that serves a useful function, you can ask them to access their location and other data on their phones. This is invaluable data that you can use to personalize your customer experience beyond belief.

If you develop your app and persuade them to install it, you’ve just gained a customer for life. You see, an app installation is a commitment. Moreover, an icon (in the shape of your logo) constantly reminds you of your business. It’s like a billboard that’s in front of their eyes 24/7.

Higher revenue and more impulse purchases

One of the biggest advantages of m-commerce is that it changes the world of retail as we know it. People are more likely to make impulse purchases via phone, making a much more dynamic landscape of online spending.

Namely, phones are always available and always accessible. If customers wanted to purchase from their PC, they would have to wait until they get home (if they’re not at home at the moment). A phone is always within the hand’s reach.

According to experts behind Automation Empire, the biggest challenge in such a dynamic e-commerce environment is keeping up with price adjustments. This is why FBA automation helps you solve this problem simply and elegantly.

Work availability

One of the biggest differences that phones are introducing is the availability of your workforce; however, this can be both good and bad. First of all, it makes work-life balance harder to maintain. The thing is that there are already unfounded accusations that 10% of remote workers hold two full-time jobs. This could make matters only worse.

At the same time, this is just a tool to make collaboration more efficient. You can always limit your use of a working app to work hours and not respond to work-related messages outside of working hours.

However, since modern workforces are international (hiring globally), people work from different time zones. Sometimes, this off-hours availability is the only way for the project to work without anyone having to be at the office during the strangest hours of the day.


Tom Sawyer charged his friends to paint his fence for him because he convinced them it was a game. Incorporating a game-like feature can convince your audience to perform tasks that never before crossed their minds. This is incredibly easy to do with mobile devices.

You can disguise a survey as an RPG, a choose-your-own-adventure game, and more. This way, you can learn more about them than you ever believed possible.

In the introduction, we’ve mentioned the problems of VR; however, what about AR? This is something entirely different. All it takes is a phone, and everyone has a phone. This way, you can make this gamified mobile experience more immersive.

Voice search and voice command features

The most amazing thing about mobile phones is their incredible sensors (both the camera and the speakers). The thing is that coupled with modern voice-recognition algorithms; you have so much leeway to use these phones for amazing things.

Voice search now analyzes your search history, uses GPS to get even more context, and recognizes local dialects well. In other words, accuracy is much higher than ever before.

People with disabilities can use various apps for captioning, text-to-speech, and more. This means these people can finally work in traditional work environments. It’s a huge step that needs to be addressed.

Wrap up

In the end, everyone has a phone, and they’re all using the time on their phone on apps. The business world is not an exception, and this will introduce a proper revolution in the world of online business. It will forever change things like:

  • Remote work
  • Audience behavior
  • Device use (voice instead of text)

In other words, changes are numerous, and the tide of progress cannot be stopped.

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