Main Steps to Make Money Online


By William Benetton

The world is still touched and go when it comes to the global lockdown. Some places are opening up, whereas others are heavily restricted. However, everybody needs to survive by keeping their income flowing. We will tell you some great tips on how to make money from the comfort of your own home.

Making money online is a possibility nowadays, even though the notion still gets looked upon with some apprehension. That is due to the many scams that go around, promising people to become rich overnight. We are here to tell you that there are actually legitimate ways to make a buck online. After all, you will surely have heard of digital nomads who work from tropical islands or people who hit the big time with their e-commerce business. It sounds great because it is. However, it requires effort and dedication. If you are ready to invest a chunk of your time, we will guide you on how to make money without a job.

Regardless of what you may have heard, working online does not necessarily have to be boring. Nowadays, gamers earn cash by streaming on Twitch, playing tournaments, and other engaging ways. Having fun to earn money is a livelihood for many out there. Why shouldn’t it be you? You could give it a try with deposit £5 get bonus slots, or start your own Twitch channel. However, we are aware not everyone wants to be a gamer. If you are looking for more traditional methods to earn a living on the web, we’ve got you covered. Here are some awesome ways to make money online, from home.

Making Money Online

How to Legally Make Money Online – The Best Methods

Write an E-Book

Did you ever have an inkling to start writing a book? Nowadays, the entry hurdle is almost non-existent. In the older times, one used to need a publisher, get deals, and whatnot. That entailed a lot of hassle. In the era of e-books, everything is a lot simpler. Kindle even has a special guide on how to do it. Alternatively, you could make money by simply licensing a book to be published online. That works if you find a book that is in print, make a deal with the author, and then do the work to get it uploaded. Depending on the deal, you could negotiate to pay the author a lump sum and 7-16% in royalties. To make money from something that already has a successful background is easy, and the odds will be in your favor.

Sell Pictures

Ever wondered how to make money without working for someone? If you love to take pictures, perhaps it is time to make that your hustle. Stock photography websites are a fantastic method to cash in on your hobby. The awesome thing about these websites is once you upload your pictures, these can be sold countless times. Everything is as simple as finalizing your work and then waiting it out. The more pics you upload, the better your chances will be. To get started, be sure to check out Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Photoshelter.

Start Drop-shipping

When it comes to drop-shipping, it doesn’t matter what you sell to make money. As long as it is trending and gets attention, you’re good. Basically, you don’t have to be invested in the product emotionally whatsoever. Drop-shipping is an ingenious method that makes you the middleman between fetching orders and forwarding them to suppliers. The suppliers do the job of sending out the products. Why is it ingenious? You don’t have to invest in having an inventory at all. The only thing you have to do is set up a website and market your products. Shopify is an excellent choice for setting up your shop. The first two weeks are free, so you can get into the trenches without risking much. You might also need shopify SEO to increase your online reach. 

Narrate Audiobooks

As so many people have smartphones nowadays, audiobooks are becoming an incredibly popular way to keep entertained on the go. It is a convenient and fun way to take in data. Naturally, this creates quite the demand for freelance narrators across the world. You could give narrating a shot, and this site will give you some advice on how to give it a shot. It is a super practical way of how to make money when you can’t work in a regular job, due to restrictions or other reasons.

Write a Blog

Everybody is passionate about something, and your passion can inspire others via blogging. If you have expertise on anything, chances are good that there is an online audience for it. Be it travel, shopping, make-up, gaming, or whatever else, you can write about your beloved subject and get paid. The more people you can bring into your website, the more you will earn. Surely, that also depends on your sponsors and advertising deals. However, successful blogs are known to make big bucks. If you are looking for something to make money online fast, this may not be it. However, as a long-term investment, it could turn out incredible. Here you will find some great tips on how you can start in the best possible way.

Stream Yourself Gaming

If you are into games, then you will love Twitch. Over the past few years, the streaming platform has exploded in popularity. Who would have known back-seat gaming would become so big? It is great news for people who love to play video games and enjoy entertaining on the side. To start streaming, one does not need to be even remotely professional. The only thing that matters is whether you are interesting, fun, or have something entertaining about you. In fact, streamers who draw, make music, and simply hang out in bathtubs can gather huge audiences. The money comes in from ads, via donations, and subscriptions. However, becoming a Twitch streamer and building a fanbase requires time. One can’t hope to be an overnight success in this type of job. Still, if you are diligent with it, streaming might become your main job!


All in all, you should remember there are lots of people who make money through online jobs. There is no reason why you can’t do it too. You will have to invest some time and effort in establishing a working framework for yourself, but you will be glad you did once things are up and running. Do you work from home? Have you got tips on how to make money during quarantine? We would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

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