Medical Malpractice: Here’s a List to Look Into, Before Choosing a Lawyer

Medicine Lawyer

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that can have dire consequences for both your health and financial security. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right lawyer for medical malpractice before you sign any agreements. There are many factors to consider, but this list will help you get started with some basics.

Years of Experience

A person’s experience can be a good indicator of their knowledge and track record. Newer lawyers may know the local laws, but they may not have enough cases under their belt to settle your lawsuit promptly. Lawyers with more experience also typically charge higher fees because they are worth the cost.

The lawyer has to have expertise in medical malpractice cases. The experience of the lawyer is the key factor in these cases.

Licensed to Practice in Your State

Today, almost every lawyer is licensed to practice in your state. A few still prefer to work “out of state,” but most will have no problem with signing an affidavit that states they are authorized by the court to handle your case. This can save you some time and paperwork when dealing with the court.

Specialized Expertise

You will want a lawyer with specialization in your particular area of medical malpractice. You probably have already been injured, so you know the cause and extent of your injury. A lawyer who is not familiar with these details will have difficulty building up a strong case for you. A good rule of thumb is to find out what laws govern medical malpractice in your state.

Reviews and References

In today’s modern age, you can find out almost anything online. If a lawyer doesn’t have a website, their secretary might be able to give you a list of references. Most lawyers won’t mind giving a few names and numbers if they think it will help them land your business. Still, others have comprehensive review sites where past clients leave feedback. You can then use these reviews to help you narrow down your search for a good lawyer.

Compensation Arrangements

You have to consider how much your lawyer will charge and whether they will work on a contingency fee basis. For example, some lawyers may charge an hourly rate or a flat fee based on the total value of your case. Others may charge a lower hourly rate but require a percentage of the settlement as their fee. And still, others will structure fees as a combination of these options. You’ll need to ask about all three types of arrangements before you make your decision.

A Strong Track Record

It is imperative to look at the track records of lawyers before you make a choice. If the lawyer has won cases like yours in the past, then they may be worth considering. Also, if there are many testimonials from former clients on their website or review sites, that can mean that previous clients were happy with them and would recommend them to you.

All in all, finding the right lawyer can be an arduous process. If you can narrow down your prospects by using some of the criteria listed in this article, you will have an easier time choosing one that is well suited for your case.


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