List Of Sugar Daddy Sites and Apps For Mutual Benefit Relationships And Fun

List Of Sugar Daddy Sites

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Sugar daddy relationships are taking over the sugar dating industry at the speed of light. The perks that sugar dating sites offer are undeniably attractive. The taste of any mutually beneficial arrangement drives many people into the field, searching for a perfect partner. However, while most sugar daddy websites are reliable and provide the services advertised, the number of untrustworthy sugar daddy sites is twice as extensive. To simplify your search and assist all the lonely daddies and sugar babies out there, there’s a list of the best sugar daddy sites at your disposal!

TOP 6 Sugar Daddy Dating Websites

So far, as many as 6 reliable platforms have proved to be valid enough to be added to the premium dating site list. They’re the following:

  1. LuxuryDate – a sugar dating site where rich meet young and beautiful at the click of a mouse
  2. Secret Benefits — reliable sugar daddy site for beautiful and lonely
  3. — curated online dating service with no monthly subscriptions
  4. EmilyDates — the best site where wealthy men meet gorgeous young women
  5. SugarDaddyMeet — a secure sugar service for established men seeking utmost secrecy
  6. Rich Meet Beautiful — reliable sugar app for long term relationships
  7. Ashley Madison – the best sugar daddy website to find a sugar baby from lots of destinations

So, let’s dive into the world of sugar platforms so that you find the one that suits your goals. Keep reading to learn more about their advantages, weaknesses, and value for you!

Secret Benefits


  • Strict anti-scam verification policy
  • Completely free for sugar babies
  • Straightforward and free registration


  • Only Android app available

Only Android app available

What does it offer sugar daddies?

The service is yet another sugar daddy website that enables men from any part of the world to reap the benefits of sugar relationships. The quality of sugar babies that join the service is the utmost. You can interact with the person of choice the moment you join the site since all it takes is to purchase a credit package, and you can go on with the communication.

What does it offer sugar babies?

Every sugar baby needs to pass a strict verification process on Secret Benefits. After that, the system will ask to carry out a couple of various actions, but access to the best wealthy men on the planet is worth it. You can trigger daddy’s attention a few seconds after your profile is approved without being charged a dime for it!

Try Secret Benefits for free!



  • Free registration;
  • Over 50k active members every week;
  • Advanced search system;
  • Verification procedure;
  • Lots of photos in profiles;
  • Interesting premium features.


  • Costly paid services;
  • No way to send messages without premium subscription;
  • Very simple profiles.

Very simple profiles

What does it offer sugar daddies?

LuxuryDate is a great site for beginners who look for like-minded people in the USA. The girls’ average age is 24 years and they make 60% of the sugar website audience, so sugar daddies can easily meet a stunning lady. Men will appreciate a quality customer service and exciting premium features that offer the best sugar dating experience: everything from video verification to secret photos and traditional messaging.

What does it offer sugar babies?

Being one of the oldest platforms for a mutually beneficial relationship, it’s highly appreciated by model-like ladies since 40% of the website accounts are male. Moreover, these are mainly successful English-speaking men who look for ladies’ companionship and don’t mind making their lives unforgettable. One more reason why sugar babies use this platform is a good moderation system that helps to minimize scams as well as lots of ways to grab men’s attention using website tools.

Try LuxuryDate for free!


  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Many verified users
  • Buy only the features you need


  • For UK, US, Australia and Canada only
  • No explicit content posting or exchange

No explicit content posting or exchange

What does it offer sugar daddies?

This sugar daddy website is a great option for any wealthy man looking for a sugar baby. The user verification system ensures that its members are real, and the selection of sexy and easy-going young women is really promising there. Paid features get unlocked for credits and remain active indefinitely, which may be more convenient for sugar daddies who don’t like the monthly subscription model.

What does it offer sugar babies?

Beautiful women looking for sugar daddies get protection from unsolicited explicit pictures from male users. has a strict no-nudes policy. Unfortunately, they may not know how much money a sugar daddy has because the website doesn’t require successful men to disclose their wealth.

Try for free! 

Ashley Madison


  • Improved range of communication features
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Multiple membership options offered


  • Slightly outdated layout
  • Centered on short-term relationships

on short-term relationships

What does it offer sugar daddies?

The platform has an impressive range of attractive members to get in touch with. All it takes is to verify your persona, and you can continue with the site. Most sugar babies here are in for an exciting affair so that you don’t have to worry that a jealous spouse will find out your naughty secret. The sugar site’s security is among the most reliable in the industry.

What does it offer sugar babies?

If you’re interested in verified sugar daddies, then AshleyMadison is among the trending sugar daddy sites to pay attention to. Even though the website may have a bit of outdated touch to it, that doesn’t restrict users from communicating with one another in the way they see the fittest.

Try AshleyMadison for free!



  • No low-quality profiles allowed
  • Free winks offered
  • Over 2 million members


  • Pricey membership plans

Pricey membership plans

What does it offer sugar daddies?

Some sugar daddy websites don’t monitor the financial opportunities of their users, but SugarDaddyMeet is a dedicated sugar daddy site. Thus, if you’re a truly wealthy man, you’ll be allowed to join. At the same time, the member policy ensures that every single sugar baby signed with the system will make your mouth water.

What does it offer sugar babies?

SugarDaddyMeet is considered the best sugar daddy site for a variety of reasons. If you miss travel or want to receive truly expensive gifts, you must get in touch with the successful men that the sugar site offers. An interesting feature that the dating site presents is the ability to indicate how much money a sugar daddy should have to reach out to you.

Try SugarDaddyMeet for free!



  • Modern and pleasant interface
  • Free-of-charge sign up
  • Unlimited access to user profiles
  • Virtual gifts available


  • No video chat option

No video chat option

What does it offer sugar daddies?

If you want to become a legit sugar daddy with a wide variety of sugar girls to pick from, then you need to sign up with EmilyDates. The platform offers multiple credit packages and payment methods to make sugar dating as affordable and personal as you want it to be.

What does it offer sugar babies?

EmilyDates seems to be one of the sugar daddy sites that value the security of both paid and unpaid users. So, while ladies don’t need to invest a penny into the process, all the sensitive information provided remains secured as long as the baby doesn’t decide to share it.

Try EmilyDates for free!

Whats Your Price


  • Impressively active user base
  • Innovative interface and dating site design
  • Increased user security


  • No mobile app on offer

No mobile app on offer

What does it offer sugar daddies?

Whats Your Price is one of the most unique and peculiar sugar daddy websites in the industry. Unlike other sites, given sugar daddy website gives every sugar daddy or sugar momma a clear understanding of which sugar baby is way out of their league. The most generous members win the best prizes, though.

What does it offer sugar babies?

The sugar dating industry is full of competition, and Whats Your Price is one of the best sugar daddy websites that view it as an advantage rather than a downside. Every gorgeous sugar baby can decide upon the price that rich men have to pay for her services. Such an approach makes the whole sugar dating process twice as exciting, as you can observe wealthy men fight over you.

Try WhatsYourPrice for free!



  • Extensive European user base
  • Enhanced search filters
  • Sleek and elegant interface


  • No mobile app on offer

No mobile app on offer - rich meet beautiful

What does it offer sugar daddies?

Rich Meet Beautiful is one of the sugar daddy sites that values user safety. Thus, all the sensitive data shared by sugar mommas or daddies is well-protected and secure. Just as every sugar baby passes through the strict verification process, so do the daddies. It’s one of the limited dating apps that enable members to join free trial mode and experience all the features provided.

What does it offer sugar babies?

You may not count on engaging in long term relationships with the majority of sugar dating sites, but Rich Meet Beautiful is slightly different in that regard. The sugar daddy app allows it to establish a no strings attached interaction and work on something more fundamental than that at the same time. There are many beautiful women who have found love through online dating.

Try RichMeetBeautiful for free!



  • Strong verification system;
  • Several interaction ways;
  • Over 7 million members;
  • Quick sign-up that takes only 3-5 minutes;
  • Free bonus for new members;
  • A mobile app to download;
  • Ease of making contacts.


  • Prepaid system of getting premium services;
  • No free messaging;
  • Quite expensive pricing

Quite expensive pricing

What does it offer sugar daddies?

Since the site focuses on cougar dating, traditional sugar daddies are replaced here by sugar mommies who are also called cougars. These mature and prosperous women can find young and handsome cubs who’ll fulfill their unexpected desires. Guys make 70% of the website audience, so getting a cub won’t take much time and effort.

What does it offer sugar babies?

Male sugar babies who join this site receive a simple and effective tool on how to meet older confident women. They can attract them anytime and anywhere thanks to a downloadable mobile app and free sign-up. There’s a search engine to look for partners by their location and many other filters that make the process of finding a perfect sugar mommy simple and fast.

Try CougarLife for free!



  • Incredible popularity and visitors’ number;
  • Much information and discussions about a sugar dating scene;
  • Absolutely free;
  • Unpredictable connections.


  • Lots of escorts and non-lasting relationships;
  • Least safest sugar daddy website;
  • No clear navigation.

What does it offer sugar daddies?

Though Reddit’s audience is quite versatile, there are enough fabulous ladies willing to meet mature and established sponsors. Men can learn much information about the sugar dating lifestyle there and get answers to the questions they’re interested in. Moreover, it’s one of few popular sugar daddy sites that cost nothing for the male audience!

What does it offer sugar babies?

Ladies looking for wealthy sugar daddies can use this site to advertise themselves and add photos to appeal to potential partners. They can describe their ideal arrangements and attract men who can easily contact ladies directly via the site. Girls should know that they can become forum members only after a short verification process, but it’s simple and takes a minimum of time!

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Millionaire Match


  • Ad-free dating site
  • Even more women online
  • Responsive customer support


  • No video chat feature
  • Pricier than most dating sites

What does it offer sugar daddies?

First things first, the sugar daddy site counts over five million members who are incredibly active. Most younger women are verified and ready to dive into a sugar relationship. MillionaireMatch has both free membership and platinum membership on offer. The free version grants the absolute taste of what the sugar daddy site has in store for a sugar daddy like you. There are 3 types of premium membership to choose from so that every user gets exactly what they want.

What does it offer sugar babies?

If you’re a sugar baby interested in wealthy men, MillionaireMatch would be on the list of the best sugar daddy offers in the area. It’s one of the most innovative and user-oriented daddy websites in the area. 

➜ But better to register at Secret Benefits🔥, because this service has more options both for daddies and babies.

Sugar Daddy Dating 101

Have you been confused as to what this whole industry is about? Not sure what to think about the legality of the process? Find answers to all possible questions in this express guide!

What is Sugar Dating?

Sugar daddy dating is one of the niches that spikes tremendous interest at the moment. If you follow the dictionary definition, then a sugar relationship is a type of companionship when a younger woman assists a mature man who’s financially stable with various tasks. To put it simply, a wealthy sugar daddy supports a gorgeous maiden with money while she does everything they’ve agreed upon previously. Countless sugar daddy sites help the two people connect. Yet, it’s essential to memorize that sugar baby arrangements all differ, and sugar dating has nothing to do with prostitution.

Who is a sugar daddy?

Some sugar sites present an average sugar daddy as an older man with money who needs a younger companion. However, that’s not entirely true, since a sugar daddy can be in his 30’s when he joins daddy websites. One of the vital pillars of sugar daddy dating is the fact that the best sugar daddy can provide for the sugar baby and cover her needs completely. The age and position don’t matter essentially.

What are different types of sugar arrangements?

All the sites involved with the industry claim that there are a few main types of arrangements that the best sugar daddy and his baby can engage in. When you decide to find sugar babies, you need to consider not only the best sugar daddy sites but also the desire of a baby in mind to interact with you the way you’d like them to.

  • Mentorship—there’s no need to join the best sugar daddy site or use the sugar daddy app to enter the sugar union. However, if you’re willing to exchange your favors for the experience or knowledge that the sugar daddy can provide, it’s still called sugar dating.
  • Companionship—some people register with the best sugar daddy sites to find only an intelligent companion or a good friend. All in exchange for financial reward. Some women who join such dating sites indicate that there’s no room for intimacy in the relationship. So, not all people involved with sugar dating sell their bodies. Some offer their time and mind instead.
  • Travel partner—some wealthy men have to travel a lot. While each journey brings a new experience, it may be utterly tiresome and lonely to travel alone. Thus, these men join the best sugar daddy site to find a person to explore the world with them for free. There may be first date gifts involved, or the contract includes sightseeing as the primary payment.
  • Sex partner—no matter how strange it may sound, sugar dating that involves intimacy isn’t considered prostitution. So, if both partners are on the same page about intimacy and potential payment for it—no one has the right to interfere.
  • Online relationship—there are many best sites that offer 2 people to interact online without physical meeting. The fact is that the mere absence of mutual interaction with other people may drive the best sugar daddy online where they can literally buy it.

‌► Free registration to find sugar baby

What is the best dating site for sugar daddies?

So many men, so many minds! Every person makes his or her choice of the best sugar baby site since what’s important for one person can be less significant for another one. Therefore, a top sugar daddy platform should correspond with the following requirements to deserve more attention and trust from users:

  • Offer verification of the member identity, income, and photographs;
  • Suggest different interaction tools for more efficient matchmaking procedure;
  • Improve profile quality making them informative, well-structured, and customizable;
  • Let members get a free trial to understand if paid services can meet their expectations;
  • Develop a variety of features to make online sugar relationship interesting and adventurous;
  • Pay attention to the security, personal data protection, and guarantee safe financial transactions.

Who is a sugar baby?

Are sugar babies prostitutes? Absolutely not! Women of different nationalities, professions, and personal views join some of the best sugar daddy sites to find a sugar daddy willing to support them financially in exchange for other services they can provide. Each of the best sugar daddy platforms checks the purity of their users’ intentions so that there are fewer frauds in the niche.

What is a common sugar baby allowance?

The sum that sugar babies make can’t be calculated precisely. While, the best sugar daddy from one of the major cities, such as London, New York, or Paris, may be more generous than sugar daddies from other regions. The average sugar baby allowance usually ranges from $2,500–$3,000 and up. Yet, you should agree upon the payment before you enter the relationship, and it takes a lot of personal calculation to decide what’s the living expense level in your area.

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Is being a sugar baby illegal?

You can join any sugar daddy site with as much as your personal needs and preferences in mind. Even if your relationship involves intimacy, it can’t be considered illegal, since there’s no governmental control over financial gratitude for a sexual encounter between two partners.

Is it safe to use Sugar Dating services?

The sugar daddy site range grows by the day, and not all of them are safe. Only the best site that features strong encryption and safety policy, along with positive user feedback, can be considered as a reliable source. Most premium sugar daddy sites involve membership fees and other costs, but the approach ensures user privacy and data security, let alone secrecy.

What Does a Sugar Baby Usually Do?

The main task of every sugar baby is to be a good companion for an established partner. They attend events, communicate, share activities with them and sometimes have intimate relationships if it’s agreed.

How do I get started as a sugar baby?

You should join a sugar dating site and create a sugar baby account there. After that you can wait for a sugar daddy to contact you or try to attract attention of wealthy men yourself.

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